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So is this it? Yes, Maybe, Who Knows??

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Well, I've been up for the past few hours with menstrual type cramps that come in waves every 10 mins (going on for at least 2-3 hrs) & lasting about a minute or so. This is #1 for me, so I have nothing to compare it to.

Guess the thought of Castor Oil scared me enough to get things moving??
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Good luck
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Keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending good labor vibes!!
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I hope this is it for you. It sounds like it could be. Are they getting stronger, longer, and closer? It might be early labor. Sending some labor vibes your way. Keep us updated if you can!
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sounds promising!!! like jilian says watch for them to get longer, stronger nad closer together. though with dd3 mine never got much longer or closer, just stronger. easy, productive labor vibes for you!!!!
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Yes, this is it. I had taken some Tylenol PM & slept for a while but woke up due to a cramp. Things are progressing, but I think I still have a while.
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Good luck to you. Stay relaxed! I'm sure you will do great.

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My "cramps" kind of subsided for a while but now they're back & the waves are closer together. I've never been in labor before & this isn't what I expected. I thought it would be sharp distinct "pains" that would come & go completely. I've spoken to my doula 2x, but I decided to call the MW on call just to talk with her.

I know I'm in labor but it's just not what I expected.

It's so exciting that all these past due Mamas are finally at their destination!
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I'm so excited for you! Enjoy your labor, you'll be holding that little one soon!
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yay...happy birthing! Enjoy the ride and you'll be holding your little one soon!
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Argh! I'm so tired, plus I feel totally stalled & totally frustrated. I still have some cramping, but no active labor. I have to be getting close with all the cramping, mucous, gas, right??? I thought I'd really be progressing by now. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise, like I can get some sleep tonight & things will pick up tomorrow?? Wishful thinking??

I can't believe I have even one shred of patience left. Is this baby ever coming out???????? :
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Yes, everything seems to have fizzled out for me too. I still have mild cramping but nothing else.

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hang in there...every little bit helps. And the first time round the body often starts and stops as it tries to figure everything out...as a 42+ week mama myself I know it stinks, but hang in there. Things ARE happening!
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yup, i labored on and off (mostly on) for three days with my first. not saying you'll do that, but if it continues to start and stop just try to rest as much as you can. i was so excited to finally be in labor with my first that i couldn't sleep and man was i tired by the end of it.

thinking of you. come on out and play little one!!!
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Well, I'm back to the Castor Oil plan. I got some vanilla soft serve ice cream, mixed it with OJ & the Castor Oil (2 servings) & plan to start it at 5am tomorrow along with some herbs. The ice cream & OJ hides the taste really well, luckily.

I also just ate some pineapple & will eat more later. I'm just hoping that something happens tonight, I would like to avoid the Castor Oil experience.

We have to coordinate all of this tomorrow with a MW visit & a trip to the Vet. Looks like our oldest cat is dying, she's had a kidney problem for a long time. She won't eat, is lethargic & won't purr. DH has had her for about 17 yrs & is a wreck. I feel so bad for him. I'm pretty sad too. When it rains it pours. : Hopefully we can see kitty out of this world & then bring Ian in. I wouldn't want to be away while she's winding down.
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I'm so sorry everything fizzled out! It is super aggravating, isn't it? What's really irritating is that I keep seeing all of these posts in the July forum about July moms having babies
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Even with the taste masked, I threw up all the Castor Oil concoction. My stomach does not take kindly to food in the early morning. Oh well. BAck to the MW today for a NST & perhaps another membrane sweep. Looks like I'll be getting Cervidil on Sunday at this rate.
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I know it's not the direction you wanted the castor oil to go...but throwing up can move things along too. So it may have helped!

The idea behind castor oil is it irritates your intestines and causes lose stools/intestinal cramping. The hope is the cramping/movements will kick start uterine cramping/contractions too and the body will keep it going. Throwing up isn't as effective, but it does cause cramping/muscle contractions and you never know.

Wishing you a return of those birth waves...
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