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Anyone else just feel annoyed?

I am so freaking annoyed right now at everything and for no reason at all. I just had my 37 week prenatal and everything was great, it was nice to talk with my mw, etc, but now I'm just sitting here stewing for no good reason. I did just read a birth story on a mainstream forum which got me kind of upset (FTM, had too much fluid so they induced her by BREAKING HER WATER which seems like a terrible idea and a good way to have cord prolapse, of course her baby ended up posterior because of not being able to turn after have AROM, then she got her epidural which caused her to pass out and her baby's heart to stop 3 times but it was great none the less and the best thing she ever did, then doc came in and told her she was never going to get the baby out because of the bad position so they did a c-section...ugh, talk about cascade of interventions.)

Ds wants to go outside and blow bubbles which would be fine if it weren't 109 right now. I'm tempted to pack him up and take him to the pool but I have to be at work in just a few hours so I'm not sure we really have time...
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Yeah, I've felt irritable all day long and for no reason at all.
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((((((hugs)))))) to all of you guys.

My boobs are KILLING me, I've got engorgement like no end, sleep deprived, having my "baby blues" , the carpul tunnel is still there and I am having a hard time doing anything without my hands going numb, and in that "none of my maternity clothes fit and none of my other clothes fit" phase. All I want to do is cry.

It will pass and it's all worth it as I look at my 4 day old who is sleeping so contently ... and apparently working on a lovely poop. LOL Thankfully hubby is home and has been changing diapers and getting stuff done. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hubby, he's great!!!!

Hope you all have a better day soon.


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Denise- I could have written a bit of what you said. I am sleep deprived to no end. I finally got the chance to go to sleep (baby kept making noises that woke me or kept me awake), and, as I got up after some kind of nap, I discovered that my toddler never really went to sleep...I think. AUGH! At least he was playing in the playroom quietly. Hubby is off work for the rest of the week after tomorrow. I can't say how much I need him back here!

I find that I keep raising my voice with ds today because he keeps doing things he shouldn't. Today alone, he messed with the daiper pail (refused to wash hands), locked the baby in my bedroom (at least she was safe from him there), slammed every door in the house, and played with the water in the toilet by dipping tp in there (once again refusing to wash his hands). I can't keep doing this, and there is not enough chocolate in my house to self medicate!

I told dh today that I don't think I am cut out to take care of two. I take care of one, take care of the next, take care of the first, and so on all day long, and I don't have the energy to do anything great. I know if I was getting any sleep this would be better, but I am not. At least, all of our food has been taken care of by the church! Our Sunday School class is incredible. They have brought dinner, sides/bread/dessert every other night since last week. Yum! There have been enough leftovers for the next night so I have done NO cooking.

Time to feed the baby...again. At least, that is going a little better!
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Rachel- How weird, I thought I responded to this thread earlier with a "Me too!" Now I don't see a post. Maybe it's like this AM when I shaved the same armpit about three times because I kept losing track of what the heck I was doing. Yup, cranky here. Always around the same time of day, too.


I just made the best dinner ever! I made fresh homemade pasta (Williams Sonoma recipe from their Pasta, Noodles and Dumplings cookbook), homemade sauce (tomato sauce with red pepper flakes and garlic- yeah!) with venison meatballs. I even had about 1/4 glass of a local wine! Heaven. Tonight after a walk, I'm macerating some sweet cherries in honey, and we'll have that on ice cream. I think the pepper flakes got the baby kicking, and the wine got the baby hiccupping. I'm seriously cross-eyed; that was some good food! What a mood boost!

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Denise and Mel I feel for you ladies. It can be challenging right after you have a baby! Hang in there.

Well, I had a massage this morning which was heavenly. She worked on some pressure points on my feet/ankles that I was hoping would put me into labor, but nothing so far. Hmmmm...hopefully soon. We'll see. But the massage was definately worth it. Anyway, I have a full day planned tomorrow. Taking the kids swimming, ball games, etc...Maybe that means I'll be in labor

Good luck to the rest of you mama's! Take care!!
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I'm back from the doc, only gained a pound (yeah I'm a bit weight obsessed this time) bp and urine look great, nmw thinks I'll actually go on time this time but doc said I've got some time (well 3 weeks is of course nothing BUT time!). They always seem to say differing things which is sometimes amusing. NMW asked if I knew I was having a boy............................ uh, no. She said by the way I was carrying it sure looked like a boy. That made me want to start bawling. All I have are pink girly clothes for this baby, if she comes out a he I'm at a loss. I don't know what I'd do.
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Nic, I swear this is why I love my latest ob - she doesn't have much to say, she's curt, to the point and very basic. She doesn't offer extras, and makes really intense direct eye contact. It sounds AWFUL, but it's perfect. Because when I DO need info, she spills it. I have an apt on Thursday, I hope we're not starting VE's......

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Oh Nic, you *know* that NMW is SILLY. I've carried all my babies exactly the same (basketball, can't tell I'm pg from the back, etc.) and everyone always says that's totally a sign of a boy, and yet... I have THREE GIRLS (and a boy on the way). I really can't believe she said something that dumb!
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Originally Posted by bdavis337 View Post
I have an apt on Thursday, I hope we're not starting VE's......
Unless something of concern comes up in the meantime, I have no reason to drop my drawers at my OB appt tomorrow and therefore do not intend to. I'd advise the same plan for you: Keep your panties on, Bethany!
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Clara, come cook for me, mama! YUM.

I'm looking forward to a little prodromal labor in the upcoming weeks so I can justify a bedtime glass of wine.
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Well I'm exhausted today, I cleaned the kitchen (although it doesn't look like it now!) and almost finished the dining room. Dh had the twins out fishing and playing outside most of the day thankfully cuz I'm a bit grouchy today! I've been having contractions on and off and a bit of mucousy bloody show but nothing that makes me think I'll have a baby tonight! Although every time I have to stop what I'm doing Rich gets a concerned look on his face. I'm drinking lots of water and just bought myself this huge bag of the juiciest yummiest cherries! MMMMMM! I'm even hiding them from the kids to have them all to myself, a 38 week pregnant woman needs a vice!
We had a great supper here too, Organic steak (dh and I have been saving the last few, left the last two for celebrating the new babe), spinach salad fresh from our garden and baked potatoes mmmm it was so yummy!
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I am totally on board with having no clothes that fit! I refuse to buy more- so that little belly that hangs out of some of them will just have to be OK.

Just got back from the doc. BP is the same as last week! 24 pee test came back under the protien threshold for pre-e!! So for now twice a week apointments, keeping my feet up, and hopefully baby can stay in until he is done cooking. Definitly the best news I have had in a couple of weeks.

I wish Clara was here to cook for me- that sounds so good.

The hotel we are at has happy hour m-th and tonight it is corn dogs. Any one know how bad they are for you? I REALLY want one.
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No contractions today but my belly is ubearably(I'm too tired to spell) tight again. DH is outside heating up the hot tub and my mom is cooking tons of food.

She had a dream last night that her grandmother(passed away 10 years ago) told her that the baby was coming before July 4th. That means that she's got tons of cooking to do before then for the birth, since dreams are always right. Ugh, she keeps telling me I'm too. I keep telling her with the amount of contracting I've been doing for the amount of time I have these past weeks, I'm allowed to be cynical.
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Nic, if it makes you feel any better, I had people telling me for the last four months of my second pregnancy that I was having a boy because of the way I was carrying. I had a very girly little girl!
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Clara~ OMG, that sounded SO GOOD!!! Come by me and cook... PLEASE!!!

I'm so annoyed also, and SO TIRED!!! I've got that exhausted pg thing happening!
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Originally Posted by Mel L View Post
I told dh today that I don't think I am cut out to take care of two. I take care of one, take care of the next, take care of the first, and so on all day long, and I don't have the energy to do anything great. I know if I was getting any sleep this would be better, but I am not.
Oh God, it just hit me again that I'm going to have three. : At least dh will be home (well still working, but...) for the first 3 months before going to the Police Academy (and then I'll be alone for 6 months!: )
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When I have Tim, Mark AND Tristan, I spend my ENTIRE morning changing, feeding, soothing, solving and cleaning up. It's just 4 1/2 hours, and by the time I get MT put to bed, some food on the table for T and Tristan out the door I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I do NOT want to think about doing this all day, every day, for the rest of my freakin' life. So yeah - 3. WOW.
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I know I shouldn't listen to anybody who tells me I'm having this gender or that but sometimes you can't help what gets through. Really what gives people the thought that they can guess anyway? Dh told me not to even give it a second thought and to quit fretting over it... what will be will be. I've been rather emotional today so I think that had a lot to do with my reaction... I'm so ready to be done.

I've also got the pregnant exhausted thing going on. Something stinks in my kitchen but I don't have the energy to go clean in there to figure out exactly what it is. I need to do the dishes because we haven't really been home in 3 days.
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I know there are a few of us AZ mommies...

How are we going to survive this heat!!?!?! I heard it's going to be 115 on the 4th of July Now dh is saying he doesn't want to go see fireworks because at 8:30 pm it's still going to be a billion degrees. And of course he's right but I want to go really badly this year. Last year he was deployed and it was lonely without him and this year I just want to sit next to him with ds in my lap and be happy my family is together, kwim?
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