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Me too, maybe?

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Had my MW appointment this afternoon, and she offered to do some "fiddling" during an internal check to see if she could get things going. She swept my membranes, stretched my cervix a bit, and said everything looked soft and ripe and the baby was in a great position.

I've started to have a trace of bloody show, and what I think are menstrual-like cramps. (Hard to remember... since I've only had 1 period in the last 3 years).

Anyhow, keeping my fingers crossed that the fireworks tomorrow will be in celebration of lots of new babies from our DDC!
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Yeah! I'm still just really crampy & am trying to not get too frustrated. Hopefully things will pick up speed by tomorrow.
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I hope this is really it for you. Keep us updated. Looks like we might have lots of 4th of July babes.
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good luck and happy birthing!
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Sigh. Everything kind of fizzled out.
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Soon mama...soon!
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Kristen, I'm in the same boat as you seem to be. I can't believe this. Why won't this baby just come already?!?!?!
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: i hope it happens for you very, very soon!!
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Originally Posted by awallrising View Post
Kristen, I'm in the same boat as you seem to be. I can't believe this. Why won't this baby just come already?!?!?!
I keep trying to remind myself that the baby's not coming for a reason. Maybe all of these pre-labor contractions are just a way to get the baby perfectly positioned for an easy birth, or something like that!

I wish I could just relax and trust my body's wisdom, but it's sooooo hard when I'm so anxious to meet the new little one.
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Well, I just bought Castor Oil. The thought of it...ugh!!! I keep trying to have faith that things are working out this way for a reason, but it's getting harder & harder as the days go by.

And it seems like our oldest cat is about to die. She won't eat at all today & isn't even purring. If she's going to pass, I hope she does it before we end up at the hospital & can't help her. :
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Well, if you have to go through with the massive yuck of castor oil, I hope it at least works for you.

And I'm very sorry about your cat. That's the last thing you need right now.
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I'm sorry things fizzled out for you.
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It's showtime! Wish me luck!
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Go for it mama! Happy birthing!
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happy birthing!!
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