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napping on tummy?

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I know it's "back to sleep" ~ but what do you think of this?

DS cosleeps with us @ nite & spends most of his naps on my lap on a nursing pillow. Ocassionally, (like now) he is deeply enough asleep that after 30 minutes or so I can transfer him into his basinette without waking him up. When he sleeps on my lap he is on his side (tummy to tummy), & usually when I get him in the basinette he stays mostly on his side, leaning half on his back, kwim? This time however he has flopped tummy down, his head is to one side & his face is completely free. Is this ok once in a while or am I being stupid & lazy? He hasn't stayed asleep longer than 20 minutes all day until now & I am loathe to go move him!

thanks, m
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Maria, I think it is FINE. DS often naps on his tummy, and sometimes I even pose him that way for pictures!

Babies prefer it anyway.

What is it about today? My DS just fell alseep a little bit ago for the FIRST time today! I am typing this standing up, with a snoring DS in his sling!

T I just tried DS in the kangaroo hold today. He is still a little young for it at just 8 weeks, but he LOVED it! We spent the whole time waving at the baby and the mama that we saw in the mirror. DS was laughing and laughing! I just had to support his head with one hand. So fun!

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never mind... I couldn't take it, I moved him back over & he was sleeping so deep, he didn't wake (yet)
thanks anyway!
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Sounds fine to me. Our ped just recently gave us the back to sleep talk when we left the hospital with our newborn. He specifically said back to sleep for nighttime - during the day, when you can keep an eye on them, sleeping on the belly is okay.
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hi Jean, you posted @ the same time as my 2nd post LOL! Daniel sounds so great! Griffin is 4 wks old today, wierd that Daniel is 2x as old as Griffin right now even tho we were May Mamas together most of our pregnancy! I think some of what was keeping DS up today was the weather & his wet dipes I keep running & changing! Sigh. That's the way it goes I guess! Pls tell me that in 4 more wks I'll be more relaxed! hah!
blessings, maria
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Yeah, I used to put ds down on his tummy for naps -- still do actually, and often he rolls to his tum cause he prefers it. What you need to remember is that sleeping on the tummy is *one* of many risk factors for SIDS. If you are doing well in the other areas (don't smoke around baby, co-sleep at night, breastfeed etc) I wouldn't worry too much.

Just my .02
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I've worried about the same thing. Often at night, I fall asleep with Eli on his side (in the side nursing position) OR, even if I stay awake and move him, he turns on his side to face me. I'm always loathe to put him back on his back because he inevitably wakes up and we have to start all over again. I'm hoping that being so close to him will help with avoiding SIDS.
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both of my girls slept/sleep on their tummies. it was the only way to ever get them to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time. if they were on their backs their flailing arms and legs would inevitably wake them up. we co sleep so we keep an eye on our baby, and dd1 is almost two so she's not at risk anymore. dd2 can turn her heads from side to side, and there are no pillows or blankets to cover her face.
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I know what you mean about babies seeming to prefer that position, my ds was the same way.
I never felt comfortable letting him stay on his tummy until he was older, though-- it just so happens that the only family I've known personally with a SIDS death... their son was sleeping on his tummy during an afternoon nap.
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Ben has always slept on his side or back. Once or twice he fell asleep on his tummy, and I hated to move him but I thought, if something were to happen to him because I chose not to wake him, it would be my fault. Better to have an awake baby that is still breathing.
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My DD recently turned a year and has never slept on her back.
Keep in mind that belly sleeping is only one of the possible SIDS causes.

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DD has slept on her tummy since two weeks of age (in her crib). She would not sleep at all on her back and I need sleep to be a good mommy to both my kids so I did what I had to. She is almost 8 months old now. I have never really worried because I feel most SIDS cases are linked to vaccines and my kids are unvaccinated.
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me too, Spiralwoman

I'm so glad you started this thread, SpiralWoman. My baby boy was born May 28/03 (5.5 weeks old) and I could have easily written your post. I'm so confused - I put him on his back to sleep and about 8/10 times, he will wake up crying. It's a rare celebration when I can get him to sleep on his back in his crib. If I could sleep sitting upright with my babe and Boppi on my lap, I'd be set! I'm just glad to know I'm not alone - I really felt like I was but reading your post- it sounds identical to what I am struggling with!
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My pediatrician TOLD US to put Luke and Jasper to sleep on their tummies for naps. He said that this would make up for the lack of tummy time resulting from the "back to sleep" at night recommendation. That said, my boys have always slept on their tummies whenever they're not sleeping with us (in which case they sleep on their sides since we spoon them). I did sometimes worry about letting them sleep belly-down, but since it was the only way they'd sleep by themselves I let them do it anyway. At 4.5 months, both of my babies are rolling from back to tummy, so I really don't worry about it anymore at all.

If my babies had any of the other risk factors for SIDS (smoke in the home, formula-fed, etc.) then I wouldn't have put them down on their tummies.

If you're really worried about it, you could put a baby monitor right next to your baby's head and turn up the volume really high on your end so that you could hear him breathing.


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I stumbled across this information awhile ago about SIDS. It talks about the fumes from fire retardant crib mattresses. Makes a lot of sense to me, especially when you add in factors that may comprimise baby's health/immune system i.e. colds, vaccine reactions, etc.

Link to crib death found

I see a lot of kids these days with "flat head syndrome" (my terminology). I think major contributing factors for that are the back to sleep recommendation along with the "never take your kid out of his car seat" situation. Which drives me nuts! I even had one kid that I work with, the docs were suggesting having him wear a helmet to round his head back out :

Also, it seems to me like more kids are skipping the crawling stage and going straight to walking. I wonder if this isn't due to kids not wanting to be on their tummies since it's an unfamiliar position.

Anyway, hope you find this info helpful.

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Hello Ladies!!

I'm so happy I found this thread (and you guys too!)! I just put my little guy down for a nap after falling asleep on my chest. He also does not like to sleep on his back and his flailing arms and legs keep him awake. I've tried swaddling him, but it's not so great in this hot weather. The first couple months, he slept almost exclusively on us (we wear him), but my back hurts due to a car accident we were just in (another whole story...) so it's nice not to have the extra 11 pounds on me. Right now, he's sleeping on his sheared lamby with a lapcloth under his little head. He's been asleep for 1.5 hours now! I've finally gotten the kitchen cleaned up, some bills paid, the yard watered and I'm starting on the living room now! LOL! I'm the happiest mama on the block and LOVE being with our little guy. OT: Can u believe how quickly they grow and develop?!?!?! WOW!

Love to all you mamas and glad to see some May Mamas again!

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Lisa, very interesting link!!! I bookmarked it for when I have my next child. The only negative is that my crib is round. Love the crib, hate buying sheets, etc for it. It also can't sidecar. It was a gift.

Do you know if the cover wraps entirely around the mattress or does it fit over it like a fitted sheet leaving the bottom exposed? I find this theory very interesting.
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Does anyone know if it is safe for them to sleep on their tummy at night if they are lying on top of you? All my kids, when they were newborns, slept on my chest - tummy to tummy with me. Is this as unsafe as sleeping on their tummy on a mattress?
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It appears that the cover is ventilated on the underside - not sure if that means it has holes in it or just covers like a fitted sheet with nothing on the bottom.

A round crib sounds very cool , but I can imagine that must be sheet challenging

Dorcommama - I would think tummy to tummy would be one of the safest ways to tummy sleep (but that's just my opinion!). One of the benefits of co-sleeping talks about how your breathing helps to regulate your baby's, so it would seem even more so if you were that close. Check out the link I included a couple posts above to see what you think. It gives some good theories behind why SIDS occurs, how it can be prevented, and what the risk factors are. It seems that if you address the cause, then what position they sleep in doesn't much matter.

Take care,
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WOW to that link! Any idea where to purchase these covers? DS sleeps with us at night, but naps in his crib during the day (and its a hand-me-down mattress).
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