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Meta: Public Service Announcement

The enormous list of names on the first post is confusing and overwhelming to me - there are a lot of names I don't know on there. I'm not sure if all these people are around and lurking or if they got bfps and left, or if they left for some other reason (better things to do with their time than hang around here? ) Whatever the reason, I think that it's time to do some spring cleaning.

Sometime next week I will be gathering up the names of people who have not posted in the last three months (May, June, July) and putting them in another section on the first post (maybe called Are You Still Here? or something of that nature). Whoever doesn't get back to me either by PM or by posting in this thread will be removed in August. I will only remove BFPs that are more than 9 months old so if you're on the BFP list you'll stay regardless of when you posted. I'll also be slowly going through and adding charts as available. So if you do NOT want your chart included but it's in your sig, let me know.

Lurkers, rather than posting a "don't remove me" message, I encourage you to update us on what's going on with your TTC journey on the next Monday check-in instead. Anyone who has even one post in the May, June, or July threads will not be removed.

Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.
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songbird45 - Thanks for all of your work on this thread! I think adding the charts to the first page is a great idea. I love looking at others' charts.
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ok girlies check out my chart for me. i normally O somewhere around day 17 but im on vitex this cycle. my temp dropped tothe coverlinie today, should we be BDing already?(im only on day 10 of my cycle,vitex cant make me O that much sooner can it?)
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i forgot to add i started B6 this cycle too.
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hmmm...maybe you're just having a "for no good reason" low temp? seems that vitex and b would work a bit more gradually. although, it certainly wouldn't hurt anything to BD just in case, and who knows, ya'll might even have fun!
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Pazerific - Sorry to hear about AF's arrival . To answer your question, I would also probably do the first full day.

Kelly - I can't believe how long this has stretched on for you. I had one cycle after bc that was 17 weeks long. It was awful, and we weren't even trying yet. I'll send AF thoughts your way.

MissAnnThrope - I agree with songbird, maybe there is some reason for his low libido? Could it be stress at work, or a medical issue? I think it probably would be good to talk about it, although I know it can be a really touchy subject with some men.

counterGOPI - I also think it could just be a random low temperature. Do you get any other O signs? If you are unsure, it never hurts to BD just in case!

Songbird - I also want to thank you for all your work! And I think putting charts up is a great idea - feel free to add mine.
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I've had company the last couple of days so I'm feeling exhausted today. I'm on CD 21 and yesterday I thought I felt some twinges. I've had twinges a week or even more before Oing in the past so I'm not getting too excited.

I noticed the last couple of days that my breasts seem smaller. I was wondering, if the progesterone increase after ovulation makes breasts larger could the increase in estrogen leading up to O make them smaller? Anyone else noticed this?
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So FF decided to give me 5 free days of VIP membership (no doubt hoping that I'll love it so much I'll pay them). I was fully expecting its fertility analyzer to say that I'm probably fertile since I seriously think I'm going to O soon. I'm getting much more EWCM (it's not wishful thinking this time! And I changed the wishful thinking CM to creamy since that's probably what it should have been charted as in the first place) and a tiny tiny bit of spotting. So what's FF looking at to say that my CM is probably not fertile?
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I am getting anxious for AF, I want a new cycle... If I ovulated Friday 7 days ago I still have one week lft. Time to find out about the LP
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oceane: that's the worst part of the tww! hang in there!

As for me... here's my Monday check in:
Name: Songbird
Date: July 23
Where are you at in your cycle: CD 42
Appointments: I'm calling the doctor today.
Symptoms if they apply: I've been getting real EWCM, and just a tiny bit of spotting.
Testing: We'll see what the doctor says.
Thoughts: I'm beginning to seriously worry if something is wrong. It's not normal to go 42 days without ovulating, even if you have long cycles. I've been off birth control for 7 months, it should be done screwing with me. And, actually, before bc in my teens I had long irregular cycles (like, up to 3 months sometimes) so I guess maybe my body is returning to that. What if I have PCOS? How can you tell? What if something else is wrong? Trying not to worry ...
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Songbird - I don't know if this is something you want to hear, but it took me a full year before I started getting more 'regular' cycles. My wackiest post-bc cycle started 6 months after and was 17 weeks long. So, I think it is still possible that bc is messing you up. My doctor simply said 'it can take up to a year for things to get back to normal'. I know how frustrating it can be.
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Monday Check-In!!!

Name: Gillian
Date: July 23
Where are you at in your cycle: CD 23
Appointments: No
Symptoms if they apply: Not really, I think I have been feeling 'something' going on down there. No EWCM yet.
Testing: No
Thoughts: I'm just anxious to ovulate and really hoping I don't have another CD 31 O date (or later!!). I'm also really really really hoping this is our month. The long waits for O are really frustrating.
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gillian--thanks for the charting input! normally i wouldn't worry about that sort of thing, but it makes the difference between an 8 day LP or a 9 day LP. but in the end, i guess either is too short, so it probably still isn't that big of a deal! i'm sending good O thoughts your way! :

Name: Kelly
Date: 7/23/07
Where are you at in your cycle: cd5
Appointments: none, i'm trying to wait out this cycle before i go calling the doctor. i would like to have 2 full charts to bring to him.
Symptoms if they apply: thank goodness--none! (buh-bye af! hope it's your last visit for a looooong time!)
Testing: that seems like an eternity away, but when you have a 25 day cycle, i guess it's really just around the corner!
Thoughts: i'm not necessarily optimistic about us getting pg this cycle, but either way i'll be happy. if i do get pg, well that's the goal, isn't it?!? if not, that's ok too because then i can take my charts in to my doc and talk about my obscenely short LP. so really, either outcome is ok with me.
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Date: 7/23/07
Where are you at in your cycle: cd2
Appointments: I have an HSG on Thursday.
Symptoms if they apply: Really bad AF.
Testing: I start OPKs this month because I'm on progesterone. I know I ovulate, but I want to better know when.
Thoughts: My LP is getting better thansk to the progesterone. Also, I had a true false positive on Friday, so warning, don't use Accuclear. My HPT was +, but my beta from teh same day was -. How frustrating.

In better news, if I get PG this month, I'll be due on my birthday!
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Alright, everyone, the MIA list is up. I could very well have made mistakes so make sure you're not on it.
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Hello all! Monday check in!

Name: Michelle
Date: July 23
Where are you at in your cycle: CD 36
Appointments: No
Symptoms if they apply: boobs REALLY hurt, sleepy
Testing: have been, BFns
Thoughts: :

Ive really been on a rollercoaster lately. I was testing kinda early, but not looking real positive. Just sad over the whole process lately.
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Michelle, where are you from in WI? We are in Madison. Wouldnt it be great to be due around the same time? Yea WI!! Im sorry you are bummin lately, sounds like theres still lots of hope for this cycle though!

Name: Carolyn
Date: 7/23/07
Where you are at in your cycle: CD 6, AF is just winding down
Appts: Nope
Symptoms: none
Testing: nope
Thoughts: Hope the vitex moves my O up this cycle, and Im excited about temping, Ill be glad to know whats actually happening!
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Monday check in!

Name: Eating Cherries
Date: July 23
Where are you at in your cycle: CD 7
Appointments: Fertility clinic this morning, again on Wednesday
Symptoms if they apply: A little bit of swollen owie in my right ovary
Testing: U/S this morning, and bloodwork, again on Wednesday. Today's showed that the two follicles we saw last week are both growing - from 8 and 10 mm to 13 and 14 mm today.
Thoughts: I'm optimistic, probably going to ovulate all by myself this month, which is nice after the snafu of last month and the Clomid/HCG trigger hell of the month before. Also - I feel like I'm doomed to twins. In three cycles of monitoring, I've always had at least two dominant follicles.

This is not necessarily a bad thing - I am not opposed to twins, at all.
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Monday Check in:
Name: Jenn
Date: 7/23/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD:13
Appointments: none
Symptoms if they apply: none
Testing: opks Got a +yesterday and today
Thoughts: Even though I got + opks I'm not sure with what is going on with my temps they seem funny to me. If you look at my temps a lone you'd think I O on CD:11. I want to know what is going on!

I did get dh going and we have bd everyday starting Friday

My chart : http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/181965
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Monday check in!

Name: Rachel
Date: 7/23/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD 11
Appointments: n/a
Symptoms if they apply: I have watery CM today?
Testing: n/a unless this fertile CM continues - then I will be breaking out the OPKs
Thoughts: Since I began charting November 2006, the earliest O-date I had was CD23 but I tend to o later than that. So, why the watery CM today? I went from no CM to watery in 2 days which is really odd for me. Would 500mg daily of EPO cause this? This is my first cycle with the EPO so I am sort of uncertain what to expect.
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