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Are any of you mommas making your own baby food??

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Hi mommas.... I'm curious if any of you are making your own baby food. DS is 7 mos old, and I've been feeding him the commercially prepared baby foods... i.e. Gerber. The problem with this is he's getting too much vitamin A in his diet with these foods. I noticed in some pictures we took of him, that his nose looked yellow. Initially I thought it was stained from the food I had just fed him, but came to find out that his nose is ACTUALLY YELLOW!!! This was alarming to me, so I talked to his pediatrician, and the first thing he asked me was, "are you feeding him jars of baby food?" He said it's a harmless side effect of having too much carotene in a baby's diet. Maybe I'm freaking out a little too much over this, but I don't think that is a harmless side effect. I want to start making his food, but don't really know how or what to make????

Do any of you have any suggestions? By the way, for those of you who are feeding commercially prepared jars of baby food like I have been, look at the amount of Vitamin A in most of them.... some of them have as much as 610% of the RDA. That's absolutely ridiculous!!! I feel horrible for having even fed it to him...
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Only overdosing on synthetic Vitamin A is dangerous. You can eat beta-carotene til the cows come home, and, truly, the only side effect is the yellow/orange tone the skin can assume. If you're worried, try making your own food (it's healthier anyway) and include foods without a lot of beta-carotene like bananas, applesauce, avocado, greens, etc.
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Thanks for responding. I would love to make my DS's food, but that's my question. I'm not really sure how, or what "big people food" I should use to make it. Do you know of a website that might give me some easy recipes? I'd much rather make it so I at least know what all is in it.

And yes, I did find out later that too much Vit A can be fatal. That REALLY got me scared.
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I made all my own food for my dd. When she was your DS's age, I didn't do anything fancy -- just mashed up avocados or avocado slices, banana, that sort of thing. Also I steamed carrots and mashed them and froze them in an ice tray (so I could make a bunch at once and then pop one out at a time and heat it up.) Same with sweet potatoes. I think around 8 months I gave her shredded cheese (no dairy allergies in my family). It's actually pretty easy to give them foods you prepare yourself! Good luck
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Skip the baby food all together. Babies don't need it. Just give him chunks of soft fruits and veggies and let him feed himself.

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Thanks Astromom for the suggestions. I think I'll try the avocados and bananas like you said. He still heavily relies on his bottles to get him through the day, and they are the main source of his nutrition, so I don't feel too pressured at the moment. I just don't want to go back to feeding him mostly bottles now that he's been introduced to solids, but can't bare the thought of feeding him that poison any longer.
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Making baby food is really easy. I bought a little baby food grinder, and just put whatever we were eating in it and ground it up. Of course it depended on my dd's age what she was allowed to eat from our table. I started with bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas. And then moved on to white chicken meat, beef, and pork. Now she is a year and for the last month and a half we just give her little chunks of whatever we eat, and she can chew it up even with only 2 teeth. I think that is one of the benefits of not feeding her store bought food, as I gave her more natural texture, and so she learned to chew faster then her friends that only ate store bought canned foods until after they were a year old.
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We did a combo of both, but we mainly gave dd whatever we were eating in the mashed version. Bananas, avacodo (which is agreat baby food), potatoes, peaches... It is very easy and sometimes to save money we would by the apple sauce with added fruit like peaches or mangos.
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I don't make any babyfood (except applesauce, beacause it is so easy - boil peeled apple slices 10 min or until mushy, blend). I also don't buy any prepared jars. Have you tasted that crap? If I won't eat it, I won't give it to DD.

You don't have to make or buy anything. Just give her what you are eating. For example, last night we had fish, broccoil and potatoes. I could break off pieces of all three from my plate and put it in front of her. Then she ate it, at her own pace.

If your DC has been eating from glass jars of babyfood with a spoon for a while, you and him are both going to have to get used to the slower pace of your DC eating with his own hands. Just give him the time he needs, don't rush. In the beginning you can "cheat" - if he gets the piece up to his mouth and it falls out and he gets frustrated, then right when it falls out, stick it back in, so he feels "wow, I did it!" and keeps trying until he gets the hang of it. Don't make it a habit and don't do it all the time, just to help him through the rough beginning.
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I just started feeding my twins babyfood and I make all of it myself. It's actually really easy.
So far they're only eating Bananas and Carrots. I just puree the bananas fresh, it's really fast and easy. For the Carrots I just get a big batch and steam them, then puree them and then freeze them.
Also, before I feed them the vegetables I put about half a teaspoon of rapeseed oil in it. It helps their bodies process provitamin A. Rapeseed oil is one of the healthiest oils.
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i'm proud to say i've never bought a jar of baby food! i used this...


to make all my kids' food. an easy thing to do is to is make a batch of something & freeze it in ice cube trays. this way you can pop out a serving or two & use it as needed.
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I related question.

We're just starting solids for my 6 mo old Maggie. I'm looking forward to making her food. Have you found it easiest to work w/ fresh, frozen or canned veggies & fruits? Thanks!
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We do a combo of purees & self feeding. DS loves loves loves applesauce! But we don't get baby applesauce, just the kind we would eat, from the organic aisle of course - only one non-organic brand doesn't have added sugar...I think it's santa cruz, maybe? Anywho, I have a food mill, but find it difficult for mashing ds's food, so instead I just pulse it in the mini-food processor for a few whirls. If it is not juicy enough, I add a little breast milk or water to thin it out. I then package it in the extra tiny (1/4 pint) ball jars. They have a good seal, hold the perfect amount, and freeze/thaw easily.

So far, I have pureed: sweet potato, apricots/peaches, and carrots/peas. But we also self feed avocado, very ripe (almost rotten) bananas (he won't eat them if they aren't practically rotten!) which I have also recently started freezing for a teething treat, raw apricots, teething biscuits, steamed peppers, etc.

As the summer progresses and more local produce comes in, I want to make & freeze a good selection for the rest of the year. You can also try The BAby Bistro, I took it out of the library, and it has great recipes for mommas & babies - you just leave out the extra spices for babe!

Good luck!
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I made purees for my first son. I just steamed fruits/veggies, then tossed them in the food processor (a blender would probably work too). My second son, I did the self-feeding route. Started with large, whole foods (like a whole banana), then started just giving him small chunks of whatever we're eating. He eats everything now - meat (in small chunks), Cheerio type stuff, peas, green beans, carrots, potato/sweet potato, broccoli (I fed this whole to begin with, and it was his favorite food to suck on!), etc.

Both routes have been easy, and I'm a lazy person. The purees I did, I made one food per week, and stocked it in the freezer, so I could mix and match during the week. For the self-feeding, I just give him whatever I'm eating. The self-feeding is the easier approach.
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Originally Posted by boscopup View Post
The purees I did, I made one food per week, and stocked it in the freezer, so I could mix and match during the week.
That's what I did, too! I also agree that DS is much more accustomed to eating foods with varying textures than some of his peers that eat jarred baby food.

If you're looking for ideas on what to fix and how to prepare it, check out http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com

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Once again- babies don't need purees.

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definitely a lot of good suggestions.

We did plenty of bananas, unsweetened apple sauce, avacadoes, butternut squash, tofu chunks, mashed chickpeas, and Oatios around here.
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DD is 8 months and had purees for about two days until I realized it was way too much work for little benefit. So to make my own "baby food" I cut up fruit or veggies in ways that are easy for her chubby hands to pick up. Crispier vegetables (like carrots) get a good steaming before hitting the high chair tray. Sometimes I'll give her a big chunk of apple that is too big for her to bite off of and she will scrape her teeth along it to get bits off.
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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
Skip the baby food all together. Babies don't need it. Just give him chunks of soft fruits and veggies and let him feed himself.


I fed my first baby food cause I was ignorant. this one isnt old enough for anything but his milk yet but I will let him self feed soft foods when he is ready.
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