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I just stumbled on this thread, Yeah! I am subbing...

I have 3 sons the first 2 were homeschooled in a very relaxed way until they decided to go to school 3 years ago. My oldest will be a senior this year.
My youngest taught me about unschooling from the beginning. He has always been unschooled. Even though my oldests go to school we live consensually.
We work things out together, they have never been grounded etc...

Anyway, so glad summer is here! All of us home together again, sleeping in, staying up late... Bliss.

Today, we spent the day at the lake swimming, the boys wakeboarded and tubed. We had a nice lunch, talked and laughed. A perfect day!

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Hi! I have 2 dds, ages 6.5 yrs and 19 months. We're expecting another baby in November. Trying to get ready for a camping trip...always last minute: Just wanted to say hi and sub to this thread before I forget! I look forward to getting to know some other unschoolers. Take care and have a good night!
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So, we just got word that the property we are living on got sold.
okay, it was a possibility, but now its a reality.
the good news is that the new owner is happy for us to stay living here under the same arrangements . the bad news is that he wants the shack for his own use, which means that the mama who lives there - the one who is my good friend and wants to start a homeschooling group with her DD, who happens to be my DD's best friend - has to move

suddenly our wonderful paradise doesnt seem so paradisical...
Wait and see, I guess.

In the meantime, the next-door-neighbours have some new chicks and DD is over there playing with them. She wanted to know why they have to stay in the cage, when we live in a place they can run around in. this led to a discussion about predators and such, how we need to keep the chicks safe until they are bigger and they can run around by themselves.
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9 yr. old dd has always been unschooled... sometimes I struggle with "is this the right path..." so I like the idea of hearing what other unschoolers are up to! Today is homeschool group day - meeting at the beach for swimming and fun and it looks like it will be warm and sunny!
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Originally Posted by Earth Angel View Post
The coolest thing happened today. After Ds was upset because he didn't want to comb his long hair, nor get it cut so combing didn't hurt so much....poor thing....he wrote Dh and I a letter. He'll often do this after he has a tough time like that, but usually it is Mine or Dh or whomever's name with a heart around it or something, but today, he spelled SRE. I thought that was so cool he sounded out "sorry" like that. After he gave me the letter, I said "Wow Isaiah, I really think it is neat that you sounded out sorry" He got all turned around and told me exactly how he thought it out etc. This is the first he has done this.

So, I do have a question though. Have you guys corrected things like this? It feels unnatural to me to correct it, and I didn't, but I also don't want to....I dunno.....have him think incorrect things are correct. I guess at this point I'm pretty psyched he used the letter's sounds to make a word and saying "you know, sorry is spelled s.o.r.r.y not SRE" is kinda negating the whole thing he did. Just curious what you all think.
Don't push it. He'll figure out "real spelling" soon enough from reading and being read to, plus from whatever educational TV he watches, word games on the computer, if a friend ever plays the word game Sorry,etc.

For now he's making the huge leap that letters stand for sounds and they can be put together to make words. Spelling is NOT important right now! Even preschool and kindergarten teachers do this with their students, and they have some fancy way of describing it in educationese. Teaching spelling comes later, and even then they usually focus on the 5-10 spelling words for the week and don't worry too much about words the kids come up with on their own.
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Hello to all the new people!

EarthAngel, I wouldn't have corrected him either. His success was that he identified the letters that stood for the sounds he heard, that's great!

He'll learn spelling as he goes--either from asking, "How do you spell ____?" or through seeing the words in print repeatedly. I have one child who would ask me if he spelled something correctly and we could have a conversation about what needed to be fixed and why. I have another who hates to be wrong, ever, and is super-motivated to correct herself so as not to have anyone else do it. My youngest gets frustrated with spelling and sometimes the only answer is, "Yes, you're right, that's an 'r' sound but this word needs 'rr', I know, honey, it's a stupid rule"
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Ok,can everyone say mama is tired of the local pool? These kids can't get enough water!
I am catching up on alot of reading though.....
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I am trying to get my older 2 out the darn door at all... What the heck? When I was a kid (back in the late Jurassic) I loved playing outside!

What is with these young-uns?
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checking in. We just moved out of state last week, again (back home) so we have spent the last few weeks packing, traveling to find a home and moving and now unpacking. Can I collapse now with exhaustion?
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Hey free thinkers!!
I am limiting my time on MDC, but we are still around. We have been working hard at finishing a fence around our yard...
DS has been heavily into drawing and has learned to use Paint on the computer, which is pretty amazing! If you check my blog and click on DillieBob in my subscriptions, I am trying to keep a picture log of his art(still only hte beginnings of a log ).
DD is really asserting her independance--nothing new. *But* as free feeders, she spends most of her day in the fridge checking to see if anything new has materialized (she is more like my sister everyday!!).
We have watched the newest version of the movie Pinnochio (NOT the Disney one) w/Martin Landau a couple of times in the last week. It is pretty good, but a bit dark in some places. If your kids need a new summer flick, you might check it out.
DH and I are trying to figure out what we can do about our UBER-reserved ("shy" to some) son. We are a teeny bit worried that it is hard on him...DH talks about getting him into an art class or swimming, though I am concerned he will feel even worse in those situations...dunno.

Any thoughts?? We'd love some input from fellow US'ers.

Have a great month!!
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Originally Posted by dillonandmarasmom View Post
DH and I are trying to figure out what we can do about our UBER-reserved ("shy" to some) son. We are a teeny bit worried that it is hard on him...DH talks about getting him into an art class or swimming, though I am concerned he will feel even worse in those situations...dunno.

Any thoughts?? We'd love some input from fellow US'ers.

Have a great month!!
Our DD recently started being "UBER-SHY" as well. She literally cant enter a playground if there are other kids on it; its such a torture for her. though she is fine if there's just one kid who is a girl and makes an effort to approach slowly... not easy.
For the most part, we just avoid those kind of situations, and wait for it to pass. IMO, it would be even more torture for her if we pushed her into some group of kids, like in a class or something. this is just another reason why I'm so happy we aren't in school. I hear people all the time telling me that I should just put her in school, and then she'll be forced to get over her shyness, but I see it as the opposite; she'd be so traumatised by it. People are always backing this up by telling me about their super shy, clingy kids, "but once we put them in school, they got right over that... after about a year". I'm pretty convinced that these kids would have gotten over it "in about a year" anyway, and without the classroom full of kids they might even do it sooner, and definately with less stress.

Not that i'm saying dont let him go to a class; just make sure that its *his* decision to go, for the sake of the stuff being learned, rather than an attempt to break shy-ness.

How old is he, btw?
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Hello! I'm back in for July. I loved the June thread, it was so nice to see what other families are doing. Our cucumber plants have about doubled in size. It hasn't rained in days although it's starting to look a little dark and cloudy and there is rain in the forcast.

Dd spent the night at grandma and grandpas on Sat. She had fun helping my mom decorate for the 4th and baking cookies and taking scooter rides and hanging out in the garage with my dad. They were both shocked at how early she wakes up. They are retired and used to sleeping in, not waking up to "Grandma the sun is rising, you're going to miss it!"

We are laying low this week. That's what I love about unschooling, we can take it easy when everybody else is busy and go do our stuff while everybody else is back to work and school.
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Majikfaerie - Sorry about the property being sold and your friend not being able to stay. That is sad. I hope she can find another place to stay nearby so your dd can still see her friend.
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hey mama's..
majikfaerie I really enjoy your blog. I'm glad you get to stay for the time being in your little cottage. Hopefully your friend wont move too far?

dillonandmarasmom,I agree with majikfaerie about your shy guy. I would totally go with his ideas and feelings. I have a son (8),my youngest child,who is not really into groups or large crowds. I try very hard to accomodate him in situations where he feels uncomfortable. My oldest ds15 was painfully shy as a young boy. People made comments about it all the time. We allowed him to be who he was. He is still a quiet guy,but has awesome friends and is happy. That is what matters.
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Originally Posted by oldermamato5 View Post

dillonandmarasmom,I agree with majikfaerie about your shy guy.

My youngest (7) is really uncomfortable in large groups or with kids he doesn't know well. Last year, he kept telling me he WANTED to join different activities, but when we got there, he wouldn't join in or even talk to the other kids. I actually found myself telling him "Go ON, go play with the kids" a few times, (something I said I'd never do.) After that, I stopped accepting invitations for him. He's very happy when he's got two or three kids he knows to play with, and I'm sure his comfort speaking with strangers will increase as he gets older.

My oldest was like this when he was young, now he makes friends wherever he goes and is a real social butterfly. His brother may or may not follow in his footsteps, but I see no reason to make him more uncomfortable in the present.
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subbing... I have a ds who is soon to be 9 yrs. old. He is high functioning with sensory issues that we recentely learned of. He was public school for 2 1/2 yrs. with repeating K since he was an early 5 yr. old. Well in 1st grade we were tired of all the problems with the public school system so we placed him in private school thinking the one on one attention would be better for him. Well it was better but since the work was harder and with him already struggling in public school--The trade off was some better since the smaller classroom setting but cried often and said I can't before even trying most of the time. Well he finished the last half of 1st grade there in that private school and on to the 2nd grade there also. Well they have since kicked him out of the school due to him not doing his work and since he places his head down on desk and cries this disturbs others so they can't do their work so they had to let him go. :-( As a mother I didn't have the heart to tell him!!: He wants to go and tells me mama I don't want to be homeschooled I have friends so we are trying to get up with the local hs group to make new friends quickly... So this is all new to me. We will be homeschooling for the first time this year for 3rd grade. I have heard some stories about 3rd grade and have been worried all of his 2nd grade year for him but now that he was kicked out I feel it is my job to bring him home where he belonged all along. They have stripped him of the love of learning (mostly the public school) his 2nd grade teacher was very compassionate to him but she knew she had a job to do and had to look after everyone's best interest. He was in his 2nd year of K and said I hate school.: This should have been my clue to bring him home then but my dh says I'm too protective so I tried the other method of schooling and now I am going to try this our way (My son's and Mine)!! I enjoy reading all of your experiences ladies and if you have made it this far of my post thanks so much for reading I know it is loooong and thanks so much for the support!!
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:looks around tentatively: so can i get some unschooling support even tho I'm not really unschooling??! or not doing a good job of it anyway

so here's the deal--my oldest is turning 8, and pretty much the last two years (i.e. the only two years he's been "school age", even tho i've considered myself an unschooler for at least four), our lives haven't been all that conducive to a proper learning environment. we've moved a LOT, been ridiculously broke, xdh deployed, we got divorced, i found a new partner, and just had a new baby! So now, my ex (the older two's dad) is not at all convinced that *unschooling* is a good thing, and really i can't blame him for that opinion given all the stuff we've been thru we should have been checking out literary classics from the library, learning fractions while baking bread and cookies, and a plethora of other enriching activities for my kids to be learning from. but instead we were basically working thru what seemed to be one crisis after another, and we did the best we could to give the kids normalcy, to help them know that everything was gonna be okay. And it is now. YAY!

However--my oldest is now gonna be "third grade level", my middle one is turning 5 so she *can* legally start kindy this year, and of course my ex feels like we need to "buckle down and do school with them" already, esp since my oldest is slightly "behind" in some subjects

i mean, oak meadow is cool and all, but i'm not inclined to follow any curriculum that rigidly... my x wants them educated with a "real curriculum", but he's not wanting to spend money on other programs and thinks i shoudl just use the oak meadow. he also doesn't really get that waldorf education isn't going to give public-school-similar results even if i do follow it 100%--yk? waldorf has diff. priorities than PS, and unschooling has different priorities still. but now i feel like i'm in the hotseat to homeschool in such a way so that my x approves. which sucks. he's really a pretty reasonable guy, but he's unwilling to do the proper research into homeschooling methods, or even to pay attn to how the kids learn best :

I mean, do you think I should try to, kind of, compromise--like, just do our unschooley thing, but keep a journal of what we do as "proof" to their dad that they're learning? i could buy more curriculum, and i know the kids would use it and even enjoy it, but grr that's money i really can't afford to spend right now

i guess mostly i'm just ranting here, sorry... thx for the support anyway
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Originally Posted by 2 in August View Post
They were both shocked at how early she wakes up. They are retired and used to sleeping in, not waking up to "Grandma the sun is rising, you're going to miss it!"
you bottle some of whatever it is your DD has? It's noon here and my unschooler is still sleeping!!

I'm still wondering at what point I should get involved with her sleeping pattern. She likes to read until 1 or 2 AM and then sleep really, really late. Should I just let this go for the summer, or should I try to get her to bed earlier?
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Oh Dar, my Dd is totally familiar with what Rain experienced with Good Friend. Blech. She's got one Best Friend and we are so thankful that she's not like that. The mean gossipy stuff sure does get very old very fast.
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Krystal- I think you and your ex need to sit down, without the kids, and work out a parenting agreement that includes education. You keep mentioning Oak Meadow- do you already have the materials for that, so therefore it's not an extra expense? I don't know much about the various rpe-packaged curriculums out there, so I don't understand why he's insistant on that particular one.

I'm sure the two of you can come to some sort of compromise- unschooling with you sending him "progress reports" or you each pay half for new curriculum materials. It's OK if the end result is not 100% unschooling, as long as it meets your kids' needs. And you're still welcome to post here, as an unschooler at heart, even if you end up doing something a bit more formal!
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