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I'm pregnant!!

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Boy, Jish! Your TTC "wish list" sure did work for us!

I saw the midwife yesterday, and she confirmed what I've known since last Wednesday...I'm pregnant and about 4 1/2 weeks along now.

My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, so I'm pretty nervous about this one, too, but I'm trying to stay positive and upbeat. Truthfully, this one *feels* totally different than the former, and I think that's a good sign.

Thank you EVERYONE for this supportive forum! Fertile vibes to all

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Woo-hoo! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Yippppppeeee!!

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can i join you? i too am PREGNANT- i don't really trust it yet though i already feel symptoms- looks as if mid-march is EDD- have a lot to consider due to 2 previous m/c- dr. wants me to take heparin injections (blood thinner) this time due to anti-phospholipid anti-bodies- not sure what i'll do- feel a bit sad and distrustful of the process- a friend said rejoice in the positive and i need to work on this- wishing to see asll of you on the i'm preg. board-
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OF COURSE!! Welcome and many, many congratulations, Gina!! Here's to "sticky" babies

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Congratulations to you both. Enjoy your pregancies and take good care of your wonderful, amazing bodies!


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Hooray to both of you!!! Best of luck and lots of sticky baby vibes coming your way.

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Lisa and Gina I am so happy for you both. Have a WONDERFUL 9 months!! Lots of us hope to join you in the March '04 I'm Pregnant forum
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((((((( STICKY VIBES )))))))))
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Lisa and Gina - Congratulations all round!!! . Here, have some sparkling apple cider and revel in the news for a while...
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Congratulations you two!!! You aren't even going to make it to the updated list. I'm guessing you aren't disappointed.
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Thanks for all the well-wishes, ladies! You all are the BEST
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congrats to you too Gina! and lots of....
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! To lisa and gina! What fabulous and special news!

Sticky thoughts, sticky thoughts, sticky thoughts...

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Congratulations Lisa & Gina!
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Congrads on the pregnancy happy and healthy pregnancy.

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thanks all for your nice wishes- feeling suprisingly doubtful and not confident- thanks again
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