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September 2004 Mamas, welcoming July!

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Ribbit Ribbit
Rabbit Rabbit

I hope July finds all of you happy!
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Rabbit rabbit! Sam, the link doesn't work : will write more later. xoxo j
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subbing too.
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Home from Pittsburgh. . . Great baseball, crazy family . . . .missed my babes!!!!: More later!
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Originally Posted by JenInMpls View Post
Rabbit rabbit! Sam, the link doesn't work : will write more later. xoxo j

I fixed it! : D'oh, that's why I never start new threads...
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I feel so huge and I am just barely half-way there! Oi! I finally got around to uploading all my belly pics so far, here's the link in case you want a peek:

Also, some recent pics of the little man:

I've been so engrossed in this pregnancy since finding out its twins, so I apologize for my lack of postings. I have been reading along
We've now got a million projects going on in anticipation for the babes - buying a bigger vehicle, finishing the basement, buying furniture for V's big boy room, interviewing care providers to find the best choice so that we can have a natural birth, etc...
I am feeling good overall - just hungry all the time. V is such a sweet boy - everyday he kisses my belly and talks/sings to the babies. I began pulling up his baby stuff from the basement and he gets all excited As you can tell from the pics, he's been doing really well with swimming lessons. I found a private instructor that comes to our subdivision's pool. He LOVES the pool - asks everyday to go. I've been enjoying floating myself around too, very relaxing.

Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th! We will be staying in town, our neighbors across the street are having a BBQ, so we'll head over there. And then the dads will be lighting off fireworks in our cul-de-sac! Should be fun!!!
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Christine: I love V's red hair! And his water capabilities make me so jealous! I didn't learn how to swim until I was 22, and I still can't manage more than a doggie paddle or floating. I went snorkling with a vest on!: Give me a mask, though, and I can swim forever. Last time I had Elizabeth in the water, she had a life vest on and wouldn't let me let her go.
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Christine - what a cute belly! Love the pix of V also - Robin just sat on my lap to watch them with me.
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christine. beautiful belly! v is adorable too.
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Great pictures Christine! Love the belly!
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Wow, July already! :
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Happy July! I'm in the thick of it at work (student housing) - all of our leases ended last week and we're getting ready for the 1st new batch to come in on Sunday. Guess who gets to work through 2 weekends and even the 4th of July...

Christine, I concur that your belly is beautiful!
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Hi everyone! Christine, that is so exciting about your twin pregnancy! I'm still so excited for you -- and lovely belly!!!

I don't have long, but we're back from the fish site today and probably tomorrow as long as they don't emergency open it. We have a pregnant friend coming over in a minute and I"m sure I'll get baby fever. Ha ha. And I already have two! 'Doh!!

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Happy 4th!

Hello ladies!
I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a safe and happy holiday... hope the little ones all enjoy the fireworks!

We are doing pretty well here, Mielle has gone a few days in a row now without vomitting and seems to be back to her usual self. We have started her on a prescription for treating acid reflux.. I guess it is the same thing given to babies with GERD. The current theory is that she has developed reflux from all the vomitting and her tummy needs to heal... It's a trial prescription and while I am not thrilled to have her taking meds... she's not barfing, so I guess I'll wait it out a while. I plan on having a long talk with her doc after he gets back from vacation. Anyway, that's that.

It's been super hot and sweaty here and I find myself wishing for air conditioning... old farm house with windows open = hot sweaty babies napping in their diapers, while fans run.

Love to all
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hi ladies, happy fourth (tho I'm not too happy about how things are goin' in this country....) to all of you.

Lulu is a pip and a half. First she is a ballerina. then she is an astronaut. then back to the ballerina. this is her days!

We haven't even contemplated "potty learning" and she shows no interest. But school starts this fall, so we will probably do a bottemless week of no diapers and see how that goes. the school is very flexible about accidents, etc. so there is no pressure. Nice.

gingy is 11 months old ... and has got her LOUD vibe going! she's such a little leo. Quite evolved from the smiley, silent cherub of the first ten months. Finding her voice!! That's the speciality of our house... letting people and animals find their voice. It makes for chaos and ruckus but boy, it sure feels healthy.

its rainy here and we're stuck indoor today. i don't mind, all I want to do is sleep and read novels. And guess what? I did (or at least for a couple of hours) while my DH watched the girls!! don't hate me cause I'm married to a great guy! (I'm actually still in recovery from the first winter with two tiny kids.... whew.)

ps .... zen, what's going on, where are ya??? do you have eli with you? or are you
TOTALLy child free?

forgot to add: on sunday night we went to see the big Kingston fireworks, just me and Lulu, staying out til 1030pm!! We went to a great party just us two girls together and then I held her in my arms as the huge fireworks went off over the city. It was such a special day... one of those times you KNOW you will never, ever forget.
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Hey ya'll -

Hope everyone had a great Fourth! We spent the day around the house - clint fixing and cleaning, me cooking (and watching the marathon of Project Runway when i could ), went for a short walk together, then went to our local community parade. it's a Pied Piper parade, which I'd never been to before. Basically there were a few floats and bands, but most of the parade was local kids and families on bikes, scooters, wagons, and strollers. Everyone decorated their ride and joined in the parade. It was a great, laid back parade for little ones, and if we're here next year I'm planning for us to join in - Robin on a bike or big wheel and Eli in the stroller. There were also a few jumpers and a big inflatable slide for the kids, which robin enjoyed. We opted not to stay for the fireworks, hoping we could see them from our house - but could just barely see through the trees. Robin was thrilled with some sparklers this year. We saw *so* many fireworks in china I thought she might be disappointed with the sparklers, but didn't happen. (in china, we were often woken int he morning by firecrackers, they were set up at least twice a week in our neighborhood)

DId I tell you guys about our new playground equipment? WE've long lusted after one of those big wooden sets, but never wanted to spend the money. Our friends who clint was staying with b/f we moved bought a big one used off craigs list - but she works with a divorce attorney and a man she was divorcing wanted to sell his set so she bought it also. So they gave us the bigger playground for the price of the cheaper one - so we paid $500 for a playset that was originally over $4000. It's fully loaded with playhouse, slide, monkeybars, climbing board, climbing wall, 2 ladders, tire swing, 2 trapezes, 2 swings, 2 baby swings and an "air pogo" jumping swing. Now we just need some friends to come over and play with her!

we're going this morning to check out a preschool we might send robin to next fall. But I'm actually hoping we'll work things out with a different school. There's a local co-op preschool that borrows curricullum from waldorf and 2 others, but the tuition is over our heads. I met a woman when I was doing childcare volunteering last week to whom I was complaining about the costs of the best programs - and she knew the director of the co-op who was attending the conference. the director ended up coming in the children's area to volunteer and we were introduced, and I was commenting on my disappointment at the tuition, and she said, "well, we're trying to find a 2 day a week teacher for the 2 year olds, you should apply." So now I'm applying for that position and will interview next week. It would mean getting a sitter for Eli for 2 mornings a week, which I hate the idea of. But hopefully I could get free tuition for robin and make enough to pay for the sitter. On the other hand, I love the idea of working for the co-op, and I was super excited about the school before I figured out we couldn't afford it. And the director seems to really like me and thinks I have th "co-op spirit" so I'm hopeful it will work out. I also met a sitter while doing volunteer work who is young and energetic, so i have a possibility there. So, keep your fingers crossed for me! I am also applying for the technical college, but that would be in the evening after clint is home from work.
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Hello, ladies, happy July!

Whew, things have been CRAZY around here for the last few months! I have been running teas, taking teenagers and my kids on campouts, dh had 3 funerals back to back (like in one week) and Andrew is in full bore tantrum mode lately and ignoring everything I ask him to say and REFUSING to do anything himself (like, apparently he can not open the drawer to get out his pants, climb up the ladder to use the slid, pull up his underwear, take off his shoes . . . all things I KNOW he can do, but he just says "no. YOU do it" and runs away) and Aaron is in the midst of getting his two bottom teeth and is NOT a happy teether (although he is sitting, so that's cool). And with a few breif exceptions he's still attatched to my hip permanently. I seriously have to say "walk, walk, walk!" if I want to get out the door with the car seat, because Andrew doesn't want to walk in front of me through the door, he wants to walk NEXT to me holding onto my hand or my shirt. I can't even teach him to ride his tricycle because he wants to hold my hand while riding it!

Anyway, so i haven't been keeping up because of all the craziness. Sorry, ladies.

So, I have a question: Is Andrew seriously behind in his independence? Both of his friends his age (both girls) can dress themselves and ride their bikes and are totally comfortable being seperate from their parents. I feel like he's so dependent he's starting to fall behind in his abilities and he stubbornly resists any effort on my part to teach him things. Is he the only one who is not dressing himself, riding a bike, starting to be more independent, etc?

I guess its just that I always remember, even when I was three, getting up, dressed and getting my breakfast by myself with no adults even awake in the house.
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Anna: So glad to hear that Mielle is one the mend!

Liz: I wish I had half the imagination of the little ones (and a quarter of their energy, too!)!

Jilly: I think it's a stage. As long as he *can* do it, that's all that matters (to me at least ). Elizabeth can do all those things, but I still do it for her. She insists that I pull her pants up and put on her socks, and it's difficult for her to do those things, but every other day I tell her to try. Today she actually said to herself after she peed on the potty, "I am going to pull my own shorts and fancy panties up. Myself." And the next thing I know she is showing me what she did, shorts and panties all bunched up and her shirt tucked into them. And for the record, she cannot (as far as I know) get herself dressed. I just do it for her.

Becca: Sounds like a cute parade. When I was younger, my parents bought an *early retirement home* in a pretty rural part of Indiana. My father took my brother to the parade for the 4th in the closest town, and it was exactly as you describe. Now, where we live in indiana, there is a huge parade, it's between two and three hours long, so this little one was pretty disappointing to him!

I took E to the parade, and since my uncle is the mayor of our town, we got to sit in the grandstand in front of City Hall. There are food and beverages available inside for those who are invited (nothing like having a beer paid for by the city at 10am! ). E spent time with her cousins, catching candy for them (I did let E have a piece of candy yesterday since she was working so hard: ).

About halfway through the parade, E told me she wanted yippies, and I was totally shocked! She never wants to when we're out. So we went inside, I gave her yippies that lasted for all of six seconds, and she wanted some more food. I got her some food, and we sat at a table while she ate. In the mean time, I'm talking with my councilman, and this guy (Daniel) comes up and sits right next to E. They start talking (because E is the friendliest to strangers) and I am watching them out of the corner of my eye. He wrote his name on a name tag and asked her to read it (I'm like HUH???).

Anyway, he was *all up in her grill* (: sorry, it's truly the best way to describe it) and I am more than a little freaked out about it. I asked my uncle who this guy is, and he's the city janitor (cleans City Hall, washes police cars, etc.). Nice. The city janitor has an unhealthy interest in little girls.

I went outside and told my aunt to keep an eye on her three girls because this guy was just not right. I can't quite put my finger on why, but my Jungle Mama instinct went haywire. I told my brother and his friends to please keep one eye on E along with me (I figure safety in numbers) because I feel that this guy, well, the wheel's spinning, but the hamster's dead.

Today of course I'm getting paranoid about it! I'm thinking that he could possibly get our information (except all he knows about us is E's first name) because of where he does his work. But then I talked to a friend of mine, and as soon as I told him the story he knew exactly who I was talking about. Seems my friend's brother has dealt with Daniel before because he works on the police cars, so when he takes them back to the station he runs into Daniel. My friend is under the impression that Daniel is a nutjob from what his brother says. So I feel a little better, maybe because he's weird all the time or maybe he just relates to children better than people, but I have this ache in the pit of my stomach that says, "Lock your doors and windows!"

We went to a party after the parade and E just dazzled everyone around her. I, too, have found a babysitter if I ever need one (a good friend of my cousin's and a fifth grade teacher), and E had both males and females falling all over her. She was quite the social butterfly! As rough as I am on myself on how quickly I go from talking to yelling, I know that I am doing a pretty darn good job (if I do say so myself ) raising E. She has manners, speaks well, learns from others, and she teaches them some, too.

She also held her first sparklers.:

After all that babble, tomorrow E, my cousins (ages 26, 13, 11, and 9), and I are going to a dairy farm. It's going to be quite fun! The website says, "From grass to glass" so I'm hoping I won't have to get all PETA on their asses because they are cruel to the animals! I'll make my cousin take pictures if I start a protest or something!
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if they're pastured cows and they're bottling in glass, I'm guessing they are probably good to their cows... maybe not to the extreme of the farmer at the St Paul Farmer's Market who, if you pause for more than a second at his stand, starts showing you his photo album of all of his Jersey cows and telling you about each one by name - very excitedly...
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