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cloth pads and period questions

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Even if you can't find 'scientific' evidence to back up the claims re: less pain and lighter flow when using cloth - sometimes it takes science a bit of time to catch up with anecdoctal evidence (of which there is plenty kicking around the cloth pads 'community').

As for what cloth pads to try - that really depends on your needs and preferences. I like lunapads, (and they do have an organic cotton option), but there are many WAHM's who sell organic cloth pads too. Just start browsing the internet and following links. If you have even basic sewing skills you can make your own pads.

Have fun!
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Cloth pads rock!

My period has been lighter and shorter. I have the organic Lunapads as well as some others and they are so soft and comfortable. I hated when the disposable pads got flipped and the sticky side was facing the wrong way! Ouch!

Do a trial run with one or two. If a particular brand doesn't fit or feel right, try another. There are so many options out there.
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I use Luna Pads too and I really like them! I also like the one I got from Celtic Cloths. I also have some Sckoons, but since getting my Luna Pads, I don't really like them anymore. I started out small....buying a few here and there. I have 7 pads and 3 pantyliners now. I could probably use a few more, but that amount gets me through my period without too much trouble. I didn't have any cramps this last month and it only lasted 7 days. I usually get bad cramps and bleed for 14-18 days so that was a huge improvement for me. I don't know if it was the cloth pads that changed it though, as I have been seeing an ND for some health issues and I am taking a bunch of supplements which may have helped as well.
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I made my own cloth pads, which I am happy with. I haven't noticed my period getting lighter (it lasts about 7 days) but I went from having the first 3 days in absolute agony, to a slightly uncomfortable crampy feeling on the first day then nothing. Pain free.
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I switched from tampons to the diva cup and my period seems lighter and is shorter. and less cramping.
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I use cloth pads when home, which is most of the time, and mine certainly aren't any lighter on my heavy day. I tend towards one monster day and the rest tapering off.

I think what has happened with me is that I'm more aware of when flow is starting, and usually make it to the bathroom in time for the pad to hardly have to catch anything.

If the thought process is that the manufacturers are adding something to their product to make us bleed more, that makes no sense. For one thing, the source of the bleeding is in our uterus, not our vagina where the tampon is, or our vulva where the pads are. For another, increased bleeding would increase the likelyhood of leaking. Who would buy products that make you more likely to have leaks?
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Cloth pads are a God-send. Before I switched, the first day of my period was like hell. My stomach would feel like it was getting stabbed, my legs and knees would ache like they were being crushed into dust, my back would get sharp pains along the spine, and I'd go from being boiling hot to shivering cold (back and forth between the two) within 10 seconds. I still get a little cramping in my stomach and legs but it's nowhere near what it used to be. Here are some good websites:

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I have read some posts on here that when some of you switched to cloth your periods became lighter, has this happened to alot of women? I switched about 5 or 6 years ago I haven't really noticed lighter periods. Maybe that are and I am not aware of it. Now that I think of it I don't have major leekage at night like I use to but do use a tampon on my heaviest (day 2 &3) days most months

If you have had painful periods did using cloth also help with the pain?
Before I switched to cloth I had cramps that were pretty bad but not as bad as the ones that my mom had based on the stories I've heard. During my college years I met someone that planted the seeds of going in the direction of a more natural lifestyle. That is when I learned of homeopathic medicine for cramps. At the time that stuff rocked! I couldn't belived how great it was compaired to all the pills I popped that didn't really make much difference.

I have read somewhere that the disposable pads are treated with chemicals that make you bleed more, does anyone know of any websites where i could read more about this?
I don't know of any websites that have this noted. All I know is personal expierence. Since I have have been using cloth I have rarely had any cramping issues. Which says alot because now I don't dread that time anymore. My whole state of mind is different but I can get crabby still. I'm still boycotting a shopping center because of the security gaurd was being a jerk to me because I had a backpack which I used as a purse. I was on the rag, had been doing laundry all afternoon at coin laundry at the shopping center, I had my camera and a clean cloth pad that I was going to change at the store where the rent a cop told me I had to leave the bag at the customer service counter or leave the store. Let's just say I have't spent a dime there since that day.

i have tried to research this and i can't come up with much. I have heavy and very painful periods, my period usually lasts 5 days. I want to find some organic cotton cloth pads.Where should i get my pads from? anyone have any favorites? Lunas are my favorite but I can't afford for that to be my only system and also how many do you think i would need? I started with 2 regular and 2 long Luna Pads plus a set of extra liners for each size. Then got 4 (2 long & 2 short) all in one style for Lil Bunz. I also made 2 like the Gladrags but a can't sew a stitch so those are falling apart and look sorry but still work. They have an opening in the back where I stuff with a rectanglar soaker that I fold in thirds. I then put a piece of fleece inside and safty pin the wings to hold it all in place. Kinda hokey but it gets r done! Anyway, I was able to get by on that small stash but I have added to the stash. I am currently trying to get a bunch of pantyliners for everyday use but just don't the funds right now.
Thanks in advance
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Originally Posted by HarvestMoon4 View Post
I have read somewhere that the disposable pads are treated with chemicals that make you bleed more, does anyone know of any websites where i could read more about this?
Hello. I used to work for a factory that made disposable pads, one of the major brand here in America. I was ordering all the raw materials, so I can assure you that pads ARE NOT treated with chemicals that would make you bleed. The only chemical stuff is a absorbant powder that soak out humidity and turns into it into a gel-like substance. Exact same material as they put in baby diapers. The rest of the pad is made of plastic, glue, non-woven fabric... HTH! BTW i don't work for that company anymore, and since then I'm switching to cloth-everything
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I'm curious as to whether people are comparing disposable pads to cloth pads or tampons to cloth pads when discussing cramps.

I've never noticed a difference in pad to pad comparisions though I've used cloth for many years.
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GladRags work great for me (even used the overnight pads postpartum) If u give them your email, they'll send u a discount code for your order.
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A bit off topic I know but if there are any members in Ireland, I just wanted to let them know thatthe majot outlets of Boots pharmacies now stock the Diva cup.
I know it's probsbly not much use for travelling or work but I know some posters found it useful for use at home
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there is an entry in our blog where a customer discusses how her periods have become lighter and less painful. we have found many women report lighter bleeding when switching to cloth. nothing scientific... i think it is because we are letting are bodies do their thing natually and not exposing ourselves to unnatural disposables.

this article talks about the myth of tampons having asbestos and absorbent stuff in them. disposable pads do contain the absorbent SAPs that disposable diapers do, and they are full of dioxins and therefore can't be all that good for you. if you are really sensitive, organic cotton pads are the way to go, because none of the cotton has been treated with any pesticides.

thanks to all those who love their lunapads. i know they seem pricey at first, but if you have the latest issue of mothering magazine, look for our marketplace ad for a discount coupon or call us for a discount code. 1-888-590-2299.
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I started using Gladrags about 10 years ago and love them. I did notice that my period seemed to lighten after switching and the skin where a pad would touch did not become irritated during my periods anymore. I bought a few pads at a time and now probably have 20 pads (each with two liners) and 3 overnight pads. This amount allows me to go for a day or two without needing to do laundry. I also bought the travel case to put the used pads when I was in public.
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Ama'z Cloth Padz are fantastic. I like mine better than Lunapads, and they are cheaper to boot.
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I use cloth now and my periods are neither heavier nor lighter than with unbleached disposable pads. Just as long, just as heavy, but without the trash! And now I'm wondering how I can get my soak water onto my garden without alarming our immediate neighbors...

I use glad rags, too, but they are too short and too bulky (with all the stuffers I need) for my heaviest first days. I prefer the AIO snap down/wing method.
This company makes them in my state, and our local grocery co-op sells them, too!
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I stopped using tampons several years ago when I realized it was making my cramps worse.

I hated disposable pads.

Finally several years ago I switched to cloth. Yes, my periods are lighter and shorter as well. I love them, I actually like getting my period!

Ama'z Padz rock too!
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I heard that that was a bogus rumor about pad/tampon companies putting stuff in their products to make us bleed more. Totally unfounded.
Nonetheless, I recently switched over to hemp-cotton pads when my son was born. I had a 1st degree tear and found disposable pads uncomfortable and the hemp ones like I was sitting on a cloud. Very nice when one's yoni is a little tender! I will be sticking with the hemp ones when my menses returns, hopefully not for a while! I'm in Canada, and my 'supplier' is local so I'm sure you can find WAHM closer to you. Good luck!
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