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okay so well

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i woke up a few times between 5-6 something with some pretty good (not like..yay, but ya know LOL) pains...
i went to sleep between them, around 622, i strted to pay attention...past those first few, itsbeen ever 5 mins, almost exactly except for 3 that were closer.

im mostly feeling it in my cervix, though, not all over belly pains, though it is getting hard all over.

im pretty sure this isnt time to call, though they said if 5 mins for over an hour...ive had 23 in an hour and 40 mins or so.

i have an appt this afternoon, tht im supposed to leave around 12 to drive to my mom, which is about an hour and 15-1hr 30 mins...then go from there to my mw office (birth center)which is about another hour (i just got my license..she doesnt want me driving on the highway over an hour right now, since i was so close and now am over 40 weeks...and i drive her truck)

so anyway should i take my stuff, babys stuff and carseat...or wait a couple more hours and see then, or what? ive never had anything on its own before, even if im not in real labor...ive still never had this before, no nothing, almost 43 weeks with my son, never felt contractions near when he should come (had some 33 weeks due to stressing for a little while but not bad and only a few) so im lost here!!

okay add another one! LOL
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1st of all, call your providers ASAP esp. since you feel unsure. You don't have to figure this out alone. It's ok to just discuss what's going on even if you're not ready this second to pack it up & go. I probably have a long ways to go here, but I let my doula & MW know that something is up. Since you live so far from the hospital, I would take everything you need with you. Be as prepared as you can, it sounds like they wouldn't send you back home at this point.

I'm experiencing everything in my lower uterus too. Just feels like I have menstrual cramps that get worse every 10mins or so.

Wow! I guess it's baby day!!!
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yeh im really thinking about calling right about now ince its been 2.5 hours regular, and 2 solid at 5 mins apart...im just thinking this cant be right...it was a sudden wake up and feel them a LOT thing, and i was induced with my 1st and had 14 hours of labor...and didnt even feel them for the first 8-9 at all, though it was going to a 7 or 70 or whatever on their contraction thinggy...noone believed me i wasnt feeling them LOL! and i barely felt them from then until transition...THEN it hurt!
in my head, how the heck can this be right when pit induction is supposed to be so horrible, and the contractions never did anything regular even with the stuff...but im definitely in pain now during them, and theyre totally regular? how does that work?
i dunno, im kinda baffled right about now, its so contradictory to what ive been told!! :
this assuming i AM in labor, as well...im waiting for my roommate to go to work so i can make sure that my kids dad is awake (he was supposed to be waking me up about now..i wonder why hes not up? or maybe hes playing a game and hasnt come out yet? hmm) and get him to check me. ive felt like it was dialating with painless contractions, but felt it in my cervix a couple hours over the last couple days, and then today..i wanna know!

oh also **tmi** when i woke up (i went to sleep in a skirt so this doesnt sound as weird, no soaking pants, etc or anything) i was umm..wet to about 3/4 of the way down my thighs. it was watery feeling and i had a bunch more mucousy stuff coming out. really weird. it didnt smell off and i know it wasnt urine, so im not worried, it was just strange! then i had to go to the bathroom a while ago and was wet like that again..

this is just SO weird to me!! and i dunno, so bugging me that i dont know anything lol like when i wsa induced....one way or the other, i was going to have a baby in the next day or so...now...could just stop and start again later, kwim? ugh!!!
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It sounds like you are in early labor. Get some rest if you can, and you might want to skip the drive. The contractions can get super-strong at any time and it wouldn't be good for you to be driving a car in labor. It doesn't hurt to give your MW a call and let her know what is going on - it might help ease your mind too. Keep us updated if you can. It sounds like you'll be holding your little one within the next day or so!
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easy, productive labor vibes!! good luck to you!! so exciting!!!
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Get someone to drive you to your appointment. It really does sound like you are well on your way to having your baby. Good luck! Easy birthing vibes...

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Good luck and happy birthing! Let us know how it goes!
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Good luck!
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