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homebirth on an island

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I live on an island in Washington and want to have a homebirth.I have a 3 year old daughter whom I delivered naturally with a midwife in a hospital off island.Im 23 and really healthy.I eat well,exercise daily,and I feel strongly that birth is a natural process,one that should be carried out at home,in a loving,comfortable environment.Everyone I talk to about having a homebirth has a negative response.Im even having trouble finding a good midwife to come and deliver my baby.If something were to happen, I could be medivacked (sp.?) to the nearest hospital in about twenty minutes. Yet it does worry me that all the experienced midwives whom I know and trust dont feel homebirths are safe on the island.I really want my daughter to be present at the birth, and be in her own home,not some strange hospital or birthing center.(I was in labor with her for nearly 28 hours.)This babies due in September.Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.Even my husband keeps saying,"well its true,if something does go wrong....." Arent 95% of births carried out with no complications?Why is everyone so worried about a natural process?
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Welcome to the boards!!! I am SO jealous~I love the San Juan's!!!

Are there any other mom's on the island that you know have given birth at home w/a midwife? Ask around~maybe there are some mom's who can tell you about their homebirth experiences and have a midwife they can recommend to you and your dh.

Congrats on your baby and best of luck!

Warmly & Welcome~

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I know someone on Orcas that went to midwifery school for a period of time. I don't know if she ever finished or not, but she might know someone who could help out or be willing to help out herself. When she had her baby, probably about 10 yrs ago now, she went to a friends house in Seattle for the birth.

Good luck. What a frustrating situation that must be.
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