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14 wks and my tummy looks like I did when I was 6 mos. with dd#1. Oh well! I've been walking every day and it seems to make a difference with keeping weight gain at a decent pace.
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I've gained about 8 pounds so far which feels like soooo much to me. I keep trying to convince myself that its right on target though. 5 pounds in the first trimester and 1 pound a week after that. It still feels like a ton and a half.

But in all fairness I did lose 65 pounds the last year and a half to meet my goal weight so its really difficult for me to see the scale go in a different direction...I was used to looking in the mirror and loving the figure but now I look in the mirror and just look fat...can't wait until I start looking pregnant!

I'm amazed at how 8 pounds can look like so much!
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3lbs. I'm 15 weeks. I'm fighting the urge to scream at the scale. Ugh. I'm still not in maternity clothes yet, though, something I should be thankful for.

I'm fat, though, so it's not like the babe is starving or suffering...hardly. Growing just fine. I just hope I don't blow up like a whale. :
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I'm now 15w,5d and I thought I had gained a pound and this morning was down that pound again! I'm trying not to worry, I am eating, but it's just so different from last time I was pregnant. I was up something like 15 pounds by this point last time! I guess running around after a 3 year old really contributes to caloric needs
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I'm 5'4" and weigh 143. It sounds heavy but it's a healthy muscular weight for me.

At six weeks or so I had my first weigh in at WIC and found out I'd lost 7 pounds. Part of this was muscle mass- at that time it wasn't comfortable to ride my bike anymore and I cut down from 60 miles a week to almost none. Now I'm at 16 weeks I seem to be 3-5 pounds over my original rate. I'm thinner around my face, waist, and hips, but my belly is starting to pop out. I figure with my short torso and complete lack of hips there's no place for the baby to go but out. People don't notice my pregnancy unless I point the bump out to them. They're probably just distracted by my massive boobs
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well...I lost at least 6 lbs the first 2 months..but it re-distributed. I was eating so healthy...it's no wonder. I feel like the little pudge on my back has lessoned as my tummy has started jutting out.
Hey, if i'm one of those lucky "bump" ladies, I'll be pleased.
I imagine I'm at least back to my pre-pre-pregnancy weight.
I was overweight about 25 lbs or so...so loosing at first is not an issue. I've got plenty to go around.
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Originally Posted by neko View Post
I'm 5'4" and weigh 143. It sounds heavy but it's a healthy muscular weight for me.
um...that does not sound heavy. I have a muscular build (not athletic, but strong) and my ideal weight according to my doctor was 155 at 5'4". Any less than that and my hour-glassness fades away..bye bye C/D-cups.
Everyone is different in thier body mass, muscle mass and bone structure. According to Cosmo at 175 lbs I'm a huge fat thing...according to everyone I know... I might be a little overweight, but nothing to gawk at...and hardly obese by any standard. (mind you, I am over my "goal" weight...but I had intended to get back there before pregnancy...oh well)

Just saying...I like to endorce healthy outlooks on female image and weight perspective. No three-column chart in a magazine can tell you that you are healthy...so I refuse to act based on that standard.
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I have no idea how much I lost or gained, because I was weighed for the first time today. At 13 weeks (8 months post partum) I weigh a full 20 pounds more than I did at this same stage last pregnancy -- and I was already well into the morbidly obese range .

I don't mind gaining pregnancy weight, don't get me wrong -- I just hate the fact that I'm basically starting this pregnancy the weight I ended the last one. Also, my blood pressure was very high for me. Last pregnancy I was between 105/70 and 115/80 the entire time. (Well, there was one visit when it was 124/80, but that was a day or two before I went into active labor, so probably labor related.) This visit gave me 130/85. The doctor said it didn't look high to him, but I know it's way higher than my norm, and I also know it's because I get zero exercise nowadays. I spend most of my time sitting in front of my computer either studying for the bar or avoiding studying for the bar...and the rest lying on my side nursing my ever-nursing baby. I hope I can get healthier in the one month I have between the bar and work.
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