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Since last night I seem to be having this... I don't know, I guess I'd describe it as period sort of crampy feeling. It doesn't go away like contractions do. I mean I've been having some contractions too- nothing major yet. Then this lower back ache/front crampy feeling pretty much continually. I would be surprised if I went into labor soon, just 'cause I was so late last time, but I guess it's good that my body is doing stuff. I like what you said Macrina about just starting out each day. I think I'll do some cleaning around here today so I feel ready once again.

Clara- wow, what a night for you. I really hope your labor starts soon so you can be done with this maybe, maybe not phase. I never had intense contractions before I was actually in labor with ds. Ouch for you.

Bethany- Glad Tom is being nice. I hope he keeps it up.

Jo- I'm thinking of you! Hope you're holding your baby. Or pushing her out!

AmBam- I hope we're reading about YOUR baby's birth soon! Good luck on going into labor. I know how frustrating that wait can be. From your posts you sound like you're pretty upbeat though, I hope that's the case
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Clara, we seem to be on the same track I kept waking up with huge contractions most of the night mostly when I moved or had to pee!
Last night I wanted to dtd but dh is like ummmm I don't want to go poking around in there and stir up the babe Not that it matters when the babe makes an arrival but i'm kinda focused on the weekend or next week since we have the twins and my mom has been away (just got back last night) and she is our backup to get the kids.
Bethany ~ yeah for choosing it's time to potty! and I really do hope your dh has his head outta his butt and continues to treat you nice. Ok like a queen would be better but nice is good!
JO~ Easy labor vibes coming your way! Not long now only a few more cm to go and babe is earthside!
BARB what a cutie, I love the ibaby sleeper!

Dh is insisting on ordering the babe a onsie from his favorite metal band! : It's like 20 bucks! I guess it will be cute having dad and babe in matching band shirts! :
Well we are off to pick strawberries!
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Jolene: Who is your DH's fave metal band?

All you prodromally mamas: Who is going to have a firecracker baby??? Sending out labor vibes!

Have a great day everyone!!
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happy Birthday Bee!!
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Hi all, it has been forever since I checked in on the weekly thread - I would lurk and read a lot but always felt like I was way behind...
I have been having some signs of impending labor like a lot of you...
been pooping a lot since last Wednesday - Lost some of my mucous plug monday, lost some more this morning - definitely having diarrhea now - and noticable contractions - but nothing "regular" -
It is driving me CRAZY : because I am NOT a patient person - and with my first baby - I started to lose my mucous plug and within the hour I was in active labor with ctx 3-4 min apart and had my baby 4 hours later! I am only a little over 38 weeks - but last baby came at 37 weeks and I am really excited to meet this new little one now and hope this doesn't continue for another 2 weeks!!!
My mom got here yesterday (as I thought baby was coming soon) and she is cleaning my house for me and keeping DD entertained - and it is SOOO nice! But I think if I have to wait 2 more weeks with my mom here - it will start to get annoying with her just staring at me and waiting for me to go into active labor...

Oh - and Jolene - for the metal onesie - my DH is a metal fan too and I bought a bunch of iron-on transfers online and made us (and some friends) a couple Slayer onesies - I would be happy to send you (or anyone else) one if you want!

good luck to all of us hoping that labor kicks in and we get to meet our little ones soon!
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It's so crazy how the pre and early labor symptoms can be so varied. With ds, I didn't really feel anything until the day before when I was really poopy and that kind of constant period-crampiness someone mentioned. Hope that is the case this time because at 40w3d I'm not feeling much yet. Braxton hicks picking up and feeling the baby is a bit lower is all I guess.

It's going to be a hot one here today, yuck. Ds is really testing my patience these days, being so needy and whiney, and the babe isn't even here yet!
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Had my home visit from the midwife yesterday. We've got all the supplies for the birth ready except for a heating pad, which a friend said she'd bring me on Friday. I've been doing a lot of laundry today. I can't deal with the idea of having the baby when the house is a wreck like this, so I'm going to be alternating cleaning and sitting here on MDC.

I have three more weeks to go, so I'm trying to make plans for the next couple weeks so I'm not just sitting around waiting for this baby to come out.
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So many babies on the way!! I hope all of you who are getting close can get some rest and be ready for your little ones. I love reading everyones signs, it is making me feel a lot calmer about our little one. I am having no signs of labor, I may have felt two or three BH over the last three weeks. My new MW did an internal at our first meeting and said that I was dialated a bit and soft, but I don't think this babe is comming out anytime soon.

Unless my BP goes up and I get induced- but I have kept off my keep and out of the heat for almost two weeks and it has remained constant!!!!

My parents got the little guy a onsie with DH favorite band on it- Led Zeplin. It's all black and shiney silver DH loves it- luckily it is too big to be babies comming home outfit.
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[quote=luckydog;8548641]Jolene: Who is your DH's fave metal band?


Metallica, has been his favorite since he was just a little gaffer! Since he was a preteen! Not my kinda music at all but I think he will get his onsie!
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I woke up with a sore throat today. I also felt tired and cranky all day. So much for going to our community 4th of July celebration. I'm hoping DH will take the kids anyway, without me, and stay out a good long time even though it's 100 degrees out there. I might go see fireworks later, but I don't know. I'm also feeling very big and uncomfortable today. Maybe I'll be lazy and watch some DVD movies. Mostly I just want to be alone, in quiet serenity.

Babies are coming fast in this DDC! I keep saying I'm not ready, but over the last 2 days I've made some kind of transition and I'm starting to feel ready to have this kid. Strange how a couple of days ago I was fine with waiting and now I'm just ready. I'm only 38.5 weeks though. I've even got a couple of new, small stretch marks this go-round. Darn it. With my luck I'll go to 42+ weeks.
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Clara, are you still pregnant? I keep thinking that every time I log on I'm going to read a birth story from you!

Tim's at the fireworks with his father (a VERY reluctant father/son outing, I might add, on the part of his father, b/c it's quite humid today and Tom's not a "weather" kind of person) and I'm home ALONE tonight. No different than any other night really, b/c he usually works until 10 or 11pm, but it's still nice to have a shower and sit here in the peace and quiet after a very hectic day. We did the parade (WOW, was it ever hot), had a HUGE bbq over at dad's and the boy's played outside in the sprinkler all evening. MT is soooo tired he's in his room trying to fall asleep and I'm contemplating a big hot basin of water and epsom salt for my feet.............
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Well even after I convinced dh to go see the fireworks even though it's currently 108 degrees at 7 pm it looks like we won't be going :

We live on base and they ALWAYS have buses that come to the 2 schools that are nestled among housing and we just happen to live right across the street from one. They also have always done it at this nice big grassy park on base that is not too far from our house (less than 1/4 mile I am sure and we usually walk but this year were going to take the bus for obvious reasons and b/c ds is obsessed with buses). Anyways this year they've decided to do it at this other "park" that has no grass : So we had to go out and buy chairs since we don't have any, we got them on sale but still spent $17 we don't have. Now we've notice they don't have the buses!! It's over a mile walk to the park and like I said it's 108 degrees. There is no way I can walk all that way, especially with dh having to carry 3 chairs, and I'm not sure how we would get Jake there since we don't even own a stroller anymore.

I guess we can watch from the house but it's just not the same. I was REALLY looking forward to going. I keep trying to convince dh that I can walk that far but I know realistically it's just too hot. This is our last year here in Tucson, who knows where we'll be next year for the 4th, and I just wanted to enjoy it, you know?

I'm gonna go try to convince dh one more time that I can walk it lol.
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Ok so I was able to convince dh that I would be fine and to go dig out the old wagon and clean it off for Jake to ride in.

OMG I am in sooo much pain now!! LOL. The walk there was ok, a little hot obviously, but ok. It was the walk back that killed me! I swear a snail could have beat me home. I had to keep stopping to rest. That being said it was a really nice show and I'm glad we went and saw it. Jake was scared at first but then he really liked it.

Dh promised he would rub my back/hips for me but he's snoring now so I guess that's not gonna happen
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You poor moms in the west- stay cool, no matter what! It looks scorching there.

Holy moly, how are you people posting so much!?!

I wish I had one, Bethany! I'm in a crazy holding pattern right now. No further contractions of the intensity and timing of yesterday morning, but still some contractions that make me pause, and a ton of pressure on my bottom and cervix. Lost more plug in Home Depot of all places yesterday! I actually tried to see what the cervix was doing last night, and nothing feels remotely familiar in there- it's like a pile of mush. No idea where or what anything was- and I thought I was such a pro when I was TTC!

I think my body is holding out because my BIL is driving through MI today, and is staying overnight with us. We'll have to see what happens.

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OK, my mom left at 8am for Punta Cana (sister's wedding) and will be back sometime on the 10th. PLEASE BABY STAY IN UNTIL JULY 11TH!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!
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Just thought I'd post a quickie update on here. Just had my 37 week MW appointment and she called me "Miss Perfect!" BP was nice and super-low at 90/58, measuring 37 exactly, and baby is in a great spot with the heartbeat right on.

Now if he'll just stay in there for another two or more weeks....
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Rachel- I bet you were worn out after that walk!
We walked downtown to our city's 4th of July parade yesterday, then a little more to get luch then all the way back home- and by that time it was hot, and I got home and just had to take a nap. And forget watching fireworks. They canceled ours And we could have gone to Williams, but that's a 1/2 hour drive and the show didn't even start 'til 9pm. But the parade was fun. DS loved the Weee-Ooos (any car with flashing lights on it )
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Nic! Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was a fun day- very low key with much pampering from DH and my girlies. The pool temp was almost 90F and after the girls left with their dad, DH and I just soaked and floated. My god, it was wonderful. We even saw a few fireworks displays from inside the house. And then we crashed.
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I think I wore myself out yesterday too! We went strawberry picking in the morning with a friend and her kiddos. Then we had a picnic lunch and the kids swam in the pool all afternoon while we just sat in lawn chairs and watched. Then off to my mom's to pick up the older dd's and have supper. And topped the night off with a swim to cool off.
THEN 3 a.m. contractions hit with force! When I woke dh up at 6 a.m. and said I had been having contractions for three hours he shot up in bed and asked if he should call into work. But once I had a big glass of water and slept a little they seem to have petered off. Thankfully since my circle is doing something for me tonight, pretty sure it's my blessingway but it's a surprise! So all morning I've been saying oh baby can't you just wait. For a few days now I've been visualizing a late Friday or a Saturday baby. Then the little ones could see the new baby then go back to their mom's for two weeks and I could have a really quiet babymoon. But with contractions like they were last night it really could happen anytime now!
Boy I forgot what those contractions are really like! I had a few moments of panic last night and now I"m a bit weepy! I guess I need to take it easy and try to nap a little today!
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For a few days now I've been visualizing a late Friday or a Saturday baby. Then the little ones could see the new baby then go back to their mom's for two weeks and I could have a really quiet babymoon.
LOL - I have little fantasies like these, too, that Jakey decides to come when the timing would be most optimal and mean the least amount of juggling and hassle for me.

Ha! You just know it's going to happen with the worst possible timing. I'm thinking around the first day of school (July 30) would be very inconvenient and huge hassle. I'll be 41 weeks around then, too. Just about right, I figure. :P
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