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Anyone 42 weeks or close to it?

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Anyone else at this point? What's your plan? How are you coping?

So I'll be 42 weeks on Monday & am still waiting it out. Thank goodness, my MWs will let me go until 42w6d. We could do a lot in 8 days right? At least I'm 90% effaced, although not very dilated (MW sayd 1+cm, U/S said 3cm).

I honestly cannot believe that I am still PG. Sometimes I think it's just the way things are (gotta believe that Mother Nature has it right) & then other times I wonder if there's something wrong with me. It took me 2 yrs to get PG & now I can't get un-PG. WTF!? I had my membranes swept today, started on some herbs & will try Castor Oil on Monday, not to mention all the massage & acupuncture. I keep hoping that today's membrane sweep will do something.

I've had quite backache tonight & a lot of cervical pressure. I've had so many false alarms that I can't get too excited though.

I think I can maintain my sanity, but it may mean not answering the phone until after I give birth.
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I can totally sympathize. I went to 42 wks when OBs said they had to induce. I often wonder if they hadn't if I would still be pg I also had this nagging feeling that I was doing something to prevent myself from going into labor. But I guess it just wasn't time. I really wish I could have gone into labor naturally, but I had chosen a hospital birth and I understand that they have to set limits. I am not sure what I will do next time. Anyway, there seemed to be nothing that would put me into labor short of alot of pit. I seemed totally ready for labor, I was partially dialated/effaced and my cervix was really soft. I had days and days of prodromal labor. Sometimes when I was having pretty consistent strong contractions dh and I would dtd and that would actually *kill* the contractions!

Hang in there. You aren't doing anything wrong...and you WON'T be pg forever even though it feels that way

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I'll be 42 weeks on Tuesday. My midwives will let me have my hb until 43 weeks. Unfortunately because we live in a very conservative community I still have to consult with an OB/GYN on Tuesday and feel the pressure to be induced. I had an amniotic volume index scan done last friday and couldn't believe the negative response we got for having a midwife and a homebirth. I hate ignorant people. My neighbours are watching me like hawks. One even offered to come and sit on me! My family has actually stopped calling at this point. Ya...I can relate. I'm trying so hard to be positive and allow myself to believe that I am physically capable of natural childbirth, but it's so hard when you keep thinking that it must be today...and it isn't.
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Originally Posted by awallrising View Post
We could do a lot in 8 days right?

I posted this in the weekly thread:

Originally Posted by Mab View Post
So, I'm around 42 weeks (yesterday by first day of last period, monday by conception date) and I'm actually loving the situation. DS1 was born 42.6 . So I know I'm a slow baby baker. But my excitement has to do with realizing that in the, say, next 8,9 days, I'll have my baby. That's pretty accurate in comparison with the in between 37 weeks-43 weeks thing. I know any moment this week labor will start, and that really excites me. I guess I'm being a positive person
plus, I'll have a cancer baby, and a full moon baby! (I'm a cancer who really didn't want a gemini . a water thing )
RE: coping
it probably has lots to do with my previous birth experience, but this time when I was to choose a MW, I had references of this very hands-off woman. I met her and inmediatly connected, but the first thing I told her was that I was looking for someone who would not nag me about the due date thing, and she doesn't. The plans for this week that I agreed to are: see her tomorrow; she'll check baby vitals, like as usual when she listens to heartbeat but maybe for a longer time, sort of a at-home mini monitoring, and we'll discuss if I want to check amniotic fluid- I would have to go for an ultrasound for that, I'm not sure yet if I'm doing it anytime this week or not. We will just continue considering lots of different factors to make decisions, but the ultimate decisions are mine. I'm not worried AT ALL, I know baby will come sometime this week, just like his big brother did, 20 days "past" his "due date" .

I love having this mini tribe of 42 weekers, it's good to have each other to cheer us up and remember to trust our bodies and babies. Let's keep posted mamas!!!!

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