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I took the plunge and made an appointment with a midwife today for a homebirth! Both of my pregnancies were with an OB and hospital deliveries. I am so looking forward to a peaceful birth at home.

So....what questions do I ask at my first appointment? Is there a good list to go with?
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THats great Karen!!!

If you go to the homebirth forum, I believe there is a list of questions.
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I am so excited....we are going to do a homebirth!

My first birth was an emergency hospital transfer (after pushing at home for three hours), and we lost the baby. NOTHING TO DO with being at home - he wouldn't have made it no matter where we were. But we were too nervous the second time, so we had a hospital birth. It was fine - we had the same midwives as with our first, and it was natural, but it went fast and I ended up driving to the hospital during transition which was not fun.

We met with our midwives last week - same group - and they OK'd a homebirth this time. I'm so happy to at last be getting the birth I wanted. My family is not so excited, but they are just going to have to get used to it - they've got lots of time.

Jill - my DD will be four and I want her in the house but not necessarily in the room (that's up to her). I'm asking my mom and MIL to come to be with her. If this baby is like the last two, most of the labour and birth will happen while she's asleep so it won't matter. But I am planning to take her to a class run locally for children to prepare for birth of their siblings, where they get to hear and practice noises made during birth.
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DS was born in the hospital as our insurance didn't cover the free-standing birth center in our town. I was too much of a ninny to homebirth.

DD was born at home in the water. AMAZING!

Planning a homebirth for babe #3. It will probably be in the water again as I find it so helpful.
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I am planning my first homebirth. I had my three girls with family practice doctors in the hospital and my son with an OB in the hospital... it was "okay" having them there, nothing horrible (other than a few nurses!) but I know that the whole experience will be so much better at home, giving birth where I belong!
I hope my girls will want to witness the birth but right now they all say that'll be gross My oldest won't even touch a pregnant woman's stomach to feel the baby move because she thinks it's creepy. Hopefully that will change over time!
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We were planning a homebirth until we found out we were having twins. In CA, midwives are not licensed to attend twin homebirths. The first thing the doctor said after "twins" was "so you can schedule a c-section!" Um, NO. Unfortunately, birthing centers are apparently bound by the same laws as homebirths. So, with our midwife's help, we are trying to find a hospital and an OB who will support us in our goals for a natural birth.
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I'm pregnant with #2 and due in 3/08 hopefully delivered right here in my home with my midwife. My insurance hardly covers any of it so we have started saving.
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