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June DDC Mamas Giving Birth in July

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Well, it's officially July. Who's still waiting for baby?? I never imagined that I'd be having a July baby.

Going for a Biophysical profile today (yes, on a Sunday) & NST tomorrow. I will probably try Castor Oil on Tuesday morning.

Luckily, it seems like I am less teary today. I was SO down yesterday, I couldn't stand it.
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Me. I am exhausted. I'm just not able to sleep much at night and sleeping during the day is out.
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Me. My due date was the 28th so I'm not that overdue but I really am tired of being pregnant. I didn't imagine I would have a July baby either, probably just because of my anticipated "guess date". I'm ready to have a baby, and getting tired of all of the people who keep telling me what I should be doing to go into labor. Eat this, do that.. arg.
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I hope you are all holding your little ones soon!!! Going overdue is such a test of patience (and one I didn't do all that well with ). Thinking labor vibes and +++ thoughts to fly through all the bpp and nst's!!
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I heard thru the family grapevine that I'm "waiting too long", "going to get a C-section", blah blah blah. Like, I have a brain & excellent medical care.

It cant be much longer for me. I hope we all have babies naturally this week!!
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Me too, I feel so bad being impatient already with so many Mama's being way further over than I am. It's just so difficult when all you can think about is wanting to hold your baby on the outside and being helpless towards making that happen.

I broke down and cried a whole bunch this morning with DH sitting with me. I feel a lot better, I think I needed to get a lot of that hormonal buildup moving.
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I'm still here!
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im here :
had a nst on wed,mwhich was fine, cept they said he was breech! fridays u/s showed that he was head down, dont know if he flipped or they were wrong...i think they were wrong : supposedly hes only measuring like 37 weeks! a little 6lb 6oz peanut. im taking it with a grain of salt, though...it was wrong last time by a pound.
have another mw appt on monday for another nst wheee...such fun :
cranky and uncomfortable. dont know how the heck im gonna drive all day tomorrow and take care of my kid this week :
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im 40+2 or 40+5 depending on the date you go by.

i was pretty sure id have a july baby though since my son i was induced at almost 43.
im just kinda anxious as i REALLY love being pregnant, but then i cant deliver at the bc past 42. id much rather hb, and i dont know if i even can at the bc, because my body didnt get the concept of labor on its own the first time, so im anxious about that, for sure. i wish i just knew if i could go into labor, or if i will end up stuck in the flippin hospital again, kwim? ( i needed him out, his placenta was shutting down. im scared to go past that this time because its a good thing i went when i did...or id be fine waiting)

ok im rambling but im trying to enjoy my last bit of pregnacty, i got my license i can drive alone 2 weeks ago, so i took my son to the pool, and to the beach, etc..stuff i cant do after i have the baby, and hes never done, and will never be just the two of us again, kwim?
im kinda feeling funny about that, making him have a sibling where hell have to share me, and all...but im not resenting the baby or anything if that makes sense? its just so much change!

and this whole not knowing where ill deliver is really bugging me too. ugh.
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I'm still here. EDD+8 right now, sigh. I've been having contractions for over a week now, but they just don't seem to want to turn into labor. I was actually desperate enough to try and find some castor oil yesterday. No luck locating any at the grocery store and the pharmacy, though. Where do people get that stuff?

I'm going crazy right now, because the cxns are always worse at night, so every night I go to bed, I think I'm going to wake up in labor.

onelilguysmommy, I had to be induced with DD#1, and I know just what you mean about the anxiety. I have such fear that my body just doesn't know how to go into labor on it's own!
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Kristen, My MW said to actually ask the pharmacist for the Castor Oil, they often keep it behind the counter. I will be buying some tomorrow. Ick!
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i resorted to castor oil yesterday alas, i couldnt get it past my teeth beore violently throwing up for 10 minutes. i remember why i swore id NEVER do that again! hell no!

i get mine at cvs
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jbobys- How did you take the Castor oil? with the puking, it's probably already too late but here's how my MW instructed to take it. Mix with soft serve vanilla ice cream & a bit of OJ in whatever dosage your MW/OB recommends. Eek! I hope I can take it w/out puking.
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for my past 2 pregnancies i took it with oj, problem is, the oil doesnt mix, so i threw it up then too. this time i figured id try it in shot form...didnt work either
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jbobys- Unfortunately, OJ can make me puke mixed with nothing, esp. in the morning. If you think you can stand trying again, try mixing it with Vanilla (preferably soft serve) ice cream & a little bit of OJ to a shake/slurpy type consistency.
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I'm here, 42 weeks, full of waves!!!
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past due date happy experiences :)

I will also x post this in the 42 weekers thread :


very encouraging!!!!!!!!!!!!
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at this point im hoping for a july baby! are we SURE hes gonna come out before kindergarten?
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I"m still waiting too ... 5-13 days OD depending on which EDD you go by.
baby is still way high, finally started dilatng slightly again (i was at 5-6 like 3 weeks ago and went back down to nothing..isnt that not supose to happen???? ) Doc says i'm 1+ slightly... planning to go in for cervadil sunday night if nothing happens before.

I"ve done castor oil with 2 previous pregnancies.. I mixed it with chocolate icecream and bananas.. covered the smell and taste of the oil. Unfortunately this time due to ilness thru pregnancy i cant do the oil, i can hardly cough without puking so i wont even be trying that this time. taking EPO by mouth and vaginal, cohoshs, walking, even with 18mo in arm or sling to get some added pressure and everything ...i'm begining to get my mind in gear for induction and chance of c-section but still gonna fight to the end! but my body is quiting on me so i cant fight for to long, fortuntley doc is agreeing on that end,
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