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Hey y'all, just checking in from Rockville, MD. I'm attending a statistical programming class for the next 3 days. It's actually been a kind of nice day - got to shop at a big fancy mall that has stores I can usually only order from online. But it's so quiet. I miss my little family.

Pumpkinseed, are you around this week, or did you take off on vacation?

Now for some Harry Potter time before sleep; planning to get up and run 2 miles in the morning.
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Originally Posted by Naughty Dingo View Post
hi ND!

Originally Posted by HollysMom View Post
Just wanted to say hi! I have been hiding again due to my ongoing all day sickness. I will be 15 weeks on Friday and I spent all day and night yesterday puking. Couldn't even keep water down. Yuck.

Originally Posted by wemoon View Post
:So my high for today is completing the bike ride.

My low is that I found out that the state of CA had closed my child support case. I had thought I was FINALLY going to get child support money this next month, but now I'm not. I don't get why they closed it. Makes no sense. But my case worker has submitted the forms to the employer and is going to try to go direct rather than through the state. I feel like I'll never get child support.
glad the ride went well! ugh on the support.

Originally Posted by Balancin1 View Post
Sorry to do a drive-by, but does anyone have experience with heat exhaustion? i.e. how long before I can run again? online says recovery in 24-48 hours but I don't think they mean go run another 12 miles.
i have no idea! i had heat exhaustion once after running in insanely hot weather in college, but i don't remember what i did afterwards. i'd second not making any major decisions until after you're feeling back to normal. when is the marathon?

RR - did the killer hill workout tonight - went well felt strong, despite the heat. 5K tomorrow night. beer run on saturday

high - being told i missed my calling by playing basketball in h.s. and rowing in college, that i should have run then.

low - nothing really, fairly good day - i was a little frustrated trying to schedule kids for testing over the summer, but nothing to gripe about.
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RR Addendum: Ran 3 miles after dark. Little ds came with me on the bike for 2.4 miles of it, then he ditched his bike, grabbed a drink and ran the last 0.2 with me, then we walked a cool down together. Although I love having some me time when I run, I most especially love when my running fits in well with family time. I swear sometimes as the mother of 4 most of my life revolves around trying to get some good quality time with one kid or another one on one. So we biked, ran, walked together, and especially enjoyed the beautiful night sky and harvest moon. It was good.

eksmom - Miss you, mama. And HP7 - whew, intense. You have to let me know what you think when you finish! (by email or pm so's not to do any spoiling, though!)

mamabeth - actually, I'm thinking you're out of town, right? My dingo shirt arrived today! I didn't run in it tonight because I want to wear it tomorrow to lunch with my aunt and mom and show it off!

Speaking of my aunt and my mom, please send me major, major relative-tolerance vibes for tomorrow. My mom especially just pushes all my buttons and since we'll only see her this one time while she's in town, I want to have a nice visit!
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ohmmmmmmm... don't strangle your mom, DrJen.... ohhhhmmmmmmm

Speaking of Moms, my mom popped in for a Nevie fix tonight after her appointment near our house -- she is doing that Positive Changes hypnosis thing for weight loss. I am, as is my nature, silently skeptical... but hey, the placebo effect 'cures' 30% of patients, so it can't hurt anything. Except her wallet. But it was nice to have her pop in, and Nevie adores her, so that's always fun to watch.

Took a long nap with Nevie this afternoon, so I'm feeling a bit better. I'm so glad I have such a supportive partner in this whole sleep junk thing. If Dan were down on me right now, it would not be a pretty situation.

Well, despite nap, I'm still darn tired.

CRAP! Forgot to set the kitchen timer for some chicken I'm baking up to have in sandwiches this week.... must go check!

Plady -- I am thinking about you so much, beloved lady.

Shanti -- I'd love to move in next door! I think the expat life would be great ;-) Not going to happen, but it's nice in theory.

katherine -- statistical programming... sexy I think my DH would like that class.

well, there were other personals in my mind, but they have all disappeared.
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Hi Schatz!! I'm glad you checked in.

GMM, Woohoo!! Glad AF finally arrived!

Shantimama, I would love to live in your neighborhood!

Balancin, Yikes! That happened to Naomi while we were on vacation. Except that she actually passed out. We had to wait in the sun for the dolphin encounter folks and they were late. She was reading HP and walking around with her nose in the book after having it in the book for the hour drive to this place. So, not only was she dehydrated, but she was probably a little motion sick, too. As soon as they let us into the park and we started walking toward the dolphin pool she said she felt sick and had to sit down. I got her up and walking again (shouldn't have done that) because we had to hurry to get there or she wouldn't have been allowed to participate. But then she just stopped dead in her tracks and said, "I feel dizzy." And the next thing I knew I was lowering her to the ground. Immediately her skin was completely soaked with sweat. She was only out for a few seconds. We gave her some water and some almonds and within a couple minutes she was okay to walk. By the time the dolphin encounter started she looked pretty good. A friend of mine who is a nurse said that once this happens, people are more inclined to have it happen again, so we should make extra sure that she is well-hydrated. So, next time you go out to run, be extra careful, okay? I agree with dr.Jen about making the decision later. You still have time to decide. Heck, you're already past ready for the half!

Bec, ugh about the money. Been there, too. With the "justice is too expensive" deal. Took a few years to get it behind us. I hope it works out okay for you!! Love your new ddddc!

eksmom, good to see you! Fun to know that others are reading HP, too. Naomi got our copy first, as soon as we drove back into town last Friday (we had it pre-ordered from our local bookstore). Fletcher and I are both going to re-read HP6 before we read 7, and Fletcher has 6 right now. I almost can't wait! But, since it's the last book and the frenzy will be over for me for good as soon as I finish it, I suppose there is no harm in prolonging the anticipation a bit longer.

Dr.Jen, sending big vibes to you for tolerance and peace during your visit tomorrow!!

Plady, I'm also thinking of you a lot lately. You are doing so amazingly well, considering. Are you having any symptoms?

High: Watching my daughter and 10 of her friends swim and dive in the lake for several hours this evening. She and one of her friends planned a going away party for another friend who is moving. The first half of the party was at the lake and now they are all in my kitchen making root beer floats. She is such a good kid and her friends are such great kids, too! I feel so lucky right now!

Low: Shallow, I know. I'm miserable over the huvacious amount of sour cream and onion chips I consumed at the party. Among other things. Including a root beer float. Ugh. I think (and I know this is ridiculous and impossible) I can see the fat already accumulating on my body! I had a good 6 month period where I felt pretty darned good about my weight. I'm so scared right now.
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high - watching my hunka hunka love crawling across the floor talking to every toy he encounters...sigh.

low - same said boy waking every 45 minutes to an hour last night. Wow...he had gotten to where he was waking 2 to 3 times at predictable times. I hope this isn't going to be a pattern.

No run today. I ran about 3-3 1/2 yesterday in the hottest part of the day. Not my smartest moment.

Plady - I think of you often too. I wish I had words of wisdom, but I just want you to have that baby safe in your arms. I can't wait. Is your tag in your signature correct? I guess I thought you were further along.

Balancin - remember the fabric you sent? I made a little girl the prettiest little cape with some of the purple floofy fabric. It is too pretty.

DrJen - channel the dingo vibes....this too shall pass, this too shall pass...my mom will not be here forever...repeat as needed

Uh..that's all I can remember...must go get coffee

Oh yeah, question for any knowledgeable dingos...I have to have a root canal thursday (yay me ), is the novacaine stuff okay for nursing?
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abs are done for the day. my ipod 'timer' crashed, so no planks today. so i did extra of other stuff. not sure what the day will hold exercise wise. there's potential for a run or a mtn bike tonight.

trying to decide if i want to do a 13 or 7 mile trail run at the end of this month...on one hand it could be fun and would help in keeping me in shape. but on the other hand it would be nice to not have to focus so much on running for a little bit.

off to go pick my lettuce for lunch. speaking of which:

Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post

anyway, question....what causes bloating and gas by the end of every day?? my belly starts out flat, and is puffy at the end of every day and gas something awful. sigh. sorry if this is gross.
i had a problem with gas and bloating when i was working a job i hated. it would get stuck and be excruciatingly painful unless i could lay down which would enable the gaz to move along. i had to eliminate lunchtime salads, but it's also aggrevated by stress and anxiety.
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wemoon~nooooooooooooo! not the elimination diet and my beloved energy bars!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! running away now! oh, boy, okay, I'll ask my new Nurse practicioner about it at my first visit at the end of the month. She uses natural remedies as well as medicines. All kidding aside, thanks for the info. You may be on to something.

grnmntmama~hmmm, lunch salads huh? I have a huge one daily and love it. Lots of veggies and some fruits in it. stress and anxiety...? hmmm...you got me thinking here. thanks for the input! also, been fitting in some ab work this week while on the floor with my kiddos, thanks for the motivation!

balancin1~soooo sorry to hear of your heat exhaustion. please take care of yourself!! I agree not to make an major decisions right now. We just got paid, so I'm making train reservations this week (or begining of next week when GM is gone so things settle down a bit). I'll email you the details. mama

Cherylann~been thinking a lot about you. Your running going okay?

Ek~hope you have a great trip, didn't know you where going anywhere. Have fun on your run!

I dont' have time for all the personals I want, but know I love you all!!

Got to tend to GM and kiddos. She has been great this week, I guess the new medicine is helping her mood and alzhiemers.

RR: no running yesterday (6miles) or today (14 miles) due to being ill. I'll see if just skipping them or trying to rearrange the week would be best to do now.
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Runningmommy ~ I have that problem when I eat too much soy. When I was pregnant and trying to cram in 80+ g of protein a day, I ate a lot of Kashi GoLean, which has a ton of soy, and OH, the pain and bloating! Totally went away when I cut the Kashi. My MW said a few of her clients had the same issues with soy.

DrJen ~ hope your family day goes well. I know how stressful it can be. Two weeks with my parents was just about enough to put me in the asylum, although they were incredibly helpful during our move.

BBM ~ novicaine is fine. I had a filling done last year and the dentist said it was fine with nursing. Sorry about the root canal though.

I pledge to all of you that I WILL run today, no matter how unmotivated I may feel. I need to. I went to the doctor yesterday and I've gained 5 pounds since we moved. GAH!

High ~ mmmmmm..... coffee...... Oh, and DD1 finally seems to be potty trained!

Low ~ the aforementioned 5 pounds
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Balancin1, I noted you said you PRd for the distance on the run that made you sick...I also think I remember reading that when it's very hot, you should try to drop the speed. : For me personally, that's HARD to do. You have so many reasons to run fast--you want to get it done, you want to do well, you might just have a hard time putting the brakes on. I have several people in my family who have had episodes like that, and yes--it seems to happen easier ever after. BUT, bright side is, right now you're running through the toughest of weather, and in another month, it could be quite a lot cooler. Consider the race's start time, and how warm it will be by the finish. You'll work harder to hydrate. You won't get a stomach bug beforehand. You'll be properly rested. Put all those details in place and decide. I was excited to find those sugar-free electrolyte packets at the store, and I bought some to keep on hand for when I do get a chance to run and maybe I need more than water. Dingos will cheer for you no matter which race you choose.

drjen...may the visit feel short and positive today.

I get back trouble when I am experiencing stress. So guess what hurts today? I decided to go ahead yesterday and take the kids to the pool, and when I got back, there were all these messages from work...ugh. I hope the change to FT obliterates some of these communication and availability/response issues. I mean, as it stands, on my "days off," I basically have to stalk email, which means I am chained to my computer anyway. If I can't spend "off" days having fun anyway, should I not just be FT and get the vacation days so that I CAN afford to occasionally take the kids somewhere? Sorry. Rant over.
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