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where to buy.....

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Does anyone know where I can purchase birth announcements for home birth/UC? It seems that every where I have checked I can't find any. Hmmmmmm. If anyone can help me that would be great! TIA!
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What sort of stuff do you want on the announcement? There are a bunch of different styles available from online photo stores like snapfish (http://www1.snapfish.com/choosestyle...5031869/c=baby) that might work...
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I am going to check out snapfish... I am looking for announcements that promote or show a pic or have a message re hb or uc...
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You've probably looked already, but the snapfish ones are totally neutral...you write all your own text and supply the pictures. So it's pretty flexible, but not already HB/UC oriented.
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We ended up picking up a kit from Target for $20. It has everything for 50 gender neutral announcements. You run some of the cardstock through the printer and print whatever message you want on them, then they attach to a cute printed cardstock with ribbon. The kit has all of the cardstock, ribbon, and envelopes. We will probably put some pictures in for some people - or I may just have a picture printed on the announcement itself.
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I've got the announcements but haven't sent them out...my bad!
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As PP have mentioned, we're planning on using Snapfish. I just found a photo card whose design I liked, and played around with how much text/info it would take. I found I could put my message "Organically Grown and Birthed at Home" along with date, time weight, and length with the amount of space they give you. WAY cheaper than official "birth announcements."
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just an idea but how about cafepress.com?
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Im heading over to target and will make my decision soon. Hopefully before my LO graduates college!!!!!!LOL! I love the snapfish cards with photo too. I have to thank ya'll again. I'd love to take a pic of what I did so this will give me some time to figure that out too.....
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