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teeth grinding?

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has anyone else's teething babe starting grinding their teeth? DD has 4 teeth and is working on getting some more. she is constantly grinding her teeth and i am worried that it will hurt her teeth? i try to stop her when i see her doing it and give her something to bite on, but it doesn't help that much.

anyone else had this happen? if so, did it eventually stop?

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My 2 year old did that and unfortunately still does. I stop him whenever I hear it... however much good that does???. I asked the dentist about it about a year ago and he said it was normal. No advice, I'm curious about this too, but just letting you know you're not alone.
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It's funny you should mention this but ds 14mths did this the first time yesterday. It's dreadful and I don't remember any of my other 3 doing it. Anyone know when their kids stopped???
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My dd, who is now 12.5 mo, started grinding her four front teeth when she first got them. She still does it, so I can't tell you how long it lasted... I asked her ped about it at her one year visit yesterday, and she didn't seem worried about it since it didn't stem from stress (i.e. she doesn't do it at night in her sleep). She said I can tell her that it's not good for her teeth, ask her to stop, give her something else to bite, etc. Doesn't do much good, but we'll keep at it. She's definitely listening and understanding what I'm telling her - she is just choosing to ignore it most of the time : . If she could talk, I'm sure she'd be saying "Mama, I don't care if it's not good for my teeth. It's keeping me entertained, and I like doing it...."
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My dd did this for several months, and then eventually stopped. Got tired of it, perhaps. The pediatrician said there was basically nothing to do other than distract her when we noticed it happening, but other than that not to worry too much.
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thanks and a link i found...

thanks guys! i found a thread in the dental archives about teeth grinding. here it is for anyone interested

Teeth Grinding

i am a lot less worried now. i just hadn't met anyone else with kids who had liked grinding their teeth as babies.

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