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itchy tongue

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DS won't eat apples, pears or watermelon because he claims they make his tongue and throat itch.

Does anybody know whether those three fruits have anything in common that he might be sensitive to?

He's actually quite sensitive in general--he won't wear clothes with tags or certain kinds of seams, and gets easily overwhelmed by loud noise. So it could just be another sensitivity like those.

But he will eat apricots, bananas, peaches, tomatoes and other kinds of fruit so I'm just curious whether there's something in the above mentioned fruit that he might be specifically sensitive/allergic to.


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Sounds like a reaction to those particular foods...is it possible he's having an allergic reaction to certain foods?

Now that I've caught on to actually reading the full post...lol

Sounds like SID - sensory integration dysfunction.

SID children have a hard time with certain smells, tastes, colors, textures, sounds, situations - even shapes!

My 6 yr old is a SID child. It's a total pita for underwear and socks.
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It's also possible to have an allergy to them.

Both DH and I are allergic to some raw fruits (and veggies for DH). It starts with itching, but DH has gone on to swelling and nausea. I have gone on to have a sore throat.

DH is allergic to basically anything raw. All his fruits and vegetables have to be cooked. I am allergic to: melons (including cantalope, honeydew, and watermelon). Sometimes, I'm allergic to apples, but it doesn't seem to be all apples. Sometimes, it's applejuice that makes my mouth/throat itch (or other juices with an apple base).
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NAK- I'm allergic to apples and carrots. It has gotten worse as I've gotten older. When I was little I could eat apples, drink juice, applesauce, etc. But, over the years some apple things would irrate me more. Carrots were always horrible. I used to tell my mom that carrots "make me cough"- she thought just didn't like them.

My sister (who is also allergic to apples) sent me this link regarding this type of allergy. It's related to seasonal allergies and new foods could become a problem with "overuse". I can still eat peaches, cherries and pears but my sister can't.

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That's oral allergy syndrome (OAS). It's usually related to other allergies (such as cottonwood) and involves related plants. I'm allergic to raw: carrots, celery, peaches, apricots, cherries, ... almonds, hazlenuts...others too.

Take it seriously and don't let him have those foods. It can get stronger with exposure, and yes, the throat can close up. Get an epi-pen to have on hand. Benadryl can help if there's inadvertant exposure.

You might consider getting some allergy testing done so can know the full extant.
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I'll second the OAS thing. My DH has it with all melons. He has pretty bad seasonal allergies, and he was reading that the fruits that make his mouth itchy all cross-pollinate with some of the pollens that he is allergic to. In his case, it's watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, zucchini, and cucumbers.
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Yeah that. My allergist called it "pollen protein cross-reaction."
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i agree on the allergy comments. my husband is allergic to all fruits that have skin or a peel. and he is allergic to nuts also where he gets the itchy mouth and his throat tightens. Be careful to avoid these because my husband has def noticed a strengthening of the reaction as he has gotten older.
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