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Vitamin D

Poll Results: Did you give Vit D drops?

  • 0% (0)
    Yes, from Birth
  • 2% (2)
    Yes, from 2-4 months
  • 52% (35)
    Nope, we get lots of sun
  • 44% (30)
    Nope, breastmilk has all we need
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I know this question has probably come up alot, but it's a first for me...

Did you give the Vit D supplements? Did you not? Why?

I have purchased the drops, but never given them to him. I was just uneasy about the "nothing but breast milk for 6 months" idea and then a supplement.

DS is 3 months old now. And really strong. We try to get some sun in, but I admit, I don't do it every day. Oh yeah, and we are in Canada (Nova Scotia)

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I give my ds iron drops, because he tested close to anemic at 9 months, but I do home daycare and we are outside for at least an hour a day and I live in Kansas.... so I think we got the Vitamin D covered.
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I don't supplement my son but I take a larger amount of Vit D so he can get it through my bm. I have read several studies that show that Vit D is one of the few "vitamins" that can be supplemented through breastmilk. I live in the Pacific Northwest and there is a higher incidence of several disorders in this part of the country, including ms and colon cancer. Many believe that due to the lack of sunlight, deficits in Vit D may be a contributing factor to these disorders. Honestly, I have no idea but colon cancer runs in my husbands family so I figure it can't hurt.
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I would only consider supplementing if I was in the far north (or far south) in the winter with a dark skinned baby.

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Dd gets her Vit D through cod liver oil. I took it throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding and now I give it to her directly.
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I'm not giving my 2 month old the drops. I was given a bottle after birth from the health nurse but it is unopened. It's summertime and we are outdoors lots. From what I have read it is more of a concern for darker skinned babies, and my boy is very fair. And even with darker skin, all it means is getting a little extra time outdoors. My friend is visiting me with her 4 and 2 year old kids and she has never given them the drops either, and they are healthy. I'm not so sure about him getting the vit d through my milk though...think I read somewhere that it wasn't passed through breastmilk so well.
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This is a good article to check out.
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Thanks for posting the link to that great article! When I took my son for his one month well baby doctor visit last month they recommended I give the vitamin drops to him. They made no mention of getting sunlight to help the body make Vitamin D naturally. It's summer here and my son is very fair-skinned. It's so annoying how some docs don't seem to think and don't provide complete information to parents. This certainly shouldn't be "one size fits all" medicine. BTW, I didn't give Vitamin D to my older son when he was a baby. He is perfectly healthy.
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I get plenty of sun while pregnant. Lately I also supplement with cod liver oil, and my 19 m.o. dd takes some too (3 y.o. dd doesn't like how it tastes). We also get plenty of sun. I worry about putting synthetic hormones (which is what most Vit D supplements are) into a small child or baby.
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No. We are in ONtario and you don't need that much sun for vit d.

I would only be concerned if we were darker skinned and lived above the tree line.
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We're outdoors people, so even the past few weeks while DH has been in the hospital I've been wheeling him outside to sit and read and chat for at least an hour or two a day... so I'm just not concerned about it. We live in OH so its overcast a good bit, but from what I've read, the point is that your outside in the light - even if its not super sunny, your still getting the benefit (albiet, not quite so strong, but then again you don't typically get sunburnt when tis cloudy so theres a bit of a benefit to that...
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We did not give DS vitamin D. I asked the ped, but she said it wasn't necessary. DS is fair-skinned and we weren't homebound. Just little bits of sun from going outside for a few minutes was all that was necessary. Ped also said that it was more an issue for darker-skinned babies living in extreme northern areas.
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Our ped rec'd them, saying vit D was not absorbed well through the BM. I thought about it, as I could see this being true, and that babes probably got a lot more sun back in the day (w/o having to worry about the lack of an ozone layer) but looking into it, it seemed very easy to just get that much sun-- in fact, it'd be hard not to and then we might have an oversupply of D! I told the ped we were just getting sun and she noted sunscreen's important but at least she meant if we were going to be out for long stretches (duh, like I was letting my infant sit in the sun ALL DAY )
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I don't give them. The ones my ped recommended have A and C too, and I can't believe my twins need those anymore than they need the D. I just take each of them for a nice long walk on my arm or hip in the afternoon, and make sure that I'm eating well, and that's all I worry about. I do give my older DD a multivitamin with iron, but that's because she's weaned and her diet, like any toddler's, is erratic.
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Nope, we are outside pretty much daily and dd is still b/f bunches.
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We just go in the sun for Vit. D. Our Ped said that vit D is NOT absorbed through breastmilk, but some of you are saying it is. Hmmm. Either way, Why give vitamins when you can get it from a natural source?
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It is my understanding that in the Pacific Northwest we don't absorb Vit D between the months of October-May, due to the position of the sun. That said, unless you are a dark skinned person the risk of rickets is pretty much negligable.

Check out these links

Regarding Vit D requirments during pregnancy and lactation

Regarding Vit D and breastfed infants
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We are caucasian and live in So Cal....we get plenty of sun!!
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We do not give my nearly 10mo drops. We're very fair skinned and spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer. Winters here are pretty cloudy, but our bodies store Vitamin D and I figure between my prenatal supplements, my stores and her stores we still won't need anything, especially if we take advantage of sun when it is out during the winter.
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