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Could I be allergic to duck eggs?

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We recently started getting duck eggs from our neighbor. I've never eaten them before this summer and I was excited to eat more food grown so close to home. But since we've started getting them, I've felt nauseated a few times. I had some scrambled for breakfast today and felt awful from shortly after that until I threw up a few hours later (after which I felt much better).

My friend has a bad reaction to duck eggs--she gets nauseated and said she feels like she's been poisoned, like she can't think clearly. She hasn't eaten them in years, but has no problem with chicken eggs (neither do I).

Does this make sense? Why would someone be allergic to duck eggs but not chicken eggs? Are they that different?
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I am mildly allergic to chicken eggs and thought I'd give duck eggs a shot last year. BIG MISTAKE. I had a pretty bad reaction. I don't know what it is about them, but they're like chicken eggs, but stronger. Are you sure you don't have a mild chicken egg allergy?
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our son has a severe egg allergy and the drs said to not try ANY eggs, cause if he's allergic to chicken he's prob allergic to them all. i wonder w/ previous post, maybe you have a low grade egg allergy, though not necessarily. maybe try not eating any eggs for a while though, just to see if anything changes. good luck!
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Sounds like my dd. She is fine with duck eggs but will vomit violently within a couple of hours of eating duck eggs. The looks I get when I'm asked about allergies and I say "duck eggs"...
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