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Originally Posted by magstphil View Post
but it is all a bitter sweet answer to our prayers! we have been having such financial issues that even with the 20+ hours of overtime we're struggling. but in a good way! we are finally getting all our back bills paid and catching up. it feels good.
Yay! I am so glad for you! That is what we are doing too. My DH has been working lots of overtime for years, everytime that he isn't unemployed basically. At least it isn't 12 hour days anymore. Now he works 5 or 6 days a week, 8-10 hours during the week and 3 or 4 hours if he goes in on Saturday. We are also paying off our debt. We had really got into a bad place after months of unemployment sowe are just slowly working on fixing it.

His working hours have been a sore point for us in the past-- well, because, he has his college classes on top of his working hours, too-- but I am finally learning to come to terms with it. After years. I have spoken to him about our priorities though, to make sure I didn't marry a workaholic! He isn't though. He would rather be with us, he just feels very motivated to work off our debt just as fast as he can. I love that about him.

And I'm so happy for you guys that you have that opportunity too. I'm sorry it's so hard for you, too bad we don't live closer together, then we could hang out and chat while we do chores together.

Hmmm, dreaming of an LDS natural parenting commune . . . :
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Originally Posted by LionTigerBear View Post
Hmmm, dreaming of an LDS natural parenting commune . . . :
shhhh!! don't say that too loud. Robbie has been dieing to live in a commune for years. keeps bugging me about it. i guess i'm too much of a wimp.
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Originally Posted by magstphil View Post
shhhh!! don't say that too loud. Robbie has been dieing to live in a commune for years. keeps bugging me about it. i guess i'm too much of a wimp.
Oh c'mon. I could help you with your dishes. We would all finally have babysitters we could trust. Our Relief Society would so totally rock, the other ladies (who are not in our commune) would stand a chance against the sheer volume of information headed their way. Our church's nursery room would be supplied with slings and wooden toys. There would be healthy snacks and no candy rewards in Primary. You wouldn't have to feed the kids before attending a church dinner function. We could all do our organic canning together as we ground our sprouted grain bulgur flour.

Ahhh . . . that would be the life . . . Actually I bet that WILL be the life, in the millenium. Anyone ever think to themselves, "ha ha, the other church members will see that I'm right about [fill in the blank]-- some day!"

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Well I might be the most crunchy person in my ward.. I at least have the blessing of the nursery leader being amazing!

She refuses any snacks for the kids that contain unnatural sugars, preservatives or dyes. : She demanded healthy snacks.. and got them! So they kids now eat apples, cheese sticks, carrots, raisins, and a bunch of other goodies that come out of her ORGANIC garden!!!! Oh yeah! I'm in love ladies. LOL. I'm in the primary presidency so I get to stick up for her and validate her reasoning. It's great. That's a moment when I truly feel the reason of my calling. Alright.. to be fair- she is MUCH more supportive of my ideals than any other. To be truthful, she is actually AP ... she just doesn't know it. If she knew what it was she would support it I'm sure. I love my nursery leader!
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Hi, reintro, I am Nancy, Married to michael we have been members only about a year. We have Kyra who turned 2 in May and Zoe who just turned 10 monthes and mystery baby due in the fall. Funny, one of the only ap minded mamas I know irl is a mama at church, she has a music calling, sings and conducts in releif society and sacrament...she had two waterbirths, bf, cd, don't know if she babywore, because her boys are 8 and 10 now she doesn't vax homeschools and eats awesome, homemade non processed food..she seems to be the mom I aspire to be. I love my kids and do the best i can but striving to do better and I want my home to be like theres in a spiritual sense. I actually want to get it together enough emotionally to have my house in good enough shape to have their family over for dinner. I think if I tried, we might be able to be friends we seem to have a lot in common. I left Kyra with her when Michal was hospitalized in the fall and felt perfectly safe, and Kyra was happy as anything...which is not the norm for my cling on!
I wish more people around here were like her...can't tell how many people in church even think I am nuts for not wanting a break and a hospital birth! Or baby wearing! Or for pumping when we couldn't bf! Or many of the other things I feel strongly about.

A book...I always write a book. Sorry...long intro!
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I'm Pamela with 3 dd's and another one due next month.

I'm by far the most AP in my ward but I've made an impression. I have one girl converting over to cloth for her 8 month old and another mom who is due a couple weeks after me with her 1st is totally excited about natural birth and breastfeeding. She is reading everything I give her on breastfeeding and is planning on a totally natural birth.
I really don't know her to well but we've been emailing back and forth and she has gotten lots.....
gotta go someone at door
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Just wanted to bounce on over and ask for prayers. I had my fine needle aspiration/biopsy on the thyroid nodule in my neck today. I did it without the pain meds too! Which was my goal because I was pregnant and knew that even lidocaine can reach my baby. They didn't get very many cells though- mostly fluid, so please say prayers that the cells they did get are enough to determine a definete "yes it's cancer" or "no it's not cancer." It would be appreciated mamas and papas!

(Saying the mamas and the papas totally made me laugh. I'm only 22... I think I was born in the wrong generation. LOL)
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Wohoo!! I just found out that my little sister (20) was just called as a nursery worker in our ward. That means Kathryn will LOVE nursery in our new ward!!

Just had to share.

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That's wonderful! That makes nursery so much easier!
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feel free to ignore this

So we got back last night from Connecticut, visiting DH's brother and family. His parents were in town as well, for a baby blessing, and then we spent the 4th together. It's a pretty easy trip over there, about 2 hours, but it still requires planning and packing, etc etc. I have a small victory, in that this is the first overnight trip we've taken with cloth diapers. We made it! Anyway, I'm going away again tomorrow. DD and I will be flying to Phoenix in the morning, just for the weekend. My sister is turning 40, and her DH is flying me out, we well as my other two sisters and my mom, as a surprise. I'm sure it will be fun, but a) it still requires a lot of planning and packing, for me, DD, and DS who will be playing with a friend while DH is at work, not to mention finding a sub for Gospel Doctrine on Sunday, and b) this may sound petty, but I'm really not all that excited about going. It's 110 in Phoenix, but that would be okay if I knew I wouldn't be somewhat hassled by small details like the fact that DD is still nursing. My family is pretty mainstream. I love them, and I respect them and the things they have individually accomplished, but I think they view me as the family nut job. I'm also the youngest, and so I think they have the view that I'm still idealistic and I'll grow out of it. That's probably more my problem than anything, so I should just get over it and have a good time, right? And then when I get back, we have to get ready for our "real" trip this summer, going to DH's old homestead in the bay area, visiting friends in Utah, and a family reunion on my side in Idaho. Long trips all of them. Forget summer. I'm looking forward to fall. It's cooler then anyway.
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Danile-- I prayed for you.

quarteralien-- is your name Bronwyn? I can't remember but if it is that's such a pretty name. anyway. Sorry your summer is so busy and you have to leave your nursling behind.
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Originally Posted by DucetteMama21842 View Post
I did it without the pain meds too! Which was my goal because I was pregnant and knew that even lidocaine can reach my baby. They didn't get very many cells though- mostly fluid, so please say prayers that the cells they did get are enough to determine a definete "yes it's cancer" or "no it's not cancer."
As if just being pregnant wasn't intense enough.
I will add you to my prayers.
Pregnant with two munchkins and all this too...
you are one tough mama!
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OK, so I was out of town for a week, I come back (and start responding on the other thread) and whoa, new thread. LOL. silly me.
Anyway, I'm jenni, almost 26 (it's my birthday month!), married to Dave. We have a 7yo William (energetic, emotional issues related to early childhood stuff), and an almost 6mo Sammy (who has recently begun demanding food from me--but oh the sweet look on his face when I let him suck on my apple...and the awful squeal when I took it away again so I could get another bite!) Oh, we also have a dog who is a person. I'm not joking, she really is. At least in her opinion.
if you *really* want a snapshot of me, visit my blog www.brightonwoman.blogspot.com

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subbing, want to respond but baby's crying. Somehow the subscriptions never seem to keep emailing me...
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Ok. I'm mama to my 5yo DS, and foster/adopt mama to my new little 2.5 month DS. I've been married to my DH for 13 years. I grew up in Alaska, and never thought I'd settle in Utah, but here I am. I like to read, crochet, sew, and do just about anything on a computer. I really really don't like the heat, so this 100 degree weather makes me very, VERY grateful for my A/C.

I enjoyed the discussion about how GD fits with the gospel. That is one of the first things I felt about AP and GD when I started to discover this parenting style. I felt it was the style most in harmony with the gospel of all the parenting styles I had been exposed to. I truly feel that God uses gentle discipline with us. I love that President Hinckley has talked about his own discipline style. In my mind I can just picture the gentle and calm way he must have talked with his own children, and I can picture our Father in Heaven doing the same if he were face-to-face with us. Of course, I am by no means perfect -- I yell way too much. But I'm working on it, and trying hard to just keep my voice calm when I'm feeling frustrated and angry. It is a challenge, but I truly feel it is part of what Heavenly Father wants us to learn in this life.
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Miss Brighton, now that you're back, are we going to get our first weekly assignment on the emergency prep/food storage blog?

nemmer, my Mom lived in Alaska for 7 years. I thought it was so beautiful there. We joke about going there ourselves, since they pay teachers VERY well.

ETA - This is Alisa. SORRY! I should be getting my own computer back this week.
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Please Please Please don't be offended

I'm sorry, but I have to say something that I think might be offensive to some. I know I don't know most of you; I'm a lurker, but this is something that I think is incredibly important. I think that using HF to represent Heavenly Father is so terribly disrespectful. It feels so irreverent to me! This isn't entirely personal opinion either. I've heard countless times in church lessons the importance of treating any form of our Heavenly Fathers name with the greatest respect and reverence. It seems that abbreviating it brings His name down to a casual worldly level that I'm just not comfortable with.

I'm sorry if I've offended anyone; that wasn't my intent at all. Please think about it though
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Hello LDS mamas and papas,

I have posted on and off to the LDS thread over the last several years, there are only a couple of names I recognize. I am Sarah mama to 6, info is in my sig. We are getting ready to make a big move from Southern Utah to Virginia at the end of this month. Dh will be going to http://www.svu.edu. I will be glad to find some cooler temps as we had a record for Utah last week of 118* on the 4th and we have "cooled" down to highs of 109*.

I completely agree that GD is what we as LDS believe. I have many quotes from Presidend Hinckley where he states he never laid a hand on his children to teach discipline/obedience.

Have a wonderful Sabbath Day
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hmmm LDS NFL..... where can I sing up???
hello, I am Alycia, married to a RM and 2 DC.........I am coming to UT for my first time in 6 days..... YEA... I cant wait, we are coming to Salt Lake, I have never been, my uncle is getting married in the SLTemple.....

hope you are all doing well, i will be back later to chat
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