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LDS Mamas and Papas #43

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And away we go!

The last posts were about Alissa being pregnant, lots of new people introducing themselves and GD compared to how Christ treats others. Sorry if I missed anything.

I guess I can start with a re-intro for me Marly, wife 6.5 years to my geek engineer dh. Mommy to two sweet ds's, almost 5 and 3. Pregnant with our 3rd, due end of October. I'm also learning how to squeeze every little dime out of my budget to pay for stupid car repairs! There you go, that's me!
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I'm Katie - mom to two sons, 5 and 3 years old. I am 33 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby in late August.
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NewCrunchyDaddy = Bryan, DH to DW-Alisa, DD to DS-Connor. Student @ UVSC, BA in Literary Studies, planning on going on to graduate work to get my doctorate in Literary Critical Theory. Right now I'm on summer break from Reagan Academy (a charter school in Springville, UT) where I am an Assistant Teacher in the 7th Grade. To bring money in during the summer I am delivering for The Daily Herald and HATE IT! It is, hands down, the worst job I have ever had. My supervisors are not at all supportive in the least. Anyway, that's me ...
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Katie, I've been wondering how you're doing lately. I know I get so caught up in my own issues and forget about my friends. I hope you're doing well as can be expected.
hey, it is part of who you are right now, kind of like my stupid car repairs. It's really who I am these days
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Hi again everybody! I'm Caitlin, married to DH for 3.5 years, we have been members of the church for 4 years, and we have two of the most wonderful little boys ever ever ever, our oldest is turning 3 next month (our honeymoon baby ) and our baby is 8 months old. And had his first salad today.

Hello to everyone I haven't met yet!!! I lost track of the last thread by the very end. My DH hurt his wrist a couple of weeks ago and it's been a heavier workload for me since then. Oh, plus, he's working more overtime because he's in training. Anyway. He's working late tonight so we will miss the fireworks and he's also working about 3 hours tomorrow-- yes on the 4th. But life is still good. I'm just tired.

I have to go put my sweeties to bed. I'll be back.
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I'm Emily, we just moved from Provo to Hillsboro, Oregon almost two weeks ago (DH finally finished classes at BYU!!). I grew up here in Hillsboro, then went to BYU and met DH. He's from Iowa. We were married in the Portland, Oregon temple 4 years ago. We have two daughters, Kathryn (2) & Danielle (1), and baby #3 is coming sometime in mid-December.

I'm really missing my wonderful AP group in Provo... but I'm a bit nervous to just join any AP group in the Portland area... I'd much rather stick with LDS moms... (I really hope that doesn't offend anyone). If anyone in the area wants to get together, I'd be totally up for it.

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My name is Danile. I am a convert of 4 years. DH and I have been together 7, sealed for almost 2 years. We have a 3 year old son Dominic and a 19 month old monkey.. okay a human boy... Isaac who has no fear. We are pregnant with our third and due in December. I am a doula, Bradley Method Natural Childbirth Instructor and in college to work towards a midwifery degree. Currently the only hippie in my ward.. though one friend is seeming to convert. Finally I've converted someone. Just kidding. That was a bad joke. LOL.

I believe HF and Jesus support AP and GD... fwiw. And on that topic.. I laugh everytime I see a bumpersticker that says "Jesus wore cloth". Gets me everytime.
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Originally Posted by LionTigerBear View Post
He's working late tonight so we will miss the fireworks
You guys have fireworks on the 3rd? I've never heard of that! It's a good idea though - that way the ones who have to go back to work on the 5th don't have to stay up late on the 4th.
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Hi my intro was far too short last time I entered the thread.
I've been a member my whole life, I've been married almost 5 years to
"Sea_Guy". We were married in a temple.
I have no contact with my crazy abusive family so places like this are
really important. But I keep personal info vauge. We just had our first
child in april. She was a happy home water birth.
Alisa was there and newcrunchydaddy helped by watching thier
toddler to free her up to be able to attend.
DH and I have known and loved the Terry's for years.
She helped to crunchify me.

I am a sahm. I hope to start my training as a Doula by summers end.
And I love the chrunchy lds mamas in my area. i.e "Provem"
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Originally Posted by klg47 View Post
You guys have fireworks on the 3rd? I've never heard of that! It's a good idea though - that way the ones who have to go back to work on the 5th don't have to stay up late on the 4th.
Yup, that's the idea. And I didn't miss them. DS1 was sleeping, DH was working, but my baby was having a hard time settling down, so when I heard the fireworks start, I took him out back on our tiny back porch and watched them for a while, through the trees, and DS thought they were neat too, until he started to get bored and wiggly. Then I set him in bed and nursed him to sleep. And here I am. Waiting for DH to get home.

You guys that have other crunhcy members in your wards are lucky. I have a great ward but no one else is crunchy-- well, one other mom is kind of crunchy-light, but her kids are all pre-teens and teens, so it's different. Anyway, it's nice to get to know everyone here.

BTW, we recently started a scripture study blog. I just need your email address, for anyone new who wants to join the blog. We are currently studying from "Preach My Gospel" but you don't need to have the book, you can just follow along in the blog. Bryan's posts are always incredibly informative. I'm going to post the new study "assignment" within the next couple of days.
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Whew, I'm out in the midwest so there's not too much crunch in my ward. One homebirth, but that was like, 12-13 years ago. And there's a mom nursing a 12 (or so? not sure) month old, which is a rare sight outside LLL meetings! lol. I'm equally impressed with the mom nursing preemie twins! I'm sure everyone thinks I'm psycho for using cloth.
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Oh I'm sorry I gave the impression that there are crunchy women actually in my ward. There is one woman who is semi-crunchy. She does help keep me sane in a world of buckets and cio faithful. But really it's LLL meetings' people and an AP yahoo play group. Being as they exist in Utah most of the people in them are lds. Percentage wise though, crunchy is not that pervasive.
CIO faithful on the other hand.:
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I'm Becky, married to DH for 7 years, daughter M, 3.5 years and son J, almost 2. Born and raised in the Seattle area, met DH at Ricks college (he and his roomie went tracting for girls, lol, and my apt. was the 3rd down the row...they stayed there for the rest of the evening, they liked us so much! ).

Lived in Colorado while DH finished his BS, and then moved to MD state 6 weeks before I was due with my 1st. It was a crazy time. I have become progressively crunchier with time, which basically all started with me trying to have a very natural birth in a hospital, followed by questioning and partially delaying vaccines, bf'ing partway through the next pregnancy, going with a midwife the 2nd time, finding MDC while looking into circ, and then being exposed to all the ideas floating around here...which has led to many further cruncy types of things. :P I found a lovely AP group in the area, which only furthers the progress!

We've been living in MD for almost 4 years, and are missing the west. Last year DH promised he'd start looking for a new job over the next year so we wouldn't have to deal with apartment rent increasing yet again. Well, after certain situations came up at work, he didn't feel right about leaving so soon, so he waited. But today he came home and told me one of the guys (who has been there as long as he has) found a new job in SLC. And is going to be getting more pay. A lot of people have been leaving lately, and DH is ready to look around for a new job now. I hope hope hope we get to move soon. We're both so ready. Not that we have a lot of money to move *with*. But we miss being close to family and the more casual and often crunchy-friendly atmosphere that western states seem to have. I've never wanted to move to Utah, but when DH mentioned his coworker getting a job in SLC, I thought how fun it could be to be close to some of you mamas...hehe.

That's all for now. Sleepy sleepy toddler needs me.
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Hey all, I'm on vacation in Connecticut, just thought I'd pop in and sub to the new thread. I'm Bronwyn, aka QA (Woohoo! I have initials now! ) Okay, simple minds I'll post more when I get back tonight, or maybe tomorrow.
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hey hey hey!!
i'm Maggie, momma to 3 girlies 3 and under- Lilith Luthein (3) Mable Mirkwood (16 months) and Olive Onodrim (10 weeks... i think ). i am a recently reinstated member on my way to the temple with my wonderful convert DH, Robbie. i'm in the Southern California desert where it is HOT! they're thinking it is going to top 130 this year. :
and i'm going to be 22 on the 17th of this month!! woot woot! i am striving to make this birthday a GOOD birthday.

hey everyone! hope everybody enjoys their fourth!
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*Me doing my preggo dance*

Woohoo oh yeah woohoo! It's gonna be 90 out today here! Time to get some sun on my preggo self!

Plus even though Dom's experienced Fourth of July before... he's finally UNDERSTANDING holidays.. and it makes it seem to me like it's the first time all over again! Can't wait to share it with him!:

Happy Fourth Everyone!
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Hi everyone. I have a posted a few times on these threads through the years but cannot seem to ever keep up.

Dh and I have been married for a little over 10 years. Dh and I have been members all of our lives. We have 4 beautiful children(9,7,3,and almost 1). We live in Utah Valley. We homeschool and love the outdoors and HATE the heat. :

I look forward to getting to know you all and I will try to post more often.
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My turn!
I'm Kelly, married to Damian for 3.5 years, mom to Isabel, whose 2. Lifelong members, married in Washington DC temple. I have no idea if there are any crunchy people in my ward, b/c my ward isn't friendly enough for us to actually know people! But, I'm in Michigan, and although there is a nice AP group in my town, I doubt any members are.

Maggie, do you have an approximate timeline for going to the temple? I'm so excited for you! And happy birthday a few weeks early, I turned 22 last month, and I think 22 is better than 21. At least for me (I had this year off for my birthday, whereas for the previous 3 I've had to work, yucky!) Do you have any plans?

As for the 4th of July, I had to work 3rd shift both the 3rd and the 4th, so I pretty much slept during the day, and was at work for the fireworks. Next year, hopefully I'll be able to get it off!
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Hi everybody! It's nice to hear from everyone again.

I'm adding a new study topic in our blog. It's the next one in "Preach My Gospel".
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Kelly- Robbie and i are meeting with the Bishop on Sunday. he just wants to meet with us a few times before we go in for our recomends me being freshly reinstated and Robbie a fairly new convert. i'm not sure if he's going to want us to wait a few months or what. i'll find out more on Sunday and i'll let y'all know! we're way excited.

on a grumpy/sad note Robbie has been working so much overtime it hurts! : he has been working 6 10 hour days. : he usually only works Monday thru Thursday but the past month has been working fridays as well and the past few weeks Saturdays on top of that. i miss him! yesterday was the first *real* day off he has had seeing as how Sundays he is at church and in meetings and what not.
but it is all a bitter sweet answer to our prayers! we have been having such financial issues that even with the 20+ hours of overtime we're struggling. but in a good way! we are finally getting all our back bills paid and catching up. it feels good.
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