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Baby Ian has arrived!!

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Hi, Amy's friend Susan here posting the news for Amy and John! Not sure where to post the announcement so I've put it in a few places... so please excuse me if that's against the rules here!

Amy was admitted to the hospital last night where they inserted Cervidil to get labor started. It worked well and produced strong contractions. Amy went to sleep with the help of some Ambien and Morphine, but she was awakened at about 4am by a frantic nurse. Ian wasn't tolerating the contractions well. His heart rate was going down with each contraction. Therefore, they stopped labor and realized that a c-section was the only option. She was prepped at 6am and Ian was born at 7:15am. Turns out he had a very short cord and had descended as far as he could. There was just no way this baby was coming out vaginally.

Ian Wallace Risinger
Born: July 6, 2008, 7:15am
Weight: 7lb, 12oz
Length: 20 1/2 inches.

Amy and Ian are both doing well. Ian latched on like a pro and has been breastfeeding most of the morning.
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congrats mama! I'm glad they were able to get ian out safely. my sister's friend just had a stillborn child b/c the cord was too short. c/s really can and do save lives. i'm glad your little one is healthy, enjoy your babymoon!
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happy dance! yay baby! yay mama! Heal quickly and enjoy your baby blessing...can't wait to see pictures.
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congratulations!!!! welcome little ian!!! i'm so glad he's here safe and sound!!
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Welcome Ian! I love that name.

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Come share pictures with us when you can.
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Congratulations! I am glad everyone is doing well.
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We're home & doing well. Ian is a BF pro, in fact the nurses nicknamed him "The Barracuda" b/c he's such a power nurser. My nips are bit sore, but I'm thankful that he knows what to do. My milk is in...wondering how much bigger my boobs can get. Yikes!

Things definitely did not go as planned, but all that matters is that everyone is safe & sound. Waking up at 4am to an emergency (i.e. baby with serious heart decelerations) & realizing that a C-section was the only option was very very scary. I'm so glad that I was at a hospital & that the nursing staff acted so quickly. My birth plan pretty much went out the window but that's ok. In hindsight, I wish I had induced earlier but that's hindsight for you. Plus we had no way of knowing that the cord was short. At 17 days past due, there wasn't a drop of amniotic fluid left which added to the distress. Plus it was extremely difficult to get Ian out without any fluid. I can safely say that I will not go that past EDD in the future b/c things went downhill rapidly past 42wks.

I'm healing very well considering the C-section, although I have terrible anemia & fatigue. Hopefully as my blood volume returns to normal that will improve. I am so happy to be home from the hospital.

I fall in love with Ian more & more everyday. It's so much fun to see DH with him too. Dh is a big guy (6'4") & a pretty serious person, but he just melts when he sees or holds Ian. Poor DH is already dreading the day he will have to return to work. At least we have the next 2 weeks together.

So glad that baby is here. Loving every exhausted minute with him.
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congrats! I'm sorry things were so scary but glad everything worked out! Aren't big strong dadas with their itty bitty babes just the greatest?

There are c/s recovery ideas in the Natural Family Living Cesarean Resource thread in Birth & Beyond (a sticky at the top of the forum)... my personal pet peeve is how surgeons rarely mention scar massage to their c/s clients. If you weren't given info check out the sticky or PM me!

Happy babymoon and welcome baby Ian!
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im sorry you went through such a scary handful of moments, but the important thing is that hes here, healthy and happy! im so glad everyone is well! congrats!
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