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I LOVE THIS SHOW TOO I havent been able to watch for three weeks now, but thank goodness they put recaps online. Its not as good as the real thing but it gets me by,LOL. Last night was crazy. I cant wait to see next week:
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Originally Posted by Suzannah View Post
If Rock wins I am going to throw up. He is an immature kid with an uncontrollable temper and an obvious wide streak of misogeny (sp?). And I don't think he is all that creative or exceptional in the kitchen.

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Originally Posted by Maeve View Post
I cannot stand Rock. Bonnie annoys me for some reason. I am not sure why. I guess I am rooting for Jen. I am not quite sure who I want to see win it this year. My vote was for Julia. I am hoping that we will see her again in a future show or something!!
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Originally Posted by apmommy76 View Post
OH YEAH!!! I didn't remember your MDC username. Cool. Another Hell's Kitchen fan!!!
Oh yeah!! Hubby and I have watched every HK show!! We were happy to see Heather from last season on the show the other night. We were rooting for her to win!
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Bonnie annoys me for some reason. I am not sure why.
She doesn't seem to think rationally. She accepted the food order without checking everything & messed that up big time. She threw out perfectly fine(and expensive) fish. She was the one who took the food out of the garbage wasn't she?

I don't like any of them either, but if I had to pick I'd say Jen.
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Jen was the one who took the pasta out of the garbage.

I personally don't think any of them are ready to run their own kitchen.
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I love that Chef Ramsey offered to send Julia to culinary school!!

I kind of hate all of them that are left........

Rock, especially!!! YUCK!
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I missed the last 1/2 hr! :-(

There's no way Bonnie will win this show. She cries waaay too much to run the GVR restaurant.

I think the frontrunners are Rock and Jen (prima donna and garbage-picker respectively to me, lol). I'll give the edge to Jen to win the whole thing b/c I think Ramsay and Rock just don't click at all and Rock has that annoying super-sized ego.
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The Vegas odds spoiled this season's winner a while ago. I'm watching and waiting to see if it comes true. So far, it is...

I was really surprised by Brad's ousting a couple of weeks ago. I expected him to be one of the two finalists.

Oh yeah, and the Vegas odds say
Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!
is the winner.
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Was I the only one who was so touched by ramsey's offering to julia? I could tell he was really upset to eliminate her, BUT I love that he has offered himself as kind of a mentor to her. It was really touching. I really liked julia, and was sad to see her go, but I just thought that was so cool that he offered to send her to culinary school and invited her back for another season!!!!

As for the three that are left, I am sorry, but they all suck. Here's my analysis...

Rock- Control freak with major anger management issues. He's a good cook, but omg he needs a personality adjustment.

Jen- Back stabbing you-know-what. Also, I find her to be very manipulative and fakey, fake... I loathe ppl like that.

Bonnie- A total ditz, I am surprised she even made it this far. She can't seem to manage more than one thing at a time, there is NO way she could run an entire restaurant!!!!

Overall, I've been very disappointed with this season of, "hell's kitchen." I hope that next yr is better. I'm still waiting for ramsey to have a heart attack while screaming at one of the contestants (esp when dealing with josh!).
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so, what do you think of the final 2. I hate to say it but I think he picked Bonnie to make Rock look better & Rock will win.
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Originally Posted by CarrieMF View Post
so, what do you think of the final 2. I hate to say it but I think he picked Bonnie to make Rock look better & Rock will win.
Really? I was surprised jen was eliminated, but I also think she didn't do well as rock and bonnie did. I think ramsey was really impressed with bonnie's, "pretend" rip-you-a-new-one rant. I think rock will win in the end, he's much more organized and detail oriented than bonnie and I think that alone gives him a huge advantage over bonnie. She's such a flake. There really wasn't anyone this season that I really wanted to root for, so I'm not really into it this season. I just hope that next season is better. It seems like the contestants this time were not very qualified chefs to begin with.
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All I can say is WOW...anyone watch last night? Bonnie totally came out of the closet as a wild cat ready to pounce on Rock and knock him out to win. He said too, that he was afraid of her and that she really could beat him out.
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Bonnie kicked butt!

Rock looked like he was going to cry when he lost the taste test challenge. And how ADORABLE were his kids?!!

I was pretty disappointed in Julia. Dude, Gordon Ramsay is sending you to culinary school on his dime! You know you're gonna get the hook up after that! Sheesh. Suck it up.
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Originally Posted by monkey's mom View Post

I was pretty disappointed in Julia. Dude, Gordon Ramsay is sending you to culinary school on his dime! You know you're gonna get the hook up after that! Sheesh. Suck it up.

I can't honestly believe that she is THAT ungrateful??

Yeah winning would be nice, but a chance to learn all that things that will help you run a better restaurant in the future and be personally mentored by GR? Priceless

And I don't see EITHER of those final services going well at all...
None of them work well together.
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Their final service will be a disaster. You already can tell that julia is bitter. You can also tell that brad is bitter. They are just going to sabatoge it. They have nothing to gain by helping either bonnie or rock to win. My DH and I were pissed the rock was so bull headed that he did not pick julia for his team and we were irritated that bonnie chose melissa before she chose julia. Melissa and jen are the two sneakiest, back stabbing, power hungry ppl this season, I wouldn't want either of them on my team. I can't believe the rock actually picked josh... josh screws up everything he touches.
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I can understand Julia's tears. As somebody who can be overly-emotional at times, I can definitely believe that it could be extremely hard for her to be back when she knows (and Gordon pretty much admitted) that except for formal training she's better than the other two. Yes, she's going to get to go to culinary school (and I'm sure she's extremely grateful for that) but the position she's in is not easy. Also keep in mind, it's been about a week maybe since she was eliminated in real time. That loss is still fresh to her and I'm sure hard to deal with. I doubt I could handle it better.

That said, the two that are left are really bad. And if the leak is right... bleah. I'd never go to that restaurant ever. Heather's, on the other hand...
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i, too, can understand julia's tears and sad feelings. they even said that it had only been a few days since she left hk, and i know when i lose or don't get something i desperately wanted, it can take me a while to find my peace with it.

there were moments in last night's show that i actually liked rock. it was especially nice to see his wife and kids and how he was with them, even if it was just for a few minutes of the show. and i like bonnie's decisiveness now. you can see that her confidence is really blooming. the producers of this show chose some good editors, because i really can't tell who ramsay is going to pick. the pluses and minuses of each one are edited really well.

it is interesting to me that the final showdown will again be women vs. men just like the show started.

(actually, did it start that way? i didn't watch the first few weeks but it doesn't appear i missed much...)
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Yeah, I can understand being upset and having it be hard to be back there, but the way she put her head down on her arm in the middle of the living room and wouldn't respond to people was pretty ridiculous. It just seemed like such a big pity party that she was trying to pull other people into. Had she quietly left the room when she felt herself getting overwhelmed, I would feel a lot differently. It just seemed very sour-grapes and "poor me."
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Rock won Hell's Kitchen: : : :
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