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coming home outfit

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Describe the outfit your baby wore home from the hospital (if you were in one!) My first dd was a preemie and didn't come home for 3 months and I was so overwhelmed I didn't do anything special for her homecoming

I want my next dd to come home in something pretty, but comfy. It'll have to be warm (due in Dec).... I'm not good at stuff like that....
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Both my kiddos came home in simple gowns and caps. I didn't see the outfit they wore home as a big deal. They just poop or spit up on it anyway. That's just me. Heck, the poor second child came home and as soon as we got home we had the neighbors come over for dinner and ordered pizza -- didn't feel like cooking.:LOL He just got thrown right in the mix.
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She was dressed in a pink onsie with a bear on it and matching striped pants, white and pink. But she threw up all over it and was put into one of those one size fits all gowns that didn't fit at all.
of course she was small the first outfit didn't fit either
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Even though he was 8lbs at birth, ds didn't fit into any of the newborn clothes I had for him. And since I had a blanket tucked all around him once he was in the carseat, I don't even know what he was wearing when we came home. Probably a white onesie and a little cotton pair of pants. Pants are best, cuz with a dress or gown you are going to have to hike it up to get them buckled into the carseat. For winter, maybe a little velour pants and sweater outfit?
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my girls came home in the same outfit, and if we have a third girl she will too. a yellow dress with floral print and matching diaper cover, white socks and a white blanket............ they both looked so cute and tiny in it
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Maddie wore a white sleeper with Baby Girl stitched on it.

Mary-Grace wore a cute little snap t-shirt with pants. It was white with pink bows on it. It had a hat and booties to match. It was very impractical since she was born at a birth center and we left about 2 1/2 hours after she was born. Here I was in sweat pants, DH and friend tired from labor support and Miss Mary-Grace was dreessed to the nines at 4am! I changed her into a gown as soon as we got home.
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Sarah came home in a little purple and white gingham dress with a matching diaper cover and a white bonnet. It was rather impractical, but boy was she cute
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I hate the way tiny babies look in fancy shmancy clothes. Ben was born at night, so when we woke up in the morning, I put him in a mint green gown for his picture. to go home I put him in the tiniest outfit I had, a white terry sleeper with pastel baby things on it, under a fuzzy yellow bunting. The bunting covered everything but his nose and mouth.
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My dd was 5 1/2 weeks early and came home in the only preemie outfit we had bought before she was born. It was a yellow and green striped sleeper with a matching bib that had blocks on it. It was huge on her though even though it was preemie.
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