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Welcome! Did you have an oops like us LOL?

Barcelona- did you test this morning? I've had more cramping and my temp went down a little this am, so I think AF is on its way by tomorrow...
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i'm quite the foolish gal and tested yesterday afternoon! : what is wrong with me? i have ZERO patience and zero self discipline. and, of course, it was BFN.

i'm not testing today (we'll see, right), and maybe will test again tomorrow morning.

i don't think AF is coming...my cramps have subsided, but i still have sore breasts and back...haven't temped today, but i've had a lowgrade fever...not sure if that's indicative of hormones or not.

but i think it's my body acting crazy, due to coming off the pill and trying to get fertile again post-pregnancy. either that, or i'm pregnant.
i just think by now i would have seen some kind of positive line. i'll keep you posted, of course.

banana, are you okay with AF possibly returning?
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and welcome, hmberhalter!
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Barcelona, even if you are PG, you may not get a bfp yet anyway. But definitely try FMU next time!

Yes, I'll be ok with AF coming- it's bad timing for a suprise PG. We're moving this friday and it would push DH right over the edge. And he has declared he doesn't want any more anyway (although his actions this month have not necessarily been in sync with his words!) I go through periods of baby urges and not wanting to be done, and then other times when I'm overwhelmed with life and think I couldn't possible manage another (which is how I'm feeling this month with buying a new house and selling our old house and moving within a week). Plus financially we'll be supertight for awhile with the new mortgage (but there is an extra bedroom in the new house!) Always mixed feelings, but leaning more towards "thank God AF is here!" when it finally arrives.
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Originally Posted by bananabug View Post
Welcome! Did you have an oops like us LOL?
kind of--i thought we were in the clear so we had our first unprotected sex in 23 months, then 2 days later i saw the ewcm : how's that for luck??!! i've felt pg ever since, but who knows, maybe this is the just AF finally coming back. i will say though that my breasts never hurt like this before except for when i was pg w/DS. time will tell. DH thinks i'm crazy. a week ago i would have been v upset w/the idea of being pg, but it's growing on me. funny how that happens!
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i know EXACTLY how you feel...being upset a few weeks ago, but the idea growing on you.

i will test in the morning, and if i get a negative, will need to readjust to thinking about why it's good i'm not pregnant. i've swung quite far the other way, silly me.

i suppose no matter what, the possibility of a new little life is exciting in some way, despite imperfect timing.

banana, let us know if AF comes!
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Mamas I'm joining you, although I'm really trying hard not to freak out...I have a very similar situation to barcelona...
It's now day 13PO and day 9Post DD. Think I'll test tonight...

This was definately an oopsie, but so was DD! At leas the house we're looking at has 3 bedrooms, although we'll only use one of them...DD is still co-sleeping and I'm betting the LO will too.
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Yes, that's true- if I did have a suprise PG I'm sure I would see the other side of it and get excited...

My temp dropped 3 degrees more this morning, so AF should be here any time...
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I tested this morning (with FMU) at 16 DPO and got a BNF. So, I'm officially resigned to the fact that I am mostly likely not pregnant, and trying to move on and not think about it. Of course, if it's driving me crazy in a week, I could test one more time.

It's funny, when I started I was freaking out at the possibility of being pregnant, and with the BNF, I was quite disappointed...having thought it through and imagined if I was pregnant.

But, also, now that I am pretty sure I am not, I am finding a peace with not being pregnant, and knowing and trusting that a more perfect time will present itself.

Thanks for all the company and support, and do keep us posted, banana, on AF's arrival (assuming she shows), and mamalotus and hmb, keep us posted too! And good luck!!!
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Sorry to hear about the BFN- do you think your AF is just still out of whack because of b'fing? I don't remember my PPAF's very clearly, except that it took quite awhile to start up again (at least a year), and then it was irregular for awhile after that. That's part of the reason I was so clueless when I got PG with #2 when #1 was 18 months old.

AF arrived this afternoon for me. I have to admit it's suprising and a little disappointing that bd'ing on the very day I ovulate would not lead to PG. Not that I truly want to get PG right now, it's just disappointing that I'm not as fertile as I used to be, if that makes any sense. I guess things do really change when you hit the mid-thirties
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i know exactly what you mean, about not feeling as fertile...
i thought, if i get pregnant, i'm so fertile..
and then, now that i'm not, i'm thinking, hey wait a minute? why didn't i get pregnant? what didn't work out? i thought i was super fertile, (b/c #1 was a surprise).

DS is now 20 months, still no PPAF, and i think that my body is just completely out of whack and trying to get its fertility back...that's the only explanation i can come up with for all of the AF-like symptoms and major cramping, etc. at least i know my fertility is on its way back, and hopefully next month, i'll get AF and will be back to "normal" again.

and hopefully, when the time is right for another, your fertility will come through for you!!!
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POAS and got a BFN...waiting for Auntie Flo to show...
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Auntie Flo is here
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guess i'm the only one left. i'm POAS on Saturday. did any of you have nipple pain/pain when nursing before getting AF? this pain is one of the main reasons i think i may be pg. all of your BFN make me think i'll be getting one too.
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Let us know what happens! I get nipple sensitivity every month now before AF, but I also had intense sensitivity when I was PG and nursing my first. Good luck!
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sorry for the late update--my computer has been on the fritz. anyway, i tested 11 dpo (what i thought was O) and 14 dpo and BFN. i had some very, very light spotting on 14 dpo. so, now i have no idea what is going on, and i am annoyed w/the whole roller coaster situation! i am thinking of going to see my dr. just to see if i can get some clarity.
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hmbhalter...any updates?

sorry for my very belated update. was out of town and just now getting back to computer and internet. anyway, i was pretty sure i wasn't pregnant with the BFN, and then one week later, i started AF!! it's my first PPAF, after 20 months. i had recovered from my disappointment of not being pregnant, and assumed i'd just have to wait a while for my fertility to really kick in. and i'm so glad that i now have it back and don't have to wonder anymore, and can just start charting and knowing more clearly what is going on.

thanks for the support and sharing! good luck to all in your fertility journeys.
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no real update--i've made an appt w/my homeopathic dr to see if she can help me figure out what's going on. : i wish that i could get af --anything just to have a clue as to what's going on w/my body.
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Thanks for the updates....I was wondering about you two! Hmberhalter- you might consider having your hormone levels checked. I did that last year and found out I was low on dhea, and actually also found out I was very low on vitamin D and that probably explained why I felt so tired. But I think our bodies sometimes play tricks on us, especially when we think about it too much! I haven't temped or charted at all this month (been too busy moving) and have had no symptoms. Not sure if I'm having an anovulatory cycle (due to all of the stress), or am just not feeling anything because I'm not paying attention....
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I'm in much the same boat too. I just had my first PP AF at the end of June and have been half-assedly temping. I had very fertiley-looking CM about two weeks ago and still no AF. I'm still trying to understand my PP body!

After reading some posts in the UC forum, I must admit the notion of not testing for pregnancy appeals to me. What will be will be, those tests are so nerve-wracking!
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