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Moses Basket?

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How many Mom's here have used these? Are they beneficial or a waste of money??

I will be wearing this baby , but had wondered if buying one of these would be good for the times I lay her down..so that she is always near me? What do you think?

I appreciate any imput here! As Maddy is due in 7 weeks
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My boys got way too big for our's, way too fast. Like -- 8 weeks old.

And anyway, they did better in their carseat when I needed to set them down -- so they could look around and whatnot, and because they both seemed to sleep better when semi-upright anyway.
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I used one until ds was 4 months old, and then he started sleeping with us all the time. I liked having the moses basket, but it certainly isn't necessary. We didn't have any room next to our bed for a cosleeper or sidecar crib or anything, and at the time I hadn't really thought about having him sleep with us all the time. We did use it in the living room as well.
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Babies do grow out of them fairly quickly, so they are a nice thing to share with other families. We used one (shared between 9 grandchildren and now moved on to another family and still in perfect condition) and I liked it a lot because I could keep the baby with me while I moved around the house. Like mamaduck said, a carseat gives more visual range. I think, though, that the Moses basket gives a little more space for the baby to move, stretch, kick, or whatever babies do. It worked well with my older two, but the youngest one wanted to be closer to people, so we wore him all the time or set him up on Grandma's lap in the rocker.
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You can always make your own. I thought that they were way too much money for something that a kid could potentially outgrow so quickly. (Little did I know that I was carrying Mister Skinny--He's still not over the weight limit for most of them at nearly 8 months!)

There are wicker laundry baskets you can buy at craft stores and you can make your own matress and bedding for it. You don't have to be terribly skilled with a needle to do it, it's much cheaper, you don't have to feel awful when your kid outgrows it, and it's a lovely keepsake to remind you of your childs babyness.
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If money isn't an issue, and you don't mind "accumulating" extra stuff, you should get one. Like eilonwy said, it would make a lovely keepsake, and can be used to hold dolls and stuffed animals when your child is older.

That said, I never had such a thing and got by fine without it. I never even had a bouncy seat, and the carseat was usually in the car. I always found places to put DD down when I had to. So if you are loathing buying yet another piece of baby equipment, or have budget concerns, it's certainly something you can do without.

And now I'm gonna move this to Life With a Babe...
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I liked mine but, honestly - he was out of it in a blink. I don't really feel like it was worth the money - though it was a gift so I can't complain. You could make one with a laundry basket and firm pillow.
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We love our moses basket! We've been co-sleeping with dd since the night she was born, but the basket came in very handy during the first few months for naps, etc. I bought a simple basket and stand from http://www.mosesbaskets.com - It's the same basket I've seen for way more $$$ in fancier places, and the stand is great. Since we didn't have a co-sleeper or crib next to our bed, we used the moses basket & stand for dd on the few nights when I had to take pain meds for some nasty mastitis. I really think the stand is the key to my love for our basket. It was very easy to move around the house while dd was napping, and kept her away from the cold floor & asst pet hairs.

Our dd was large (9.5 lbs & almost 22" at birth), but she fit into the basket longer than she fit into her infant carseat - around 4 1/2 months, I think. Now we're using it to store her stuffed animals, and it's in great shape for baby #2, whenever that happens...

We could have lived without it, sure, but it did make those first few months easier, and for much less $ than a co-sleeper or crib!

edited to add: I just checked out the site again, and it looks like they've changed their stand. It's now a rocking stand, but still looks useful.
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thanks for starting this thread! I was wondering about it myself, thinking that the babe would grow out of it. But, then again, I didn't know what to do if not slinging, which I planned to do....so, what *do* you do instead, mamas?
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I used a real laundry basket for Sarah.....at first it was a wicker one with a couch pillow in it covered with a receiving blanket....later it was a bigger plastic one with a similar set up (pillow and blanket)........

I had both baskets already and the pillows too. I agree that a basket is easy and convenient but they dont last long in one for the moses one (at least not to me).
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for the basket (hobby lobby) and liner (from fabric from hobby lobby) I think I paid all of $20 for mine. And that is exactly what it was worth. It lasted my children about 8-10 weeks and now holds her toys and diapers. Very handy I must say but certainly not worth $100-$200 that some places charge. If we had had room for a pack in play when Lily was born this would that would have been a more economical choice. Also if you only have one child then one the floor is a fine place for them to layt and play.
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I wasn't able to put Eli down, because he was a NICU baby and I was paranoid. :LOL I wasn't able to have him at home for the first week, so when I finally got him I hardly put him down at all. I would hand him to someone else to shower until he was a few weeks old. After that, I put him in the hand-me-down carseat/carrier from my nephew (cause there was no way I was using that in the car! :LOL). It's the only use that a secondhand carseat really has, but it does come in handy.. until your little one manages to get out of it! :LOL :LOL
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We had two of them for our twins. I think we used them for two weeks. They were so pretty, but IMO quite impractical. We used them for the babies to sleep in at night for our first three nights home when I was too nervous to co-sleep. They got a little bit of daytime use, but we only used them because we had them, not because we needed to. I spent the first four weeks or so pretty much laying around myself. I pretty much only left the couch to pee (no need to have a portable baby bed when you're not going anywhere).

If you do decide to get one, get the biggest one you can find.

We have the babybjorn bouncy seat (from www.babybjornshop.com), and it's really great. It also converts to a toddler chair, so it lasts until your baby is two or so. It's a simple sling-style design (no motors/plastic/etc.), and my babies love it for napping. I think it feels similar to being in a sling on me, their weight is held in the same way. I like that I can bring it with me from room to room, and it folds down for traveling. You might want to consider something like that instead since it has pretty much the same use, and will last MUCH longer.

Congrats on your coming babe!!

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