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Tulip tie dye kits from Michael's - review please

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I ordered some PFs and also wanna make a cotton ring sling. I am a perfect newbie when it comes to TDing. I did it once when I was in 6th grade long time ago. I remember using cold water tho. I saw Tulip brand cold water tie dye kits at Michaels and am thinking about trying those. Experience with Tulip dye anyone?
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it's not bad. it's easy to use, and it's fiber reactive dye, so it's more permanent than rit.
the colors aren't nearly as vibrant as the ones you get from dharma, though. at full strength, they're sort of medium intensity, and of course you can dilute them down to make pastels.
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I just dyed quite a few shirts with the Tulip kits recently. My sister and I did them together. You can see the results here: http://knittingthenightaway.blogspot.com/

It was the first time I had ever tie-dyed anything.
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I much prefer the jacquard kits you can get from Dharma (they also carry them, and individual dyes and solutions, at Crafts 2000, if you have one of those near you).
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I made some onsies out of the kit when my oldest was a baby. I thought they turned out really bright and nice. I have not ever used the others mentioned on here before. It was my first time tie dying and it was pretty easy and messy. We did it on a tarp on our patio. We used the soda ash that came with the kit to soak the fabric in. When I worked at a summer camp we did tie dye but without soaking it and they turned out awful- very faded.
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I tried one of the tulip dye kits. It worked great on the t shirts and pal-sleeve dresses I got from Dharma, but not so well on the prefolds.

The prefolds just bled and bled, and I had to give up using them for fear of contact dying.
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OOPs, thanks for letting me know before I ruin my entire PF stash...
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Originally Posted by mittendrin View Post
OOPs, thanks for letting me know before I ruin my entire PF stash...
Just remember a coup[le of things and you'll be fine dyeing the PF's. First thing is that PF's are extra thirsty and will take some extra rinsing(using HOT water) to get all the exhausted dye outta all that fabric. Second make sure you've used the riight amount of soda ash and let them cure at a high enough time for long enough.
I've dyed PF's before using fiber reactive dyes (wh/ are what's in the kit) without issue.

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I have the tulip kits but mine didn't come with soda ash? Is that going to be a problem? I made a batch of tie dye stuff before with this kit and have only washed them once, they didn't seem to fade but i've only washed it once, are they going to fade more because I didn't use soda ash?

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as far as i know, you have to have the soda ash. somehow it combines with the dye to make some sort of chemical reaction that renders the dye permanent. (i'm sure someone else could do a better job of explaining that, lol)

if your kit somehow didn't come with the soda ash, you can usually find it near the dye kits at the craft store, or you can order it in bulk from dharma.

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The directions say nothing about the soda ash? So I'm wondering if they changed their dye or something so you don't need it?
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hmm...it's possible, i guess. the last time i bought one of those kits was about 6 months ago, and it still came with/required soda ash. i wonder if there is a 1 800 number anywhere on the box or in the instructions, so you could call and ask...

it would be a bummer to do a bunch of stuff, and then not have it turn out like you wanted.
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I've never used the Tulip kids, but the kits sold by the eBay user dearlove work REALLY well and they're less expensive. His customer service is excellent, too...my order was a little late (not by much at all though...this guy must be a perfectionist with shipping times!), and he doubled it as a "sorry it is late!"

And no...I am not dearlove or associated with the seller in any way! I'm just a very satisfied customer, and I plan on buying more from him in the very near future.
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If it is the one-step tie-dye kit it is quite possible that they have added the soda ash in with the dye powder. Fiber reactive dyes require a alkaline level of Ph to cause the reaction between the dye molecules and the carbon in the cellulose of the cotton(or protien in silk/wool).

Just remember that it will also cause the dye to react with the carbon in the water you add to the dye so you have a 2 hour window of opportunity for your dyeing once you have added the water to these kits before the dye is "spent". Meaning before it has reacted with the water and thus becomes useless in dyeing you cotton or whatever.

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