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Pregnant with #1 in our 30s July

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Welcome to the Pregnant in Our 30s with #1 thread!


cornpicker 33 : EDD Aug 2007
PiePie 36 : EDD Aug 2007
dctexan (Emily) 33 EDD Aug 2007
greengrey (Alex) 30 : EDD Aug 2007
beckyphry (Becky) 32 EDD Sept 2007
hazieluna (Natalia) 36 : EDD Sept 2007
nikkihoi 37 : EDD Sept 2007
ATD Mom 32 : EDD Sept 2007
K9sarchik (Laura) 38 EDD Sept 2007
~minnow~ (Lane) 30 EDD Sept 2007
Down to Earth (Laura) 30 : EDD Sept 2007
amberbella EDD Oct 2007
shibababy : EDD Oct 2007
veganone (Elizabeth) 34 EDD Oct 2007
jpiper0430 (Jenn) 31 : EDD Oct 2007
MajorGroover (Dee) EDD Nov 2007
Grace24 (Julia) 36 EDD Nov 2007
VeganLove (Michelle) almost 30 : EDD Nov 2007
dcgirl (Rebecca) 35 EDD Nov 2007
cmu204 (Cher) 34 : EDD Dec 2007
CowsRock (Kripa) : EDD Dec 2007
Kharen (Karen) 32 : EDD Jan 2008
mamajennvt : EDD Jan 2008
Nico DeMouse 31 : EDD Jan 2008
xenon 30 : EDD Jan 2008
SarahJen (Sarah) 36 : EDD Jan 2008
phillybama (Aimee) 31 : EDD Feb 2008
Teenytoona (Leah) 31 : EDD Feb 2008
Jujubie (Judy) 34 : EDD Feb 2008
cicely_m almost 30 : EDD Feb 2008
jentina (Jen) 33 : EDD Feb 2008
pinkorchid2 30 : EDD Mar 2008
cking (Christina) 30 : EDD Mar 2008

rock dr (CJ) Gabriella born June 05, 2007
farmama Natalina born July 17, 2007

If you're looking for the TTC #1 in our 30s thread, go here!
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Hi everyone!

I'm 31 weeks today -- ack! How did that happen?? Feeling relatively good, just some random hip pain here and there, and random bouts of heartburn.

How's everyone else doing?
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Feelling good--19 weeks yesterday and I think I felt the baby for the first time this morning!

I've had a few cramps in the past couple of days. Everything I've read about Braxton-Hicks says they're painless, but these cramps definitely felt twingey. I see the midwife tomorrow and will ask about it, but can any of you describe your B-H?
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Becky - Thanks for hosting the July thread

Rebecca - My BH can definitely be felt. I don't call them painful - because it isn't like an "ow" feeling, more of a really mild muscle cramp. Uncomfortable, but not painful. Enough for me to notice, but not bad enough for me to call attention to it - if that makes sense. I usually feel like my uterus has gotten heavy and hard. If I put my hand on my lower uterus it will feel rock hard during a BH.

Natalia - Sorry you are battling some depression. I think establishing a routine (and making sure you have daily contact with people other than DH) is important. Can you sign up for any prenatal classes or support groups? Do you have an LLL group near you (I realize you aren't in the US, but I *think* LLL is international)? As for being annoyed with 2 years olds...um, how can you NOT be? They are super intense at that age and have impossibly high pitched little voices (for some reason it's the voice that really sets me on edge - it always sounds like they are yelling or whining!). You definitely did NOT rush into having kids and you and Jan ARE ready. Yes, there are times when you are going to want to murder your child (a scary thought, I know) - but those times will be short lived and mostly you are going to feel so much love that you don't know what to do with it all.

Update on me...
31.5 weeks today. I have been having a terrible time sleeping the past week or so. Lots of tossing and turning (but not really, because it is super hard to toss and turn with the belly now) and I just cannot get comfortable - feel achy, room temp isn't right, I always have to pee, feel thirsty, etc. VERY annoying because I am damn tired and would love to get some high quality sleep.

I am also super busy at work. I have a grant I am working on with some co-works which is due in mid-July, plus I am resubmitting another grant a wrote which is due in early Aug. Plus I have two papers I promised to write up and submit before I left for mat. leave. Ugh.

Also, DH and I are both kinda bummed out this week because before we got preggo we had planned to take a 2 week beach vacation starting this week (Today would have been out first day in the beach house). We do this every year and absolutely LOVE it - look forward to it all year, talk about all year, etc. We love, love, love our beach time. Anyway, because of mat. leave (want to stock up all my vacation so that at least some of my mat. leave will be paid) and because where I would be in the pregnancy, we decided to skip the beach this year. Now we are sad. We both realize it was for the best, but we still are sad. Is it wrong to be wishing a year of your life away so that it can be beach time again?
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BH: they can be painful or not, and different degrees of painful, depending on your circumstances at that moment. what contributes to pain is tiredness, moving to fast, and being dehydrated. i was worried when my first were painful, but the mw said not to worry, and since then i have had much less painful ones.
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Thanks for hosting this month Becky! Sorry about the hearburn - I always freak out and wonder if I'm having a real heart attack b/c I'm not used to that part of my body hurting. Hope you're dealing with it better than me.

Natalia sorry you're feeling a bit depressed. I get the same way when I don't have enough going on & I end up sitting in the house all day. I agree with the others who suggested routine - as much as you think you hate it, it's somehow comforting and gives you life meaning. Definitely get out of the house every day, even if it's just to a (now non-smoking) coffee shop or something.

Emily ugh I hate not being able to sleep well! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate & could use some extra zzz's as well. Do you have a body pillow? I can't recommend them highly enough. It sux that you're missing your beach vacation too. I can imagine what it's like to look forward to it and not have it. Hopefully the extra maternity leave with your little boy will be worth it, and you can take him with you next year! Can you do a long weekend getaway at a B&B or something, so you at least feel like you had a mini-break before the little one gets here?

Rebecca congrats on feeling movement! Do you think the pains you're feeling could be round ligament pain? I've had RL pain that can take my breath away but the BH contrax are really mild, just a dull tight feeling. There's so much going on in there!

I can see kicks from the outside now, just a couple weeks after I first felt them. Really weird but cool. I'm also exhausted all the time and can't focus on work for the life of me. Pants are getting uncomfortable again since the baby doesn't like pressure from the low waistband and kicks when she feels it. I wore dresses over the weekend and it was nice - too bad I can't wear them to the lab.
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Thanks for hosting Becky!

Sorry I have been a little MIA lately. I hit 8 weeks tomorrow and m/s is in full swing. Actually it hasn't been too horrible--no vomiting, but I feel queasy much of the time. I just try not to let my stomach become empty, and also try not to eat too much. Right now, my DH is cooking some pork chops, and I had to come upstairs to get away from the smell. Yuck!

Tuesday is my first OB appointment and I am VERY nervous. My DH thinks I am worrying too much. He tends to be a little more optimistic then me. Its just that this is my first pregnancy, and I want everything to be okay.

If everything looks good on Tuesday, I MAY tell our parents. I am still back and forth about it. Several of our friends know, but that is because they are around us more, and the "not-drinking" thing has tipped them off. The folks are hundreds of miles away, so easier to keep the secret. I had a friend tell me last night that my mom is going to be so ticked-off when she finds out that I have kept this secret from her. Oh well. It's my secret to keep and tell.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!
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hi fellow mamas to be! i'm 14 weeks tomorrow we have our 2nd MW appointment on tuesday. i've had some mild cramping all day today so i called my aunt, who is a MW, and she said all the tag sale activity i engaged in this weekend (hauling boxes and things around from the house to the yard and back) plus a lack of water is probably causing it. so on her advice, i am foregoing all the other household tasks i wanted to get done tonight, and i am laying in bed, drinking water and eating ice cream.

aimee, good luck at your first OB appointment this week! i'm sure everything is fine i hope everyone else is doing well : (this board has great smilies!)
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Rebecca, I can't tell if I've had BH or not. Every once in a while I'll get tiny little muscle cramp-type feelings, but they're very concentrated to one small area. I'll also feel a general tightness sometimes, but it's hard for me to tell if it's a BH or just the baby sticking out a body part, being full from eating or having to pee. Hm. I'm at the point where they'd normally start so I have to start paying attention.

Emily, sorry you're feeling crappy lately and not sleeping! I had a night like that last night. I was too hot, my husband was breathing loud (I actually put in ear plugs!) and I just felt restless. I know what you mean about your vacation time. Last summer I had so much time off and we weren't planning a vacation so I took every Friday off in July and August. It was heaven. I miss it.


Dee, isn't seeing kicks from the outside amazing?? I love watching my belly move when she's moving around in there. Feeling her is one thing, but this is something she's doing I actually get to see. I love it!

Aimee, sorry for your m/s. I didn't have any, but I heard that putting lemon in your water can help. My MIL swore by it during her pregnancies. I know how you feel about your first appt. I was so nervous too! Are you getting an early u/s?? We waited until after our u/s at 7 weeks, where we saw and heard the heartbeat, to tell my husband's family and some of our friends. Don't worry about anyone feeling ticked off -- you're right, it's your news to share when you're ready!

Jenn, you know ice cream cures all! I've made it a regular part of my diet!
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I just got back from the midwife who wasn't concerned about the cramping. She said I was probably dehydrated, which I'm sure I was, since it's hot as blazes here, and was out at the farmer's market on Saturday having consumed only a cup of coffee. I really need to start drinking more water... Midwife also seemed unconcerned that I still haven't gained any weight at 19 weeks. (don't worry, y'all--I started out heavy...)

Also, kind of out of the blue, if any of you are at all concerned about your blood pressure, I wanted to suggest celery. My bp was always good, until I gained a lot of weight, and then (surprise!) it started creeping up. I had a couple of 140/100 readings before pregnancy, so I've been watching it closely. It's been OK, 120s/80s mostly, but last month it was 132/90. not terrible, but I'd like it lower. So I read that celery has an anti-hypertensive effect, and that eating 4 stalks a day can lower it by 10-15%. I've eaten 2 stalks a day since Thursday, and my bp this morning was 100/50. My husband nearly fell out of his chair--he's been on bp meds for 10 years and rolled his eyes when I told him about the celery.

Emily--I'm with you on the loss of the vacation. State employees here in NC get no maternity leave, so I've got to use my accumulated vacation and sick, and then FMLA (and we can't really afford the unpaid time off...) So, no beach for us either. And there's nothing I'd like better right now than to lounge around on the beach with a book (and a margarita, if I were in a different biological state!). Can you do a long weekend somewhere close by? (I just noticed Dee mentioned the same thing--but I second it!)

Dee--it's so funny that you mention freaking about mistaking a heart attack for heartburn--I do the same thing!

Aimee--I didn't tell my parents until 10 weeks, and I didn't tell my sisters until 3 weeks later (they're all hundreds/thousands of miles away). There's no hurry. And do your best to relax about the OB and the pregnancy in general. If you're a worrier, it might help to practice some meditation and/or pregnancy affirmations.

Becky--my husband has a cold right now and has been snoring SO loudly the past few nights! It's driving me crazy!

Hope you're all doing well!
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i have had WAY too much ice cream of late.
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Thanks everyone for the good advice on battling this stay-at-home depression, but please don't be too concerned. I've had to deal with 'real' depression and although I'm feeling low I'm not scared yet that it's turning into anything serious. I've really decided that starting today I'm leaving the house at least once a day and I'm trying to schedule both some activities and lunch appointments. Oh and LLL does meet here but not during the summer. Did I mention that Europe grinds to a halt for July and August?

Man I wouldn't mind a beach vacation right about now either. Amsterdam has been rainy and chilly all of June... it sucks. If it were sunny then maybe leaving the house wouldn't be such a hassle. And there's a beach about 20 minutes away by train... oh hopefully July will bring some sun and heat our way!

Has anyone else been hit by major fatigue? I'm also having problems sleeping, right now I can't seem to sleep more than 2 or 3 hours straight and then I wake up either from discomfort or to go to the bathroom. I'm feeling so beat (does anyone else think of Madonna when you use this expression? I was beat, incomplete...) just as of last week it's gotten really bad.

Btw the papaya enzyme works! I got some after I read someone recommend it for both heartburn and indigestion and wow, it tastes good and it works. I recommend it. I never really liked tums since it has that chalky taste, this is much nicer in my opinion.

PiePie - my ice cream craving kicks in at 11pm EVERY night! I was really worried last week for my midwife appointment about the weighing in but AMAZINGLY I didn't gain any weight in the last 4 weeks and that's including my nightly bowl of ice cream. Oh and sometimes during the day I have made myself a milkshake and recently I found root beer and had a float. My DH tried both root beer and a root beer float for the first time - he thought root beer tastes like medicine, but liked the float.

Ugh now I have to think about cooking dinner.... any suggestions for anything fast, healthy and tasty?
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Wow, a brand new shiny thread! Thanks, Becky!

Rebecca...interesting about the celery. My BP is pretty low and it seems, lower in pregnancy so far. Hope it stays that way. I think you and I are right around the same due date...I'm 19 weeks too. Are you from D.C.? I'm just wondering about your username. (That's where I live.)

Nat...I did suggest the routine. Especially if you can get some exercise in there. Unstructured time is deadly for a lot of people! Hope you can feel better.

Emily... I'm sorry you guys are missing your beach time. DH and I were just in Hawaii in Feb. for our honeymoon so I don't feel like I'm missing a vacation, in fact I look forward to not going anywhere for a while! But I think the yearly beach idea is a good one, I can easily see it becoming part of our tradition. We're just a few hours from a couple of different beaches. I am also a fan of the long weekend idea before baby... DH and I were just talking about it. Our first wedding anniversary is about a month before the due date so we're planning on booking a cottage at the B&B where we got married, which is two hours west of here. I'm already looking forward to it! Can you guys go to the beach just for the weekend or is it too far away?

Dee...I can't wait to see kicks from the outside! I think you're just a few weeks ahead of me, so I'll look forward to that soon.

Aimee for the m/s...glad you haven't been throwing up though. I hated the food aversions the worst...it seemed like I could FINALLY decide what I wanted to eat and then halfway through it, be totally grossed out by it. So frustrating. Fortunately the nausea only lasted a few weeks for me, but the food aversions lasted longer. It gets better.

Hi Mamajenn...ice cream, yum!

Hi to anyone else I missed...

I'm just enjoying my last few days off before I plunge into Phantom-of-the-Opera hell...I know, I'm sure lots of people love that show, but it's more the schedule I'm referring to. 8 shows a week, Tuesday through Sunday nights with an added matinee Saturday and Sunday...oh, and they added an extra show next Wednesday afternoon (who' s gonna go to that?) right after my ultrasound. Grr... and I don't have sick leave options really because it's one person to a part and the person I'm taking over for is probably leaving town! It's good money though and I'm actually glad to be busy now rather than sitting around every night watching myself get bigger! I just miss DH with this kind of schedule...he works days, I work evenings, and some nights he doesn't even make it home for dinner before I have to leave for the show, though he does try. Oh well, at least we'll never get sick of each other.

I'm going swimming for the first time in a while today...in my friend's pool. I bought a suit, goggles, etc., and haven't gone yet so finally my friend offered to go with me in her building's pool to ease my obvious anxiety! It'll be nice to get out of the house, since we're watching my friend's mini-schnauzer (is that even how you spell that) and I already have two 60-pound dogs at home! It's a little noisy around here.

Have a great day!
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Hi ladies! This is long and rambley, be warned.

I’m so excited for the new thread because July is close to AUGUST and soon I won’t be the only graduate! How are you August EDD mamas?

Emily: you are going to feel SO great after submitting 2 grants and 2 papers. That will be a huge weight off your shoulders – keep up the good work! Sorry about the vacation. Do something special with DH and for yourself if you can.

Aimee: I didn’t tell my mom until 13 weeks and she was just about the LAST to know. She’ll get over it when that grandkid arrives, if not before ?

Julia: 1 show a week of POTO would do it for me, but 8+? Wow! Hang in there.

So Gabriella is 4 weeks old tomorrow. An amazing thing happened in the last 2 weeks – I started feeling like a Mommy! This wasn’t automatic for me – I definitely felt bonded to her from the start, but it was like bonding with a squirmy little ‘creature’ – a very cute one and all that, but hard for me to really relate to her at first. But wow, that changed! I am so in love and also starting to enjoy my identity as Mom (and making peace with no longer being the Very Pregnant Woman). Hormones have evened out somewhat. I’m even feeling good about the birth now.

It’s also been about 2 weeks since my mom left. Hmm, wonder if that had anything to do with me feeling more confident in the mommy role. But in retrospect I am so glad she came right away – we had originally planned a week just to ourselves, a private babymoon. I am incredibly independent and usually don’t want my mom to see me struggling or doing something for the first time. Turns out this was a non-issue and I’m so glad she was here. Just in case some of you are facing similar issues…

It turns out that exercise is HUGE for me. I need it; it makes me feel human. Whatever makes YOU feel human? Find a way to bring that back into your life asap (within reason) after the birth. Fwiw I am loving a workout dvd called postnatal bootcamp (with Lindsey brin). Ok, so they are dressed in camouflage and the set is a bit cheesy, but she has it divided into 3 and 10 minute workouts which is perfect when you have a baby. A few other health related things – you might be interested in the Tupler technique (check ‘losing the mummy tummy’ on amazon.com) – I never knew much about diastasis recti (ab muscle separation) before. Also, I got a book called ‘losing weight while breastfeeding’ –the recipes are not that great, but it is interesting to see what are reasonable dietary intakes, what kind of weight loss you can expect, etc. It is NOT a diet book so don’t worry.

Gabriella is usually pretty crabby around 7-10 pm. I think mostly she wants to go to sleep but we’re sort of keeping her up (hoping for a better sleep overnight). Anyway once she ‘goes down’ she’ll sleep 4-5 hours, wake briefly to eat and then right back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. I can’t complain. The last few days, when she wakes up around 5 am-ish I’ve just been feeding her in bed with us, then cuddling. OMG she is SO cute in the semi-awake state. Moving the little arms around, making funny noises. I’m going to take a video of it. However the last few mornings this has been followed by a complete diaper blowout – like all over the bed sheets blowout, so it’s kind of dangerous!

Breastfeeding is going well. There is definitely a breaking in period at the beginning where you will be sore – be ready for that but also watch the latch. If things don’t get better once your milk comes in then seek help early and often. Probably a good idea to go ahead and find a lactation consultant now, know how to contact her, figure out the deal with insurance coverage, etc. Also, work on that side-lying position – it’s awesome!

Slings. Gabriella only tolerates them at certain times, but I’m getting better at reading her. So far she’s not crazy about the pouch (I have a hotsling) but likes being upright in a ring sling. I am ordering a mei tai soon. I used to be a major clothes hog but that seems to be turning into a babywearing addict. I just wish the little one would like it more!

Other than that, we’re just trying to stay cool, keeping up on mdc threads, reliving my pregnancy through you guys , etc. Maternity leave is a good good thing.

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Grace--nope, I'm in Durham County, NC (I used to be Ocgrl--Orange County--but then I moved 4 miles east...)

but, I think we have an anniversary in common--we'll be celebrating 8 years October 30th. It's only your first anniversary? You and your hubby got right to work!
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Pretty new thread!

Natalia - yes, sleepiness hit me this weekend big time. I can't get comfortable and am back to getting up 3 times a night to pee. I was down to 1-2 for a while there... I think even though I'm only 27 weeks, she has either her head or a foot where my bladder is supposed to be! I napped yesterday, went to bed at maybe 10:30, up three times, woke up at 7:30, and I am so exhausted today that I swear I could sleep on my office floor if I had my requisite 5 pillows!

I'm also stiff, in part because my CMT and I parted ways (long story)... I need to new one!!! It really did make a difference to get the weekly massage.

Aimee - I think it's really normal to be nervous at first. I got super nervous before every appointment, especially when he started looking for the heartbeat with the doppler because it always took a few seconds to find it. I got a lot less nervous once the first trimester was behind me. M/S sucks... I had it pretty badly so I feel for you!

Rebecca - Glad the BH are under control. I have only had a few, and they were during a really stressful week. A couple did hurt, like a mild cramp (the same type of pain you get when you lift weights), but most didn't. Just tightness. I rested more and drank more water for a few days and they've actually gone away.

CJ - Yay for feeling like a mommy!!! I am sure it takes time to get there... I can't believe it's been a month!!! That went by so fast!

I had a big relief with my mom over the weekend. In the past she's talked as if she's expecting to be at the birth, but (kinda like CJ) I don't have that sort of relationship with her... I don't like her to see me when my defenses are down in general. She also is just the queen of hurt feelings. So, I've been stressing about how to tell her that I don't want her in the room. Saturday we were shopping and she asked me who would be responsible for calling them when we go to the hospital "so that they can wait in the waiting room". WOOHOO!!! It also gave me the opportunity to talk to her about my wishes, which are basically to not assume that anyone but Oscar will be with me, and then I can change that when I'm there if I feel like having anyone else with us. It's a huge relief.

Next doctor's appt. is tomorrow. I have a few questions and will ask more about the glucose screening, since I am due to take that before the 10th. Hoping everything looks good! I'm scared of my weight - as much as I think I shouldn't worry about it, my lack of excercise because of the ab muscle thing is upsetting.

Last really busy work day is hopefully today and then things will settle down a bit. My whole 2nd trimester was crazy at work, so it will be nice for things to slow down a bit.

Oh, and we decided on red for the Bugaboo after all!
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Hello ladies, just popping in quickly. Becky, thank you for the new thread.

NATALIA -- yes. I do think of Madonna then. I'm glad that your blues aren't depression now... take care of yourself.

Julia, I've just suddenly been reminded how I bought tickets to Phantom for my high school boyfriend's birthday. (It was his favorite!) Cringing now. Is it seriously hard to sit through that many shows? Your kid is going to come out of the womb already able to play that music. (I've been swimming a couple of times too... it was really cold in the pool and it totally gave me cramps, but being weightless was amazing! In fact when I got out of the pool and felt all my heaviness again I was surprised.)

Emily -- I like what C.J. said. It sucks about your vacation and being busy. But when all this is done you'll feel great! (This is what I tell myself about all the teaching I'm doing.)

C.J. THANK YOU for the "rambling" post! As I'm starting to be (gulp) at the beginning of the end stretch, it's starting to be real that there will be a baby, and your post helps me to imagine that. And to remember that the pregnancy frenzy is only this brief blip, not the end but leading into this other relationship. Your comments about your mom give me food for thought. (I feel like I want a babymoon before I see mine too! And I can't imagine breastfeeding in front of her, for some reason. Or my dad. In public, yes, in front of parents, no.) Thanks for recommending a workout tape. Have you tried any of the ones that integrate the baby into the workout? Anyway, keep it coming. And congratulations on four weeks with Gabriella!

Must work; hello everyone!
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Quick replies since I found the end of the June thread...

Natalia - I also sometimes feel completely unprepared for parenthood. I'm hoping it's easier with my own!!! We were with our nephews the other day (4 and 2) and they were wearing me out. It's hard to believe that at 34 I'm still feeling too young for a kid, but I do! Glad you're starting a routine for the depression, that and excercise... Hope you are feeling better soon!

Minnow - How have I not noticed that we're only a week apart?! I agree, first trimester took forever since I was sick. The 2nd has just flown by - I swear I don't know how three months can go by that quickly. (Guess I will when I actually watch this little one go from birth to 3 months!). Does the third go by slower??? I only just made an appt. to meet with a potential birth instructor last week! I go back and forth from wanting her to just get here and wanting this to all slow down...
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Popping in for my monthly hello to everyone.

CJ~ Nice baby update! All I can say is Awwww......I can't wait.

Where did the 2nd trimester go? I'll be at 29 weeks in a few days. Baby is getting into a regular schedule of kicking at the same times everyday. So far they aren't at 3am!
Some hip pain and indigestion so far.

DH and I had our birth class with the midwife and 2 other couples this weekend. Watched a wonderful home video of a woman who had a UC (midwife didn't make it in time) with twins. It was amazing to watch. She was so patient and strong. The first baby was head first and the second was a footling breach. Both babies were close to or over 8lbs. It was a great example of how a birth can be so beautiful and natural. Had she had the babes in a hospital the 2nd baby would have been a c-section. This mama happens to be a member of MDC and she posted her birth story here. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=124533
And here is where you can get the video. http://www.earthbirthproductions.com/

I have my baby shower on the 15th and start my hypno for childbirth on the 18th. I just know this month is going to go by fast!
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i have been very not focused on work lately, which is potentially a disaster. today in particular -- the day before 2 trials -- i was all over the internet re baby stuff and all on the phone re shower planning (my own : ) and not all about the cases. the thing is, i really like these cases/clients. it's like i know i can get away with doing less than my best. : my therapist thinks this is good for me but i feel so GUILTY. like a fraud. there, i let it out. thanks, team. i love you all.

okay, on to trial outline.
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