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I'm feeling much better these days, but I'm starting to feel a little impatient to feel sort of normal again. But it's so much better than it was that I am really just glad for that!

Funny thing, to read about wisdom teeth... my top wisdom tooth just disintegrated. The whole back of it just disappeared and it's exposed and jagged. It's not bothering me at all... yet. But I know from experience that I have to get it take care of ASAP. In my last pregnancy, my other top wisdom tooth fell apart in the first trimester, in exactly the same way, and didn't give me any trouble for months. Until was around 7 months pregnant and I suddenly was hit in the side of the head by a railroad tie and ended up on the floor! I wish I had gotten this one taken out before I got pregnant again, but it's so easy to put off when it's not hurting at all and I'm terrified of dentists. So now I'm going to have to go, have an X-ray while pregnant, and get the stupid thing out. Hopefully before that pain hits. I have never experienced anything like it. Most definitely, without exception, the most painful thing that's ever happened to me.

I'm not super emotional, but I am more irritable than I'd like. I'm much less able to be present to my children when they're having problems, but I've managed to keep it on a pretty even keel this time. My last pregnancy at this point I had already had a bawling conversation with my husband about what a terrible mother I was, that I was one step away from being abusive and barely hanging on to any pretense of being a nice mom, that I was a wreck and didn't deserve my kids. Two days later I was like, What? Because I ran out of ideas for handling a new situation and ended up using a time out, because I snapped rudely, because I felt angry and frustrated and selfish for a little while... I'm secretly deep down an abusive mom? LOL This pregnancy has been emotionally even so far, except for the irritability. And that might be related a lot to the insomnia. I'll get an idea in my head and not be able to get back to sleep for anything. Things like, "I wonder if I said everything I needed to in that email?" will totally consume me.

The good news is I am still nursing with no problems... a little less patience with pulling off and on, but that comes as much with fatigue as anything else. No actual aversion yet. YAY! Every week with no nursing aversion is a blessing that I do not take for granted!!
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SharonAnne, at your "boss" being the first to know

No heartburn for me yet and I am SO happy about that. Last two I had horrible heartburn all the way through, I think I ate more Tums than anything else. Sorry you're having to go through that! If you are going to use Tums (my mw said they were ok b/c they don't have the medication type thing that the long lasting ones have, can't remember specifics though), stock up on a BIG bottle. It's a waste of money to get the small one if you're going to be chugging them

I'm not really emotional either. Not in the breakdown crying way anyway. I'm more pissed at everyone and everything. I get offended QUICKLY and apparantly I've started "ranting" (or so I've been told ) I have cried a few times but they were more tears of anger than anything.
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So, do Tums really help? I've been having some horrible heartburn, and changing my diet has done nothing to improve it. I might have to get desperate. It's really uncomfortable and downright painful at times!
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