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Jessica, I know exactly how you feel! I've never been really into jewelery until I got engaged/married, and now those rings are all I wear and a pair of diamond studs.

DH got me this amazing(and unbelievably pricey) ruby and diamond locket as a present right after I had the baby. I had this horrible feeling when I saw it because I know it meant so much to him and I just kept thinking I'll never wear it. After talking to my mom she really just told me to pick my battles and that this was not one of them.

Once I looked at it again I fell in love, it's there to remind me about my DD and that's what's important.

On my ring finger I have a family heirloom from my mom(given on the wedding day) engagement ring, and wedding band. When I wear them all I have rings to my knuckle, but honestly I love it. It makes me feel special.

Could you wear it on your right hand?
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Originally Posted by DoulaClara View Post
Maybe a "soft -1" in that context would mean malleable; like it's a -1 with some wiggle room? Like if she wanted to be specific she could say -1, closing in on 0? Not sure!
Sounds good to me!

Bethany~ I just HAD to know what it meant... I'm an Anatomy and Physiology teacher (and biology geek), so I MUST know what everything means!!!
(Sorry to hear about the awake kids!)
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All this talk about jewelry made me realize something. My mom has this thing where she buys jewelry (I am one of only 2 girls) when her girls have babies. I got a sweet locket with my son. I really need to find it, put both pics in it, and wear it. My dh and parents gave me a pair of fancy earrings years ago, and now I have the matching necklace. The necklace, my present from mom and dad, is made of pearls. She has had it since they bought the earrings, but that is this baby's birthstone. Mom said that I can give it to her when she is much older. That would make a nice wedding present someday VERY far away. I guess she was always meant to be a June baby!

Jo- I am with you. I usually only wear a pair of small studs and my wedding/engagement ring(s). I have been wearing a small butterfly necklace for a long time though. No one would have guessed that!
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Good morning, everyone... hope you are all well. I wanted to thank you, Mel, for your kind words of encouragement about having a stand-by OB-- I have heard lots of women say that they had great experiences after all with someone new, despite the initial stress of it. I appreciate hearing the positives, though! We are all really tired here this morning... DS1 got the stomach flu yesterday when he woke up from nap (covered, poor guy), and continued throwing up every 5-20 minutes until 6:30 a.m. Ugh... to add to the intensity, I started having BH, some really strong, every 5-8 minutes apart starting at 7:45 p, and they continued off/on throughout the night. I talked to the baby a lot and asked him to pleeeeaaase not come right now, especially since DS1 has a fever now, too, and couldn't even come to the hospital. I am having some intermittent ones this morning, and hope I can get some sleep today so that I am not exhausted by the time labor does start. Please send some vibes this way that Eli gets well quickly, and that this babe waits many days to come. Thanks! So hard to see our little ones feel so crappy. They are so brave! And so resilient. Inspiring for labor when it does come...
Sending good thoughts to you mamas as you deal with your respective stresses... I am feeling super sensitive right now, and think that is par for the course, and a rather hard part of the endish waiting. Hugs to you all
and have good days.
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bluebird~ I hope kids feel better soon and baby stays in until it's all over! Good luck!
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Ugh, bluebird. I'm sending you healthy kid vibes definitely!

My ds is prone to skin bumps, rashes, horrible chapped lips and I got a little giddy today realizing that I, right now!, have milk/colostrum to express and put on him so that he might FINALLY heal some. I am waiting until night to sneak some on his irritated cheek. He keeps licking and picking all the time and nothing ever has the chance to heal. I remember my breastmilk being *magical* so it's exciting realizing I have the mojo back!
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I feel the same way! When my dd had weaned for several months, and had gotten a couple of colds, I used to make her "special milkshakes" with my bm in it (and bananas) (I snuck it in of course, she'd be so mad if she found out!): It is magical! and I'm also going to be so glad to have some back (even though I am tandem nursing right now- soon to be triandem nursing- I lost my milk around 3 months pg.)
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Speaking of breaskmilk magic: I stirred breastmilk into my dd's cereal each morning during her first year of preschool, while I was nursing ds. She didn't get sick once that year! BTW does it bother anyone else that the abriviation for breastmilk is bm??!? I just can't get past that enough to use it!

Woke up today telling myself it will not be the day the baby is born (trying to acually believe myself) I am taking the fam to see Ratatoui (sp) in theaters. DH is off for all of July and is driving me nuts- I feel like a watched pot-which remember, NEVER boils!
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Originally Posted by ahdoula View Post
DH is off for all of July and is driving me nuts- I feel like a watched pot-which remember, NEVER boils!

ugh, i felt the same when my dh took a week off the week b4 last. the annoying thing is that Josh was in a 3 day 3 hour summer camp and I had really been looking forward to having some me time.

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