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I think this is it!!

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I think we're finally here! My contractions are about 6 minutes apart, and I'm feeling a lot of pressure, but not a lot of pain. Hopefully I'll have a good update soon!
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Yeah! I'm up too. Bad menstrual type cramps every 10 mins for the past few hours. Maybe we'll both be having July 3rd babies!!
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Good luck to you both
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Happy birth vibes mamas!!!!!!!!!!!!! how exciting!
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Sending good labor vibes your way!!!
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Yay! I hope you are laboring away right now and holding your little one soon. Keep us updated if you can.
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yippee!! yeah!!! easy, productive labor vibes for both of you!!! i can't wait to read your updates!!
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Yay! Fingers crossed!
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gentle birthing mama! huzzah! You'll be holding that little one soon.

Enjoy the adventure and think...the whole country will celebrate with fireworks!
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Well, after 6 hours or so of contractions 3 and 4 minutes apart, my birth team arrived and my cont'x began to slowly fizzle out as each additional person showed up. If I went outside away from them, the cont'x would pick back up, but as soon as I went back in, things started getting iffy. I labored all night with cont'x between 2 minutes and and 6 minutes and by 6 AM my body was worn out. Because my cont'x weren't super painful, I felt I would be able to sleep, so I sent everyone home and went to bed. When I woke up around 3 hours later, things had picked back up, but shortly thereafter, my sister and niece arrived (they had come from about 3 hours away for the birth) and again, things started slowing down, getting less intense. I labored fairly well throughout the day, then my mw came back and did some EOs, Bach flowers and reflexology. She decided to hang around, and we did talk about how we both felt that if I hadn't had anyone come over the night before I probably would have had the baby the previous night. THEN, my parents (not invited for the birth - and honestly, they weren't expecting to be there for it either - it was just a unfortunate happenstance) showed up to pick something up, and from that point on, everything pretty much died anytime people were around. By the time I woke up this morning, I was only contracting about once every thirty minutes or so. My sister had to leave this morning, and I sent my mw back to scout camp (this was one of the reasons she stayed overnight - she'd up in the mountains at camp and wanted to make sure she was here ). I am hoping things pick up again, but am glad I have at least been able to sleep because otherwise I would be totally unable to labor effectively. I am really up in the air about calling anyone at this point. The only reason we aren't UCing for this birth is because I have some emotional issues I am trying to work on that I know would inhibit that at this point, and DH has some lingering discomfort about the issue. But this has definitely been a case of "performance anxiety" ruining a perfectly good labor; even though my mw is totally hands off, I felt like everyone was watching me to see what I would do. DH also pushed me to call the midwife early because dd's entire labor, from first contraction to delivery of placenta was only 2 1/2 hours and he was paranoid she wouldn't make it due to the whole camping in the mountains issue, (and so was I.) So, I guess we will just be seeing at this point. Thanks for all of the well wishes, and hopefully we'll have something better to report soon!
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Sorry that things are stalled for you. I was sure you were having your baby since we didn't see any posts. Everyone else that was getting that feeling seems to be stalled to.

When things pick up again, be sure to keep everyone away. You don't need anything interferring with the birth process.

it's weird b/c my doula is at camp this week too & is largely unreachable. Today she was on a hike & totally unreachable, so I guess it's good, in a way, that I'm not really in labor yet. After tonight, she'll be available for me.

Good luck!
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