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Disclaimer: I don't have twins. But my kiddos are 12 months (and 2 days) apart and I do a LOT of tandem wearing.

At four months you might still do well with one long wrap - tie it in a front cross carry, and put a baby on each side of the cross. (kind of angled towards each other and slightly on your hip.)

Soon you'll be good for front/back carries-- my favorite combination is probably a wrap in front, with a Beco over it in back, but two Beco's or a Beco and an Ergo also work well. I've also done wrap in back, Beco in front. The wrap is a little more snuggly so I try to give that to the baby that seems more needy at the moment. If you don't mind the fabric I've found the wrap under a SSC to be the best combo, since the wrap sits very smoothly and doesn't affect the fit of the SSC as much.

I used ringslings in the very beginning (though since my son was older, in a front/hip combo) but one shoulder carries get uncomfortable to me very quickly.