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we went for the 1 mo visit, skipped our 2 month and now in the process of finding a new ped, which is why we skipped the 2mo. we moved down to florida last fall, and had to find a ped fast when dd1 became unresponsive one day. so, we went to a friends doc. he is nice enough and i like him, but....... when i told him i didn't want to start the 2 mo vaxing he was terribly concerned and told me that he would feel horrible if one of his patients died from a preventible death from hib........ oy vey!!!!!! so, we are going to have dd1 seen for her 2 yr appt. and dd2 seen for her 4 mo by a very ap friendly ped that is actually closer to our house. she is okay with the delaying of vaxing, which is great.

i have a doctor's scale and measuring tape and i am a nurse so i am able to acurately measure my children. i do like them to be seen by a doctor, because there are things i can't see, or know to look for i am sure. peace of mind, i guess..............
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With ds, now 3, we planned a homebirth but ended up in the hospital. We liked the pediatrician who saw him there, so ended up using her for about 6 months until we moved out of the state. We did vax for 2 rounds (let ourselves be bullied into it--arrghh! still kinda mad at myself for that), then stopped after we moved, and just never bothered finding another ped. Ds was born full term but tiny (3lb. 5 oz.), so it seemed like a good idea to keep an eye on his growth in the beginning. We also had to visit a pediatric opthamologist several times, as preemie/low birth weight babies sometimes have eye problems. His pede was pretty cool. She definitely pushed the vaccines, but was very, very supportive of breastfeeding. DS didn't see any other docs until we took him to a naturopath at 17 months, just to establish a relationship if we ever needed her for anything, and to see how he was going in his growth, etc. With dd, now 4.5 months, we saw our midwives every 2 weeks until she was 8 weeks old. They did her pku screening the first postpartum visit, then checked weight, etc, after that. My mom totally supports all of our parenting choices, but was concerned about some overzealous doctor reporting us to cps for medical neglect if we ever ended up in the ER (she is an early intervention teacher and has seen this happen), so she offered to pay for our intial visits to a naturopath so there would be a record of us seeing a practitioner if anything ever comes up. DD had her first visit yesterday, ds will have his in a 2 weeks. We love our new ND. He was totally low key, told me to call him by his first name. He examined dd very, very gently, no undressing, checked in her ears while she was nursing. She smiled at him and never cried or fussed. He gave her a constitutional remedy (which only cost 5 dollars), told us to call with any concerns, and that was it. We probably won't go to him regularly--maybe again when she's a year or so, but it feels good to have someone we can go to who supports our choices. I'm actually looking forward to taking ds in a couple of weeks.
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We do not do any well baby visits, never have. Neither of my children have ever been to the doctor and they are wonderfully healthy. I do not need other people telling me how to parent and raise my children and that is what well baby visits are IMHO.
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I like going to the ped just to make sure she is growing still (she has been VERY slow to gain weight. At 9 months she was 14 lbs) and still on track developmentally. I however have a great ped who knows that we bf, are keeping dd vegan, co-sleep, and aren't vaxing and he is 100% fine with this. DD's iron was pretty low at 6mo and he didn't even suggest vitamin drops, he just suggested starting solids and making sure she gets a serving of cereal a day. She started refusing cereal at 7 1/2 months and he has worked very well with us to come up with new iron sources, like spinach mixed into hummus on crackers, steamed broccoli...etc.
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we went until 2 months. I was scared that someone would think we were being neglectful since we had a homebirth and don't vax, family bed etc., I also liked our ped who actually fit our criteria to a "T." female, okay with non vax, had breastfed (actually family bedded too!,) didn't want dd to have vitamins, wanted me to teach her how to CD-- she is cool! She figured me for the crunchy type when i said we had a HB and assumed we didnt vax, slept together, etc. she was so gentle with dd i always recommend her to people. also, it turns out her kids went to jewish school with my doula's kids, so I had that personal connection. i just decided it was a waste of time. I know when dd is sick. the 'just in case" mentality just isn't mine- it's what drives women into hospitals to have their babies, kwim? I know myself and i know dd and i'm not afraid to take her in if i think she needs it, but otherwise I trust myself. I hope that helps you make your decision.
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Lily's 9 months and has been each month for her check ups. Part of our version of selectively vax'ing is no more than 1-2 shots per visit so she goes monthly so she's not so behind. She actually just had a check up this morning.
Lily also has some health concerns (asthma and severe allergies) so she needs to be seen more often.
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