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Check In:
Name: Maya
Date: 7/10/07
Where: Completely Unknown:
Appointments: none
Symptoms: Sore bbs on and off..
Testing: I need to find a dollar store.
Thoughts: Uh.. I thought I had O-spotting about 12 days ago. Now would be the time for AF if she were going to appear... I'm not expecting too much though, my cycles are so wacky. I was SURE I was pg 3 months ago though after a 2 month cycle, major "morning sickness" as well as metal taste, food aversions and about a dozen other symptoms.. + evap lines, but nothing.. I just feel like "here we go again". It will be nice to know whats going .. either way it happens to be.

Sorry for the rambling..

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Hello Everyone,
I've been gone for 2 weeks and missed you all! AF arrived right on time on July 1. I was very very upset about AFs arrival. Our timing was good - we DTD every day for an entire month. Plus I had lots of EWCM and O spotting. I really thought this was going to be our month. I'm also worried... I guess it just wasn't our time.

Here is my late Monday Check-In

Name: Gillian
Date: 7/10/07
Where: CD 10
Appointments: none
Symptoms: none
Testing: none
Thoughts: Not looking forward to another 4WW for ovulation :
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AF was due today, but I keep getting and it's really bothering me. I have had bizarre cramping for almost a week not coupled with nausea and the occasional headache and back pain.

I'm going to EPT it tomorrow AM with first morning urine, but I'm losing hope. Can someone check my chart and see what they think?
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well, i know it's actually wed morning now, but no better time than the present to catch up, right? i went out of town right after i got added to the list, so here's my monday check in a little late.

Name: kelly
Date: 7/11/07
Where: cd16
Appts: none
Symptoms: some crampy feelings, but i'm on vaca and eating out a lot. could be O, could be too much unhealthy food.
Testing: none
Thoughts: i've been on vaca for about a week and a half now. dd and i went to visit my parents and sister in NC. i was thrilled that dh was able to make it out this weekend, especially because it will at least give us a slight chance to get pg this cycle. i'm not getting my hopes up though cause my temp was up a little today, but i haven't seen a big jump yet. either way, it was nice to get dh out here for a bit cause dd and i were both really missing him!
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Name: Ashley
Date: 7/11/07
Where: 7DPO
Appts: HSG on the 26th, full blood work a few days before
Symptoms: The usual: sore, swollen boobs, nausea, acne, irritability. The bizarre: Decreased appetite, incredible fatigue WITH insomnia, migraine
Testing: too early
Thoughts: This is my first TTC cycle post miscarriage. I don't really think I'm preggers (though I felt something that could have been implantation on Sunday night) but I'm acting like it. It's very strange. I'm also on progesterone, which could explain some of the weirdness.
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Tuesday Check in:
Name: Lydia
Date: 7-11-07
Where are you at in your cycle: Cd3 maybe (not 100% certain I O'd)
Appointments: none
Symptoms if they apply: Crabby, but it was really hot today
Testing: 7-18
Thoughts: If we conceived this cycle, I would be sort of happy and sort of sad. I want my babies close but not too close, but not too far apart either and I don't really know what kind of spacing is my ideal. I like having my two littlest ones 14 months apart but some of it is SO DARN HARD. But my middle two are 27 months apart and that seemed like an eternity. I don't know if we caught my first PP egg or if I even O'd this month at all but I'm just not sure how I feel about it at all. I've been asking DP if he wants to wait to TTC and he just always says whatever makes me happy. He doesn't want me to chart and temp and take OPKs and obsess over every sign and symptom but I just can't help it! I am so not a go with the flow kind of person.
So there's my rambling.
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gillian: sorry!!! mabye next cycle. how could you keep up BD every single day??? you mean only around o, right??
I don't even think I ovulate, I see no temp shift AT ALL!!! I am worried about that. I'll try red clover tea and working out first but this waiting is killing me. BUUUHHH!!!
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well, I'll check in once although I am not trying this cycle and have to wait for AF or anovulatory bleeding (but I still hope to see a higher temp soon!)

date: 07/11/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD31
Appointments: none. But Iam very worried about possible thyroid issues. I should really see somebody after the move. But I hate finding new doctors..
Symptoms if they apply: none and it would surprise me. No sex, I was sick
Testing: none. I didn't use OPKs and now I wonder if I should have to see if I ovulated.
Thoughts: could the weird cycles be the result of thyroid issues or "normal" results of bcp? it#s 6 months since I went off, I don't want to deal with any results anymore
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date: 07/11/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD26
Appointments: none.
Symptoms if they apply: sharp pains where my ovaries are, a bit of nausea from time to time and cramping
Testing: starting friday
Thoughts: i think im not preggo and these symptons are just in my head.
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Hello all! Can I join you? My name is Michelle. I am from Wisconsin. I just turned 27 In June. TTC #3.

date: 07/11/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD19
Appointments: none.
Symptoms if they apply: Had spotting, starving all the time, boobs are hot, heavy and REALLy sore, had some pain in my side the other day.
Testing: Start July 17-19 probably if I can wait that long
Thoughts: I feel REAL similar to when I was pregnant with my youngest, but who knows, I might be reading too far into things andd the firey beast may yet appear as usual.
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Hello again

I lost this pregnancy so I need to be moved back to TTC #3

I'm back on CD:1 today the test they had me take at the doctor's office was negative. After 5 + it is not what I was wanting to hear. I even gained 3lbs!
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Missannthrope...Im so sorry *hugs*
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Wednesday Check in: Name: devilish_fetish
Where are you at in your cycle:CD 6 Appointments: expecting a phone appointment/call with our fertility specialist today
Symptoms if they apply: just period ending, some residual fatigue and bloating
Testing: no plans to...
Thoughts: Just got the results of my HSG and bloodwork (bloodwork was just glucose levels and liver functioning stuff to make sure I could start the metformin. Already did the 3day that told me my LH and FSH ratio are flipped, along with a vaginal US to confirm PCOS). HSG and bloodwork both look clear/normal (from what our nurse said) but expecting a phone call from my fertility specialist so she can tell me her opionion of my labs and discuss where we go from here, also tell me when I will be starting the metformin... Hopefully I start the metformin soon, I didn't ovulate AGAIN this cycle! Stupid PCOS!
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missannthrope! I'm so sorry!
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I am so sorry to see you have two that have gone threw M/C

well AF started for me today. Kelly i tryed to get her over to you but she didn't lisson to the change of plance.
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Thanks Jennifer, I'm sorry she found you! Are you going to start consistantly temping again? (I noticed on your chart you were temping for a while). Also, (if you don't mind me asking) how do you like Curves? Not that I have the time for it, but my standard gym membership is so easy to ignore, ad I hate working out alone with no direction, I can't keep on task it seems!

cd, oh, 123. blech. I think I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow. This is killing me!
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Thread Starter 
Changes made to here

MissAnnThrope - I'm so sorry .. back to the drawing board, I guess.

Babypower - I know it's hard

Kelly - I eagerly await hearing what the doc has to say. You have unbelievable patience!

As for me, CD31, no O in sight. Actually, not true, I started seeing some watery CM. So maybe O in the next week or so? Here's hoping. This is the worst part of my cycle, for me. At least the TWW is guaranteed to only be two weeks!
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Originally Posted by songbird45 View Post
As for me, CD31, no O in sight. Actually, not true, I started seeing some watery CM. So maybe O in the next week or so? Here's hoping. This is the worst part of my cycle, for me. At least the TWW is guaranteed to only be two weeks!
songbird - : for you to o soon! I know exactly how you feel. Shockingly I o'ed early this cycle : I would have thought with all of the stress I was under, o would have been late or even maybe an anovulatory cycle. FF keeps moving my crosshairs but this time they look correct. If AF shows tomorrow, giving me a 12 day LP as I average I will know then when I o'ed. I hate being so irregular. I so wish I o'ed the same 1-2 days every cycle.
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Tuesday Check in:

Name: Aishah Douglas
Date: 7/12/07
Where are you at in your cycle: CD 22, 5 d.p.o
Appointments: None this month
Symptoms if they apply: Heavy/swollen breasts, enlarged areolas, fatigue!!
Testing: FF says on the 26th to test
Thoughts: Wondering if the symptoms are all in my head. Maybe I am just too excited....
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please move me to waiting to O af showed up just now
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