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Hey Dingos, it's July!

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Welcome to the running mamas thread. If you do forward motion, you fit in here. We're a chatty bunch, but just jump right in.

Here's the race list. I've not been doing the greatest job of keeping up with this. If anybody would like to take it over, please let me know.

Taosmama - Santiago Festival 5K - July 28
kate~mom - Lehigh Valley Road Runners Summer Series 5K - August 1
JenLove (bike, run) - Copperman Triathlon - August 4
MegsBK - Dover Bay Sprint Triathlon - August 6
MegsBK - WunderWoman Sprint Triathlon - August 19
kate~mom - Lehigh River Relay Marathon Run - September 9
Patti Ann - Philly Distance Run Half Marathon - September 16
Schatz & cRebRun, feat. 1jooj as training partner - Fox Cities Half Marathon - September 23
aguacates - Maine Coast Half Marathon - September 23
Pumpkinseed - Army Ten Miler - October 7
Runningmommy, Balancin1, ND and Mr. ND - Chicago Marathon - October 7
kate~mom - Women's 5K Classic - October 13
Taosmama - Duke City Half Marathon - October 21
kate~mom - JFK 50 Mile - November 17
mamabeth, HBM - Atlanta Half-Marathon - November 22
kate~mom - Midnight Emerald Nuts Midnight Run (4M) - December 31

The Preggo Dingo List
Plady - Sept 20
HollysMom - Jan 08

Dingo Recipe Blog - send me a PM with your email address if you'd like to be added so that you can post.
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Did the elliptical for 30 mins. at the gym tonight. I'm icing my knee again as a precaution, but it felt good. After I finished on the elliptical, I got on the TM and walked a cooldown, then decided to run for 1 minute just to see what felt like. No pain. Still, I'm going to wait until the end of the week before I try actual wogging.

I stink... must do something about that! Nighty night!
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Oh! I can't believe it's already the 2nd! Thanks Eks!
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Did 4.4 miles on the TM last night with 4x hill repeats and then an all out sprint for .5 mile. Was a pretty good workout. But all this treadmill time is bugging my IT band. I need to find a way to get outside more often. Logistics, logistics...
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Happy July!
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Good morning.

I've been up since 4 am fretting over various things. :yawn

We've got a bbq tonight and likely another tomorrow night. I'm trying to figure out when to get my running done.
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Good Morning, Runners!

eksmom-could you add me to this race?
also-when I read that you were attempting "wogging" at the end of the week-I first thought-is there something she isn't telling us?: I always think of that in terms of !
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Morning dingos!

On fruit - The little two love it. The big one is picky, but will eat fruit pretty happily. DH shuns fruit unless it is surrounded by a lot of butter and a pastry. Also, don't even think the word banana or he'll tell you he's nauseated. With that said, he came home from Cosco with a big thing of strawberries. I was a little confused until he explained that Emily wanted them.

Tomorrow is race day! I'm nervous again. This time, my parents and my neighbors are going to be watching me!
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got an hour long trail run done yesterday afternoon. funny enough, it felt like i'd just spent the last ten days in a convention center in Orlando.

mtn bike ride planned for tonight, but first must motivate to get out the door and go to work.
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[QUOTE=Geofizz;8537702]I've been up since 4 am fretting over various things. :yawn[QUOTE]

Ugh, add me to the fretting club. Had a very traumatic day all around yesterday. Some of it related to work stuff I can't post, but here's a few highlights: told 2 lovely pregnant mamas yesterday that their babies had died - one in the first trimester, one at 18 weeks. Both absolutely devastated, and it was such a sad day. Today, will have to try and help them both through d&c type procedures - want to cry just thinking about it.

Then, I came home last night from work to find out another shock. My oldest ds has a different biological father. He was born when I was 17. I haven't seen bio-dad in over 18 years, as we broke up, he quit providing any kind of help, and then he moved out of state. Recently, it turns out, that his step-daughter found my ds on myspace and made contact with him. Ds last night called me over to the computer and said "Hey, do you know anyone in this picture?" and it was a family photo of bio-dad, his new wife, and her grown daughter (the step sister) and her daughter. I recognized him immediately and it was sort of a shock. I always sort of imagined my ds might want to locate bio-dad some day, but I never thought about another family member finding him. Really, it's okay, except I worry about what motivations this girl has, as I never attempted to hide anything from ds - but I just wasn't mentally prepared for it, kwim?

I told ds I'd had enough emotional upheaval for one day, and I really needed to know if he had anything else going on - you know, no pregnant, er, contacts, no secret engagements, no hidden drug problem, no owing large amounts of money. He kind of laughed and said, "well, I am dating Diana now!" (She's a girl he went to high school with and now they go to the same college. They've been friends for years, and he went out with her yesterday when she came home for the weekend and apparently they decided to take it to another level.) It's funny, because in high school, I actually wished he would date this girl - she's smart, very motivated, and has very strict parents! This last is not really a shock, nor traumatic, just a kind of funny way to cap off the day.

Add to it the other bad situation yesterday that I shouldn't post about, and all around it was a really rotten day . . . I didn't run - probably would have made me feel better. I think I'm going to run a 5K tomorrow morning as a friend is the race director, but right now, my heart is not in it. I'm so looking forward to driving out of town in 2 weeks and leaving it all behind and meeting up with some dingos!
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Oh wow, Jen. That really is some day. Is your ds going to contact his bio-dad? That's a big deal. I'm so sorry for those mamas that lost their babies. I'll be thinking of them and you today.
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hi everyone !

jen - that is a heckuva day. good luck with the bio-dad stuff, hopefully it will work out well [your ds sounds like such a great kid!]

good luckto theracers tomorrow!!! can't wait to read some reports!
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RR ~ I ran last night. I was so motivated since I put new tunes on my mp3 player, and then the battery died about a block out. It was just one of those days. The run felt great though.

House update ~ James and I will be putting an offer in on another house as soon as he gets back (tomorrow or Thursday). I really think this is *it.*

eks ~ Can you add me to the race list? August 4th Copperman Triathlon as a team. I don't swim. :P

jen ~ That sure is a lot for you to deal with in one day.
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Wow, drjen. We're thinking of you.

I had a weird work day yesterday. It's review time, and some of the para-political game-playing people do in the office is coming clear to me. I'm developing trust issues and trying to maintain confidence, while also not overstepping boundaries and actually calling anyone out, so things can play out naturally. My boss actually made the comment that I shouldn't be afraid to play the game myself...I feel so naive. Yuck. Anyway, I'm trying to psych myself up to bring up going FT, but I have no idea what they're thinking. And I am in a position right now that requires me, if I want to do my best at a project, to undermine some authority, and I hate confrontation. So I am stewing.

I'm still sore, and I slept in this AM. My old neighbor called and is bringing the grandkids over for a visit (they used to hang with our kids when they come up from chicago to visit, so they'll bring them out for a farm visit this time), and I got called by our new neighbor-friends yesterday as I was leaving--the sheep were out!!! So I forgot my work laptop at the office. Oops. I'll have to drop in this afternoon to pick it up. Dang.

And somehow, I'd like to squeeze 5 in today. It's cool, wet and overcast.
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oh jen, what a crazy day!

good luck to all the racers tomorrow. nada for me this year, although i really like the one 4th of july race - v. flat, fast course. oh well! we'll be in the mtns. with some of my college friends and their babies - all together we'll have kids aged 6, 3, 2, 1 1/2, and almost 1. fun.
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DrJen, wow, what a day. Yay for only 2 more weeks till camping! Is older DS coming on that trip, or is it just your younger 3? Anyway, I will be thinking of you today with the two mamas. You've sort of been hit from all directions lately. I hope things settle down for you soon. Don't forget about the Yahoo group if you need a place to post more private stuff (of course HIPAA is HIPAA...).

Jo, I hope your review at work goes well. The office politics are definitely a strange thing. I don't do well with games, either.

JenLove, hope the house works out. Let us know!

Oh, HBM, you asked about my aunt at the end of the June thread (thanks!). Last Thurs. she began the chemo in the clinical trial at Emory. She has had to be down there a lot for regular blood draws since then because one of the things they are studying is how the body processes the drug. Anyway, the treatment has gone well, her only symptom so far is a very sore mouth, but that was kind of expected.

Good luck to the racers tomorrow!!

My dad and I are playing tennis tonight - it would be quite generous to call it a match or even a game - we will probably just hit the ball. We might need the rest of the family to collect balls from the other side of the fence.
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Jen. Talk about being pulled in a bunch of different directions!
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Thanks all, for joining my pity party yesterday. I am feeling more positive today after my run.
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DrJen, what a rotton deal. I really hope that the goings on with your ds turn out to be a blessing.

Geofiz, Stress is stress! I hope you get that run in.

1jooj, what kind of politics? Sounds icky to me. I can't stand that kind of stuff.

Bec, good luck!

I'm about to head out for another three miles. Naomi was going to join me, but she woke up with a very sore throat and isn't up to it. It's too bad because the two little ones are both at a sleepover so I don't need her to look after them while I run, and she's been wanting to run. She's so far only run on the icky old track or the TM. Oh well. It'll happen someday. I'm surprised at how disappointed I am. I was even going to have to walk part of it today, which I wasn't looking forward to. So, on the bright side I get to actually RUN the 3 miles.
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