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maybe maybe :)

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so, there's something in the aire this july 3rd! i've been having pretty expansions since last night, and in the last hour they are becoming more regular. I began baking a birth cake and I they are making themselves hard to ignore woohoooo
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yippee!!! sending you easy, productive labor vibes!!! i can't believe all the mamas in labor today!!! so exciting!!!
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Yeah!!! I know the full moon is waning, but I wonder if it triggered something?
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Sending good vibes your way. Here's hoping the fireworks tomorrow will be in celebration of all the new babies in our DDC!!!
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How exciting! So many mamas in lbor right now. Sending some happy birthing vibes your way.
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baby boom!

Gentle birthing to you...can't wait to hear how it goes!
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