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Ativan/Lorazepam while ttc or pregnant?

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I am 31 and ttc my first child. I have had depression and anxiety since I was a child and have been on prozac since I was 15. My psychiatrist has strongly recommended that I stay on the prozac while ttc and pregnant since she feels I am at a very high risk for depression if I go off of it. I have made peace with this decision as every time I've tried to go off of the prozac I have become severely depressed. What I am wondering about is ativan/lorazepam for helping me occasionally with my anxiety and sleeping. I usually don't take it very often but I have been feeling very stressed out lately because of work issues, and problems that I am having with my father. I have been trying to cleanse out my system as much as possible by reducing my caffeine intake, not drinking alcohol, eating healthily and avoiding toxic substances in makeup etc. I am also being treated by an acupuncturist/herbalist once a week. I practice yoga and meditation. But I am still feeling fairly stressed, and I don't know whether I should take the ativan once in a while. I am so afraid that the problems with my father and other stresses are going to affect my ovulation and that I won't be able to get pregnant soon. my cycle was completely thrown off for several months last year after a terrible fall out with a good friend. Any advice? Any natural remedies for anxiety that others have found effective?

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I know the Ativan is fine while nursing, but I do not know about pregnancy. I would ask your OB or your psychiatrist to find out for you.

I'm on 25 mg of zoloft and neither my OB nor my psych nor my child's ped. had any issue with it whatsoever. I'm six months pregnant and JUST weaned my 19 month old. I do have a script for Ativan, but I've not used it ever, and it was prescribed for me only while nursing, not during pregnancy.
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For anxiety with sleeping issues you could maybe try Valerian root...although I'd double check that it was safe during pregnancy. Valerian is known as the natural valium. You might also see if bach's rescue remedy works for you, it's available in drops and a cream. It's homeopathic, so no problem to use it during pregnancy and it works really well for many people with anxiety issues. Lastly, magnolia bark has been shown in foreign studies to be as affective as valium in relieving anxiety, without the sedative affects. I haven't been able to find out at what dosage though.

I know my midwife would tell me to take benadryl when I was pregnant and unable to sleep.

I wouldn't hesitate to continue your meds while you're ttc as long as you're testing early and often.
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