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Hey! Im new! I'm Sophie, 23, TTC #2, Have an 8 month old son London & had 1 miscarriage.

Name: Sophie
Date: 07/16/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD14 (I O on CD19)
Appointments: None
Symptoms if they apply: None yet
Testing: not before Aug
Thoughts: I really hope we have luck this month!
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monday check in:
Name: Nicole
Date: 07/16/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD5
Appointments: None
Symptoms if they apply: None
Testing: opk tests strting the 21st
Thoughts: I started vitex this cycle to see if that helps make my LP longer.
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monday check in:
Date: 07/16/07
Where are you at in your cycle: 12DPO
Appointments: multiple miscarriage bloodwork today, HSG on the 26th
Symptoms if they apply: Everything, and it's mother. I swear
Testing: Tomorrow
Thoughts: I'm too tired to think.
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Monday Check-In

Name: Songbird
Date: 07/16/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD35
Appointments: None
Symptoms if they apply: None. My acne has cleared up, which is usually a post-O thing but no sign of a temp shift. If I weren't tracking temps I'd think I already O'd, but I know that isn't true.
Testing: 18 dpo, whenever that might be.
Thoughts: I had a temp spike on Friday, but then it dropped again so no O. Dh and I are already tired of dtd all the time and it's starting to get a little painful (tmi: the vaginal opening is rubbed raw enough that wiping hurts now. if I can't handle ordinary intercourse I'm seriously concerned about my ability to handle a BABY.)
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Name: Gillian
Date: 07/16/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD 16
Appointments: None
Symptoms if they apply: None
Testing: None
Thoughts: Only 10 to 15 days until ovulation!
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Monday check in

Name: Carolyn
Where you are at in your cycle: CD 43 :
Appointments: if no AF in one more week Im going back for another blood test and to talk about WTF is going on!!
Symptoms: sore boobies, they have been this way for about 2 weeks, so who knows why? Cramping has stopped, and NO sign of AF
Testing: blood test on fri was negitive
Thoughts: the only thing worse then not being pregnant, is got being able to MOVE ON!!!!!! If DH says "next cycle honey" one more time I may have to...AUGHHHH!! I dont care that Im not preganat (ok thats a lie), but I need to know what the hell is going on!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Gillian28 View Post
I don't want to dwell on it too much, but I'm curious about what are some reasons that pregnancy might not occur (when timing and EWCM are good). All the reasons I can think of involve something being wrong with one of us which I know isn't true, right? I know its naive to think that pregnancy should just happen, but I can't help it. I guess I'm naive.
I am the exact same way. Our one cycle TTC so far we had great timing and I had good EWCM. I was sure we did well but no such luck. So then I too jumped to the conclusion that something must be wrong with one of us....
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name: Kelly
date: 7/16/07
where are you in your cycle: cd23
appts: none
symptoms: nothing exciting to speak of. i've had a cold for the past three days now, so that's been the only thing bothering me.
testing: while i would like to this weekend, i should wait until next monday or tues if af hasn't shown up yet, just to save myself from the disappointment of a bfn.
thoughts: ff was moving my o date back and forth from cd16 & 17 for a few days. i'm kinda almost wondering if maybe, just maybe i Oed a day or two earlier, and that dip on cd21 was an implantation dip? i dunno...maybe you lovely ladies could take a look and tell me what you think? : :
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Monday Check-In

Name: Rachel
Date: 07/16/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD4
Appointments: N/A
Symptoms if they apply: N/A
Testing: OPKs once EWCM shows up - so not until about CD 23 or so
Thoughts: Not too much of anything really. I o'ed earlier this last cycle than I had the past 2 - I would like that to continue so my cycles are not so darn long. :
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Monday Check in:
Name: Jenn
Where are you at in your cycle: CD:6
Appointments: none
Symptoms if they apply: none
Testing: OPK as soon as the bleeding stops
Thoughts: Still pretty down from the m/c, but doing better. The bleeding is still pretty heavy compared to normal. I don't see it stopping for a few more days. I still have some cramping. My temps are staying pretty flat too. That is bothering me. I'm hoping things will start to get normal again.
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Monday Check-In

Date: 7/16/07
Cycle Day: cd 28 out of a usual 28. 13 dpo.
Appointments: None
Symptoms: Not much. I had a backache for a couple of days, but it's gone now. Yesterday I had some cramping, and last night and this morning I had some spotting. Most likely AF will show up right on time tomorrow, but I haven't had any cramping or spotting since this morning, so I hope it's implantation blood. I've also been pretty emotional the last few days, which is normal PMS for me. We'll see.
Testing: I won't test until AF is actually late.
Thoughts: I really hope AF doesn't come tomorrow, but she probably will.
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name: Kristin
date: 7/17/07
where are you in your cycle: cd 42!
appts: none
symptoms: Tender tender nips, veins in breasts are really prominent (I don't even know if that matters but I noticed it last night), I have had random cramps for over a week now. Like, once a day I will have a little stab that makes me go 'oh!' and pause for a moment, but just as quickly it's gone. What the heck does that mean? At any rate, AF is usually here at cd 34-36, so I'll test on Friday if she's not here yet.
testing: At any rate, AF is usually here at cd 34-36, so I'll test on Friday if she's not here yet.
thoughts: the cramps confuse me. a lot. and I don't want to get my hopes up: this is cycle 7 and the disappointment is kind of hard to deal with so I try not to get too excited
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kluella--that's how i was with my 1st pg, i kept having cramps that had me expecting af. i know what you mean about not getting your hopes up, but those symptoms sound pretty promising! :
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Changes made to here


kluella, I agree that sounds promising esp with how late you are. I'll be waiting to hear how the test turns up! And I totally agree with not testing too early. Not knowing is way better than bfn after bfn (at least for me).

As for me, still no temp spike. I took a break from bd for a couple of days so I guess I'm glad. I'm not getting great CM, it's a combination of creamy, watery, and even a tiny bit of EWCM at various points in the day. But I'm hoping if we can stick it out and dtd for a few more days it might take. Not a lot of hope though. Waiting to O is exhausting.
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songbird45 - I know you and I both have late o but is this the latest you have o'ed or is this normal for you? I don't know how long you have been charting. Do you have abnormal stress that would cause o to be late?
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This is only my second cycle charting so I have no idea if this is normal or not for me. Before birth control my cycles were anywhere between 4 weeks and 4 months, so I didn't have a pre-bc "normal". After bc my cycles have been between 40 and 45 days, but this is only my fifth cycle since stopping birth control near the end of December so I don't think that's enough time to determine "normal". I haven't had any unusual stress (just usual stress!) so I have to assume that I'm just irregular and have long cycles and this is normal too.

If I O today and have a 13-day LP like last cycle that will put me at a 49 day cycle, so the longest since coming off bc but not even close to the longest ever. I am still expecting to O because I've been seeing fertile CM, even if there's not a lot of it.
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Oh then it does sound like you just have irregular cycles and will probably o soon. Hope you don't mind my asking - I was just curious because I too am quite irregular.
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I had AF like cramps with all of my pregnancies and I kept expecting AF but it never came.

I am on CD18, 1 DPO.
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Name: countrybound
Date: 07/17/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD6
Appointments: Just one... with my husband later on tonight LOL.
Symptoms if they apply: None. AF just left yesterday, I have energy again YAY!
Testing: I would love to say "not until the first day of my missed period" but there's no way I could hang in there that long... who knows.
Thoughts: This is my second month of trying. We decided in the middle of last month to TTC. By the time we said "let's go for it" it was too late. I have a strong feeling we'll be having an April baby!!! (I hope) BTW. I'm new here.
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CD37. Dh says he's getting tired of dtd (and we're only going every other day at this point). I want a temp spike or AF. I don't even care if this cycle is anovulatory, we need a break!!!

And along those lines, I usually get copious CM. I was getting lots of watery CM last week, but this week it's mostly sticky and creamy, with a tiny bit of stretchy stuff every so often. The stretchy stuff is white or cloudy, so I'm not sure it even counts as EWCM (though I've been charting it as fertile). So maybe I won't ovulate this cycle at all. Certainly there's no clear temp shift.

Also, my acne usually clears up during my LP and then comes back when AF is about to show. It's clear right now. If I wasn't charting temps I'd swear I ovulated a week ago. The CM I've charted this week is more wishful thinking than anything.

I'm rambling. I'll stop. I'm just frustrated with my body.
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