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Your kids - planned, unplanned? - Page 7

Poll Results: My children were...

  • 38% (142)
  • 19% (71)
  • 32% (120)
    some planned, some unplanned
  • 6% (23)
    neither, we let nature decide
  • 2% (10)
    other, of course
366 Total Votes  
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Planned. DD was not an oopsie and neither will any other baby(ies) be. I am too much of a control freak.
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Originally Posted by babymakesthree View Post
Planned. DD was not an oopsie and neither will any other baby(ies) be. I am too much of a control freak.

You never know! Even some people who adopt end up with unplanned babies. I know someone who adopted a baby boy and a year later got a call to see if they wanted to adopt his sister, whose mom was in labor with at that moment. Suffice it to say, they did, and it was a big surprise for them to be bringing home a new baby just 2 days after finding out. When and where aren't always under our control!
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Sam was unplanned, but I am so glad he's here now!
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Never wanted kids, DS was a complete and total drunken accident.

I can't imagine my life without him now, it totally reaffirms my faith that I was blessed with someone who would change my life in so many wonderful ways.
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Dd was planned, we tried for about 6mo for her.

Ds was a surprise. I ran out of bc (I got 3mo at a time in the mail and was terrible about ordering it on time). I ordered it but it didn't come in time to start right away. I never thought I'd get pg without trying so I didn't even think about having sex the week after my period. Then I got busy between Thanksgiving and Christmas and didn't really even notice that it had been awhile since I had a period. So I took a test after Christmas and I was pg! I was shocked, but really it was perfect timing and I'm not sure I would have ever been "ready" if he didn't just show up like he did.
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Unplanned! We got pregnant on our honeymoon but it was the best thing that ever happened to us, now we are just going to let things happen naturally.
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We tried to get pregnant for about 9 months in our twenties, and decided to adopt first since Nature was taking its time.
3 months later the adoption of our toddler daughter was finalizing, and I was gone at a conference for 3 weeks, DH came to visit me, and 2 weeks later I got BFP. I was in shock... we had been charting, trying, etc. with no luck and the one month the though of getting pregnant did not even register in my mind, I actually got pregnant! I had to travel to get my little girl pregnant and bleeding from some uterine bleed that took forever to resolve... It was surely exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time! We went from 0 to 2 kids in 9 months and got a son and a daughter at almost the same time!

DD2 was planned, and it took us about 3 months to conceive her.

DS2 was planned but was surely surprising to get him in one shot in our thirties.
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first pregnancy, unplanned. result of drinking too much and tossing off the condom. yeah, smart move. in any case, miscarriage
second pregnancy, planned. miscarriage.
third pregnancy, planned but not expected that month. i was to go on clomid but missed the window. didn't end of mattering-- she's 3.5 years old now!
fourth pregnancy, unplanned. we had so much trouble getting pregnant with k, we were just SURE it would take the same amount of effort the next time around. shall we repeat altogether: if you're fertile and having sex without protection, you CAN get pregnant. he's 18 months now.
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Both mine were totally planned. Went off BC, started trying right away. Were blessed both time the very first month of trying.

Now we are not trying, avoiding actually but not using any BC. Just being careful! (and that thing called a deployment, it works wonders too HAHA!)
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DS was planned. Went off BC and started trying in August '02. Got pregnant in September '02.
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combo. Child #1 was unplanned (but we were soooooo irresponsible that she wasn't really a suprise, either )

Child #2 was planned. We discovered that we both hate "officially TTCing" though.

Child #3 was sort of "nature taking its course" but rather sooner than I had imagined.

Next kid will be planned. Even if it means having to go through Official TTC again.
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Originally Posted by VernaBloom View Post
So, so, so planned Fertility charting, ovulation predictor kits, sex on certain days, the whole nine.
This plus starting Lovenox injections 3 dpo to prevent another miscarriage, and getting the ok from 3 different doctors. It took "planning" to a whole other level. I'm not kidding when I say that dd was a group effort, which also included the help of an ex-boyfriend of mine and his wife (who went with me to drs appts when dh couldn't).
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totally unplanned, though i refer to it as 'miraculous'

I was married for 7 years, and during that time was told I was sterile.
At one time I was engaged to a man who wanted kids, and I told him it wasn't possible, but we tried anyway. Nothing happened, and I didn't expect it to.
Years later, in the middle of an encounter I got the weirdest feeling that I was pregnant, and I thought, 'weird, that just isn't possible, why would I think that?'
Exactly 1 month later a doctor hooked me up to a sonogram and I saw my ds's heartbeat.

During this time, a dear friend of mine was going through a horrible, terrifying process with her baby who was having seizures that were seemingly uncontrollable. They tried various medications and diets, and nothing seemed to work. After many years, it was determined that his allergic reaction to black mold in their home had triggered the seizures, but by this time he had already suffered irreparable brain damage. She had endured several miscarriages before having her son, and he was the result of invitro, iirc. She told me she was not going to try for any more children.

I am now married to a man who fathered another miracle baby who wasn't supposed to be here. Same thing, supposedly no more kids could be conceived, but surprise!

I truly believe all 3 of these children exist for a reason, but I can't get over the guilt I feel for having been so lucky with my accidental/miracle baby when my friend went through so much to have hers only to have this horrible misfortune afterwards.
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Planned. A miscarriage hitch along the way, but planned nonetheless.
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