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What Pump?

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Do I need to buy a double electric pump? I'm nervous about the investment. Is there that much difference between a PIS and a PIS Advanced? Is it worth the extra money? I am heading back to work so I def need a way to pump. I currently have an Advent Isis manual that does so so. I tried a whisperwear with DD that did NOTHING. Advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Well, since you are going back to work I think you really do need an electric pump--and of course, a double one since it will save you pumping time. I have a Medela PIS and I think it works great. I sort of wish I had the PISA because I'd like to have the back pack instead of the bag, but that's the only reason.

The PISA does something with automatically changing the way it pumps to help with let down but I let down just fine for the PIS--plus, you can change the suction/speed manually with the PIS if need be (this is what the PISA does automatically). Of course, it is a good idea to look on www.kellymom.com for more pumping tips and reviews of pumps.
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I also had the PIS. I pumped exclusively for DS's first 3 weeks since he was in the NICU. It did a great job building my supply. It also made short work of pumping milk later if I needed someone else to feed him.

Like pp indicated, you can manually change the suction/speed on the PIS. I could get a second let-down by temporarily adjusting the suction down and the speed up.
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I was in the Navy when my kids were small, and I was back to work when they were six weeks old.

With my oldest, I worked in a hospital right next to the L&D ward. I used their pump.

With my second, I manually expressed. It was faster, more comfortable, and the only thing I had to wash were my hands.

I daresay that any woman with a decent let-down can hand express. I think that pumps are not a necessity unless there are other problems like a poorly established milk supply or difficulty letting down. It's not as though women never knew how to express milk prior to the invention of breast pumps.
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If the investment is too much right now, why don't you consider renting a pump? The Med. Symphony and Lactina are both hospital-grade pumps that work great and if you have insurance they will often reimburse a portion of your rental expense. The Lactina usually rents for a bit less than the Symphony, but if you choose the Symphony, you'll probably want to go with the Symphony Plus because it has a built-in battery pack. That way you can plug it in at home to charge overnight and then won't have to worry about having a place to plug it in when you get to work. I work at a lactation support center and my boss recently had me try out all the pumps so that I could speak knowledgeably about then to our clients. I def. felt more pampered by the Symphony, but either would certainly get the job done. Are you planning on having more children? A PIS would probably be worth the investment if you are and unless you need to use the pump to build your milk supply (like if you're not able to nurse b/c of dc's hospitalization, etc.), the PISA probably wouldn't be necessary.
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I used the symphony while my son was in the CVICU and I loved it. I highly reccomend it.

Oh my! I just looked up the cost of a symphony it is $1500.
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Everyone is different. I love my WhisperWear, but part of the trick there is to make sure that you have a good fitting bra. And sometimes if my skin is very dry, I have to put a little bit of water between my skin and the pump.

I can't stand my PIS, I only used it for a week.

I've been renting the Symphony, and I like that OK, but I REALLY like the Ameda/Hollister Elite that I get to use at work. I can control both cycle rate and suction with that one, so I can get milk out much faster.

There's another double electric out there called the PJ Comfort Jr that I have on order. I'm going to give that a try. I've heard some rave reviews about it on here.
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