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I find it amusing the three of us are due at the same time and we all have those feelings. I don't want to be left behind either... posting to myself, all alone!!!!!!

I hurt so bad today.. the nerve in my ass is not happy with me I think. I can barely sit comfortably, then I took a nap because I was a world class grump and woke up to severe pubic bone pain. What the hell?! It wasn't even the side I was laying on.. I'm ready but not ready. I wish I just KNEW when it was going to happen. :
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Well great now everyone, ok not everyone, knows I'm having steady contractions. Since we have all four kids we, ok dh, thought it would be a good idea to let them know they maybe going to grandma's for a sleepover. And since my dd1 came grocery shopping with me to help me and I was super slow walking and stopping to breathe through contractions she phoned my mom when we got home. So now between my mom and dad I've had 4 calls asking if the baby is coming tonight! And the twins keep asking if the baby is coming now! Not what I wanted I'd rather nobody know so I am totally down playing the whole thing! Dh is getting a bit antsy though, he asked if he was gonna get to watch the football game tonight! I was like duh YES! I don't think it's gonna happen in the next hour or anything! :
Plus I"m off to my mama's blessing right away gonna try to smile through all these lovely contractions!
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Jolene.. I have to laugh not at you but the situation. I have something similar to add. This past weekend when we were at the parade, I had a particularly strong contraction. I had to sit down and breathe through it.... so anyway everyone around me (even people I didn't know) were asking me if I was ok and had the look of terror, OH GOOODNESS NO, on their faces. I could see it, they thought I was going to pop the baby out right there. Finally I said loud enough for everybody to hear that if one contraction was all it took for baby to come it wouldn't be called labor. I mean really.. how often does someone birth in public? It's not that common just sensationalized by the media.
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Hehehe. I was in church last Sunday, and waiting for Timothy to emerge from his class. Had to stand for a few minutes, and I ended up putting my hand under my belly and trying to relax - baby was particularly heavy on Sunday and my belly hurt. An usher approached me - "are you ok? I know that look, that's not a good look, like it's time for the baby or something". I can't even remember my response, but it was probably something like "well, I guess having a baby isn't all that bad, I've already had 2 of them............"

Everyone wants to know WHEN, and then if they think it's happening, they flip out.
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Just skimmed posts, but I have a babe starting to stir.

Jo- My baby girl still nurses like that. Benji never nursed like that so I know every baby is different! I think Bella started her growth spurt a few days ago, but she has been a long nurser from the start. I know that she is doing a good job on working out my supply though. Even when I am super engorged, she can drain a breast pretty effectively. I never felt like my son could do that as well. I mentioned that she has been nursing a lot lately to a friend from church. She asked if I was having to supplement, and at the time I found that an odd question. I said that no, just by nursing, I was keeping my supply up to her demands. I wonder how many people just end up using a bit of formula because baby nurses so often!
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I taught (Anatomy and Physiology) right up until the end while pg with ds. Everytime I so much as put my hand on my belly, the students were all freaking out (17 yr. olds). So, one day I was like "Guys, look... it doesn't happen like it does in the movies, where her water breaks, and the baby just comes right out. AND, if it did happen that fast, and I could have the baby in 5 mins total... forget having the baby in front of you guys, I'd have it in front of the whole freakin' school and not mind, if I could have it that fast! " Of course they laughed. Poor kids! They learned more about normal/natural pregnancy, labor, delivery (including positioning- even showed them a water birth), breastfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping, and the horrors of circumcision than they ever wanted to, I'm sure! They were like "Mrs. D, you turn EVERYTHING into a fun learning experience... if your water actually broke in front of us, you'd probably say something like 'and that is amniotic fluid, class.'
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When you guys roll over in bed, do you sometimes feel like your uterus is falling and pulling/ripping your guts along with it? It's actually painful!!!
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Originally Posted by BrownEyed View Post
Can the experienced mamas help with a question?

This is my first baby so obviously my first time nursing. Once she latches she nurses for awhile, 45 minutes sometimes and when I take her off she whines. I put her on the other side where she's content for another 45 minutes or so. Is this normal? She's happy so she must be getting what she wants.
It probably is 100% fine but don't hesitate to call your midwife... that's what they are for and want to do. Don't you think they might like any excuse to see your cute little baby (-:

You can also watch her and see if you can tell when she is swallowing. My son spent a lot of time at the breast, but was not always nursing. We had many issues, so this was something I had to watch, to make sure he continued nursing instead of just hanging out.

Also just keep track of wet and dirty diapers, but it sounds like you are both doing great!

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Pink- thanks for sharing the photos. They are beautiful- I just decided to get some taken and we are going next week, I hope they turn out as well as yours.

Keri- Yes, rolling over is very pain- and slow- DH has laughed at how long it took me this evening to go from right to left side.

I hate being up in the middle of the night- I so want to be asleep right now. After my MW appointment today I stopped by target to get some birth things I needed and some groceries. I was there for 1.5 hours. It was way to long and I really felt it by the time I was home I was all swollen. Then I didn't have enough time for a nap before we headed off to meet the pediatrician (we liked him ) At the MW appointment my BP had gone down a bit again! and the nurse and MW both commented on the "bed rest working"- hmm, I have been resting all I can which is most of most days (they signed me out of work), but I didn't realize that I was on bed rest. She had said (or I had heard) I need to spend as much time as possible resting with my feet up and limit all my activities. Tomorrow I will take it easy. I think this means that I shouldn't ask DH if he wants to go to the arts festival this weekend
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Good morning, everyone... I haven't really posted on the weekly thread, and thought I'd say hello. I can appreciate everyone's process, and am sending lots of good thoughts to all of you mamas! I am hanging in pretty fine here, and trying to keep grounded. We are 38 weeks now, and I did have an internal check the other day, and found we are 50% effaced, and that little boy is at zero station, and 1 cm dilated. I've had lots of BH, some waking me up at night, and had this as well with DS1 for at least 10 days prior to his birth (even to the point of having them be 2-5 minutes apart for hours at a time). I think my body is just getting ready, and now I don't want to go for another 10 days, because I found out when scheduling my appt. for next week that my OB is off for the next 10 days-- yikes! He did not mention that to me during my exam! His nurses said that is the longest break he has taken in years, so hopefully baby will stay put and come out when he is back and all relaxed and rejuvenated. I do know the back-up, and she is kind, but he has been with me through our losses as well as this whole pregnancy. I am working on trusting the flow and reminding myself that it will all work out how it needs to when the time comes. Trust is a hard thing sometimes! The only other hard thing is getting ready to leave our 3 yo with friends until family can get here (6+ hours very likely-- bummer). It will be the first time he is left overnight, and I am just feeling really sensitive for him. He has been really lovey lately, and aware of the impending change, for sure. Kids are so resilient, but it is still hard. Whew! So, I guess I had a few things to share... thanks for reading this long post! Hope everyone stays cool today, and is extra good to themselves. I sure have been feeling like going inward and meditating, focusing on being in the moment when I can (ha! so preoccupied with preparing to birth!), and just staying grounded. Take care, all! Michelle
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pink- Your photos are wonderful! I don't know how you'll choose which ones to get. What a beautiful family. And you better keep posting when you get time. I was wondering if you and your new babe were doing ok- I'm glad for little updates

luckydog- The way your midwives were is about how mine have been about position too. It's reassuring. Sometimes being semi-reclinede is the only way I can be comfortable too, and I prefer not to worry about it.

Ok- well dh is out back watering and would love for me to come keep him company instead of sitting here reading "my stories" He teases me somtimes, but he still asks most days, "Did anyone else have their baby yet?"
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Speaking of nursing vs. just hanging out at the breast, Bella got a paci for the first time at about 4 am this morning. She has been going through the 3 week growth spurt, and I am feeling it. After having her at one breast or the other for about 5-6 hours last night (all after going to bed), I couldn't take it any longer. I knew she had nursed with swallowing and all that just 45 minutes earlier, but she would not calm down for dh. He had taken her to let me get a little sleep. She just kept screaming louder and louder, but she didn't want to eat. She just kept licking me. Finally, I had had enough, and I told dh that he could fish out the paci we had for emergencies. It worked! She went to sleep, we went to sleep, and she nursed like usual (actually a little less than normal) a little later. I feel bad for giving it to her, but I was just not getting any sleep last night (well...none of us were). I also have a sinus infection/cold/allergies/whatever so feeding her from a side position was actually making me feel worse. Time to see what a hot shower will do for my sinuses!

bluebird68- We had a backup ob deliver my son. The funny part was that I had never even met him (my ob has several docs in the same practice, but her backup is usually someone else). Even though it was scary at first, I ended up having a great experience. I think you find that, at that moment, you just have trust in the person who is responsible for you. I knew my ob wouldn't let someone who she didn't trust deliver her "babies" so I just trusted in that. Good luck honey!
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Hi everyone.

I have been out of town for the past week or so...I think I read most of the posts...I can not believe it is July..YEAH! So many babes here and so many more to come. This is soo exciting.

Mine however, will be in there for awhile I think!

I have had a lot more uncomfy cervical stuff though...I really do not remember this fairly constant cervical pain with my other two. OUCH! Yesterday I could barely walk..I kept having to stop and cross my legs (I am sure this looked really cute when it happened MANY times at the gas station...the grocery store....etc etc.)...it was SO painful!

--Oh and the swelling! I was in Northern MI this past week where it is not so hot as down here in the southern part..and I STILL had swelling...up until this point it has ONLY been when it was in the 90's here at home...I think I may have to take off my wedding rings for the remainder..assuming that I can get them off again, that is.. I took them off while I was out of town but I had no where safe to keep them..so I shoved them back on..painful as it was.

Other than that..I just feel HUGE..and I am really running out of clothes.

Trying to get a few things done this weekend...finishing cleaning etc. ..getting some birth food stocked up etc.
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Well... still preggo-side! I really haven't read very many posts right now just in that awful position of being told to relax and that things will start soon. I just want to be left alone and Jolene, if you think too many people are phoning you, try having your waters broken and spill the beans once or twice! Not a twinge yet and the MW on call has booked me in for induction tomorrow but don't worry, we can still refuse for a few days. I just regret ever being honest with them, how awful is that: I'm walking lots and am getting ready to try some castor oil though I honestly feel like this baby will let us know when it's coming without our help or interference. Sorry for the rant! MDC is such a refuge right now, thanks for all being so positive about things ladies! I'll let you know when something is/isn't happening
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pillowhead- to you. Thank goodness for the power of the word "NO!"

I'm still in prodromal land. I had a really rough night last night, loads of cxns and I couldn't sleep to save my life. I need sleep so badly it isn't funny. DH and I tried to go for a mini-hike in a park this afternoon, but those stinking deer flies were so bad, we left. I sat in the car to go home and "squish." What the heck? Ah yes, more freaking cervical plug. Good lord, this has got to be a world record. Tired, sore, crabby, and exhausted. It's all going to come to an amazing end, I have to keep telling myself this.

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pilllow - thinking of you!!

Clara - have you tried the glass of wine at bedtime trick yet? That really helped me get a few desperately needed hours of sleep the night before I finally went into true active labor with DD3. It might have even been what relaxed my uterus enough to start getting the job done.

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Mel~ That's what paci's are for, girl! They're GREAT for times like those (and car rides and during church!)
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I just want to say congrats to all the new mamas! I haven't been able to read alot of the other threads.

I'm exhausted! I felt so energized and poweful yesterday but today I've barely gotten out of bed. My whole body is sore. My legs are cramped, my stomach feels like I'll never be able to bend again. It's all worth it though when I look down at her.

All you mamas who are having those signs, just hang in there and it'll all come into line.

Thanks for all the bfing advice everyone.
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Can I say that while I'm soooo excited for all the mamas having their babies - it's kind of lonely around here now!

Those of us who aren't anywhere close (at least, that we know of!) aren't posting much, and something like half the group is busy nursing and changing diapers! What's a girl to do at 1am anymore when she can't sleep???
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Jo, that's the endorphine rush!! I felt like that with Mark Thomas - natural childbirth is great though, and instead of feeling for 2 weeks post partum like you were hit by a Mack Truck, it will only last a few days. Seriously. You ran an ultramarathon in those few hours yesterday!
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