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Please help me with a birthday party menu!!!

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We're having a party for my ds, who will be two, on Friday. Guest list is 14 adults and 6 toddlers. So far the menu is:

homemade pizza

fruit salad
banana cake
ice cream

homemade lemonade
alcoholic drinks

I know I need more food, but I'm stumped for what to serve. Basically, the problem is: what goes with pizza???

I'm not a great cook, so I'm a bit nervous about this. Someone is helping me with the pizza. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Oh, I did have one idea -- some jumbo shrimp? I've never made them before, though, so not sure.

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Honestly, for a party that isn't all about the food, I go for easy. (Sometimes I want to have a fancy dinner party that is all about the food, but I don't think a 2 year old birthday party is the time)

Everyone likes dips. What about a simple veggie and dip tray? Fruit and dip? Hummus and baby carrots? Black bean dip or quacamole or salsa and chips? You can go all fancy and do the 7 layer Mexican dip with chips if you want. Or do the cheese ball thing. People love cheese balls. There is a chocolate chip one that is good with ginger snaps if you want something sweet or you can do a more savory one with crackers.

You can just put out a very, very simple not-Italian at all antipasto tray (we actually call it redneck antipasto ). Cheddar cheese cut up, summer sausage cut up, canned black olives, drained (everyone seems to love these in my family/friends), green olives if you like them, mini dill pickles if you want, then crackers. We like Kashi's TLC crackers or Trader Joe's multigrain, but do what you like. Sometimes I add marinated mushrooms. You put jarred mushrooms (the itty bitty button ones) in a jar of Italian dressing overnight, then drain and serve. They are suprisingly good.

I think I would go the route of having an appetizer set out when people get there or shortly after, then pizza, then dessert instead of finding something to go with pizza. The benefit of this is reducing (if not eliminating) the need for forks. Less stuff for you to wash later. :

Hope you get lots of great ideas!
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I love the antipasto idea and will definitely do that!!

Thank you for taking the time to give me some advice. It all makes sense, and I feel a bit calmer now!
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I agree with the above suggestions--just wanted to add a super-easy dip recipe that I use all the time (it's fairly good for you, too, unless you mind the mayo--I don't, because I'm basically carb-intolerant and I have to get my calories somewhere!):

1 large carton cottage cheese (you know, the kind that's taller than it is wide? I'm not sure what the ounce measurement is on it, possibly 16 oz?)

1 small jar mayo (8 oz?)

1 onion

smattering of dill

a couple of dashes of Worchestershire sauce

2 cloves garlic

Blend all ingredients in food processor until smooth. Chill overnight and serve with vegetables. (My husband also likes this as a sandwich spread.)

I make this, or a fruit-and-cheese platter, for all parties.
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Thanks, I will file the dip recipe for future use (I saw it too late)!

I actually went ahead and made antipasto. I went with a fairly authentic recipe -- it was quite hard to find all the ingredients, and ended up being a bit expensive, but it looks beautiful and I'm excited!
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There's nothing prettier than a nice vegetable or fruit or antipasto platter--they always look gorgeous at a party!
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