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Help! Poopy Covers

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We use cpf's with covers, and all of a sudden we're going through covers left and right because poop is escaping the pf and ending up all over the cover, yuck. (at least it all stays inside the cover). I'm having to wash covers (6 per child) almost every day... It's getting to be more than I can handle.

I DON'T want to switch back to sposies, but I'm getting desperate here...
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Are you tri-folding the cpf? If so, try using a snappi to fasten it before putting the cover on...seems to work better at containing the poop.
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Are you laying the prefold in the cover or are you pinning and snappi-ing?

It depends on the type of cover you are using but a snappi will work with BSWW and prowraps.

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We go back and forth between using snappis and not... doesn't seem to make a difference on ds's bf poop (8m). I could try snappiing dd's (22m) and see if it helps with hers...
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bump... does anyone else have any other suggestions??
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Unless they're REALLY icky, I just sprayed them off good and let them air dry. Wash EOD then.
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but i'm going through every cover i own before bedtime some days... I have frequent poopers, lol
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fitted diapers? a couple more covers? lots of banana? ec?

I hope you figure something out soon. I would hate to always be running out of covers.
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I have the same problem- the poop always end up in the cover. Try buying some fitted diapers. Thirsties and Kushies have some really affordable ones.
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DANG! As a young baby, dd would poo a lot, but by the time she was oh - 6-8 month, she just wasn't pooing NEARLY that much - WTH?? I guess it must be individual differences. Honestly, for that reason, I have decided to get mostly AIO's for the small stage, since i usually ended up washing the cover with each change anyway, why not have the convenience of an AIO? But, for an older child, I just assumed they, like dd, would only poo like once a day, so I have covers and prefolds for that. If my kids were pooping 6+ times a day...i don't know...Im all for regular elimination...but SIX times a day, every day? I'd question whether that is even healthy?
honestly, it that is just the way your kids are, then I'd probably just NOT do prefolds and covers.
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I'd second the recommendation for the snappi and pins.

You said for the younger baby, the snappi doesn't help - then I'd try different folds.

For my toddler, we use the bikini twist. That holds his poo the best. For my newborn, we do this jelly roll thing, and that works well. Neither hold every poo, but they do hold it more frequently than trifolding it.

I can't find the link to illustrate the jelly roll, but you basically put the dipe under baby and roll in the sides, creating a little pocket for poo.
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