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Poll Results: Have you ever terminated a pregnancy?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 0% (3)
    Yes due to health risks to me
  • 0% (2)
    Yes due to rape/incest
  • 2% (24)
    Yes due to pressure from outside sources
  • 0% (5)
    Yes due to the fetus having medical problems
  • 0% (1)
    Yes, selective reduction due to too many fetuses
  • 6% (53)
    Yes due to not being financially ready for a child
  • 8% (71)
    Yes due to not being emotionally ready for a child
  • 5% (47)
    Yes due to not being in a stable relationship with the father
  • 1% (13)
  • 38% (333)
    No, I've never terminated a pregnancy
  • 29% (252)
    I'm pro-choice
  • 13% (118)
    I'm pro-life
861 Total Votes  
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I used to work as a counseling coordinator at an abortion clinic and I can't even begin to tell you how many clients said, "I swore I'd never ever ever do this, but...." "Or, I'm 100% pro-life, but...."
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I voted yes but only because I took the morning after pill once and it said in the op that that was considered an abortion. I don't really consider it to be though if I am honest.

I am pro-choice. I am nearly sure I would never be able to have a proper abortion though. Not unless the baby would have a really poor quality of life anyway.
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No, I've never terminated a pregnancy.

If I had gotten pregnant while I was young, I would have considered it, as there was no way I could have been a decent mother. I was fanatical about birth control.

I am completely, unequivocably pro-choice.
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I've had an abortion - wasn't mentally, nor emotionally, nor financially ready for a child. It was a hard choice, but I was SO relieved afterwards - it was a huge weight off of me. I regret the condom breaking, I don't regret the abortion.

I'm 100% pro-choice.
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!00% Pro-Choice here...

I have never terminated a pregnancy
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Totally pro-choice, but I've never felt I needed to terminate. When I got pregnant with dd it never even crossed my mind to terminate (and I was pro-choice at the time, had gone with friends who had terminated..so it wasn't that I was against it) If I had gotten pregnant within the first few years after dd was born I think I may have, because it would have just been too much for me, which is why I had an iud as birth control after she was born, as I heard they were really reliable (I got pregnant with her on the pill, was hoping for a form of bc that wouldn't fail) and it didn't.

Now I can't see me terminating for any reason other than birth defects incompatible with life, but other people can do whatever they like..I'm only in charge of my uterus
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i voted "no" before reading about the MAP. i've taken that twice and don't consider it an abortion.

i'm on the conservative side of the pro-choice spectrum, but would probably never have one myself.
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I've taken the morning after pill and I also don't consider it to be abortion. However, I voted yes for the sake of this poll since that's what you specified.

Bad night, bad guy, and I was not happy. I decided that the stupid guy was not going to get what he wanted (he was trying to get me pg : ). I called my Dr the next day. The Dr asked about my cycle and told me not to worry cause the timing, but he gave me the MAP just to be sure.
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I'm pro-choice.

I see that there are reasons for abortion, but I do NOT believe that it is a form of birth control.

I don't know if I ever WOULD get an abortion. I woulod if it would kill me. But probably not for any other reason.

I think that adoption is a better option.

That being said, I have NOT had an abortion.
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I've had two. DP and I had DS#1 at 18 and 19 yrs of age respectively. Several months later, I had a SEVERE allergic reaction to BC and had to stop taking it, substituting another method (condoms/spermicide). I got pregnant when he was 18 mo old. I had an abortion. About a year and a half later, I got pregnant again. This time I didn't consider abortion until I went in for a checkup and found that(1) I was pregnant (still hadn't started my period after DS#1's birth due to other health issues so didn't realize anything was up) and (2) I had been taking a Class C drug for approximately 6 months (I was approx 10 wks preg). My dr recommended immediate termination due to proven abnormalities inconsistant with the ability to sustain life. I agreed and had another abortion.

I regretted it then, but don't regret either of them now.
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I voted "other," but also forgot to vote that I'm pro-choice.

I used Plan B a couple of years ago. None of the poll choices really fit, for me.

I was in a somewhat new relationship at the time (we're now married). I knew for a long time that I didn't want any more children. My exH had had a vasectomy, but that obviously did me no good after we split up.

There is a difference, to me, in not being emotionally or financially "ready" for children and just plain not wanting any. I am happy to have my two, and seriously do not want to start all over again. I didn't see a voting option for my situation.

Shortly after using the emergency contraception, I had a tubal ligation.

ETA: Personally, I don't consider morning-after-pills to be termination. I'm very pro-choice, but I'm not sure if I could go through with an abortion.
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I have, when I was in my late teens, and at that time I would have clawed my uterus out to avoid having a child. I just wanted it out of me. I'd have aborted, or died trying.

I don't regret that decision, I never have. Even after I lost a baby I wanted at 20 weeks, when it looked like I would never have a child when I would have liked to have. It was the right thing to do at the time.
I feel some sadness when I think about it, but I do not regret it.

With my unplanned pregnancy at 40, I felt just as strongly that it would kill me to abort. But by then I didn't live on the street, and had been clean and sober many years, and was prepared to take it on. It was a blessing, and I was thrilled.

I think abortion is awful. But I'm still pro-choice.
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Nope, never have. I believe life begins at conception, and I have a hard time thinking of anything that would convince me to terminate a pregnancy. I've seen the heartbeat at 8 weeks. I've spent countless hours in the NICU, seen the 24-25-26 week babies and the sick babies. It's just not a choice I could make.

However, I do not believe in taking that choice away from other women. It's too personal, too private. I can never know all the details of the situation and what's in her mind and heart. The government's got no place in something like that. So chalk me up as pro-choice, if I have to chose a side.
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I have never terminated a pregnancy. I consider myself to be pro-life *for me* but like many others on this thread, I also support a woman's right to make the choice best for her. It's such a confusing topic with so many gray areas that are all different for different people.

I have held the hands of two close girlfriends as they were actually having an abortion because I supported their choice. I have also recently befriended a neighbor who terminated a pregnancy at 17 weeks because of a 100% positive test for Downs. Neither of these examples are choices *I* would make, but I support those strong woman who have to make this choice for themselves. That sounds so wishy-washy but I guess in the end, it really does make me pro-choice.
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I've never terminated a pregnancy.
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Originally Posted by dnw826 View Post
Everyone is different. But from my experiences, everyone still thinks about it years later and it affects you in some way. Maybe it depends on *why* you had one. Most people I know it was not because of financial/lifestyle reasons.
I don't think it affected me any more than having any other medical procedure would.
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No I never have and never will. I would never and have never taken the MAP or other chemical birth control.

The way hormonal/chemical birth control works (when it fails to stop ovulation which is sometimes to always depening on which prouct you use) is that is changes the lining of the uterus to be hostile to life. keeping the embryo from implanting and causing the newly concieved baby to die and be flushed out during menstrtion. at this point is has been alive for about a week give or take. if you believe life begins at conception this is an abortion. The baby is dying because of actions the mother took to intentionally eliminate it.

however some people think life begins at implantation which would give you a different perspective on hormonal birth control.
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Originally Posted by lilyka View Post

however some people think life begins at implantation which would give you a different perspective on hormonal birth control.
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I haven't had an abortion, and I think it would take a severe medical problem for myself or the fetus (something incompatible with life) to cause me to do so. Even then, I'd be hard pressed.

As it pertains to the morning-after pill, it's logically inconsistent to call that a termination, while oral contraceptives in general and IUDs are given a pass. IUDs prevent pregnancy almost entirely by preventing implantation. Morning-after pills prevent ovulation and/or implantation, depending on where the woman is in her cycle. OCPs prevent ovulation most/all of the time, and prevent implantation in the remaining cases. In my book, none of those are termination of a pregnancy. Others' opinions may vary, but if you're listing MAPs as a termination, everyone with an IUD should be falling in that category too, kwim? And now...back on topic.
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