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I'm sorry things aren't going well for you lately MsGB.

Okay ladies, I need advice!! Have we missed the boat??

So yesterday morning I had sticky, creamy CF. Then last night around 7 or 8 pm I discovered EWCM! I figured THIS is it - tonight we DANCE!!

And can you believe it??? DH couldn't "complete the job"!!! We tried twice through the night and NO GO. Poor guy was feeling pressured I'm sure, but I was convinced that if we didn't do it in the first 24 hrs, our chances are down the toilet. We're both exhausted from lack of sleep and it's DD's birthday today, so I'm not hopeful that we will be able to DTD tonight (and even if we mustered up the will, I'm not hopeful DH would be able to finish up since he's so tired).

Exactly how long do we have after the CF changes to EW in order to catch the egg?

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Thanks, Piglet and PurpleGirl. I know that this, too, shall pass. I was having a serious woe is me moment last night, and while I am not back to normal, I am feeling a little more balanced right now. Hopefully my hormones will normalize in a day or two after AF completes her visit. That would help me tremendously!!!!

I just called the insurance company, so hopefully things will move forward quickly from this point.

Piglet, I'm no expert on CF, but I do know that I've often had EWCM more than once during a cycle. If you check your CP (high, soft & open is the fertile position), and take temps and use the OPK's, you will have a better idea of when you are fertile and when you are not. Sorry that DH had trouble DTD last night. Hopefully you're opportunities this cycle are not over yet. GL!
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msgb, I'm so sorry about your ceiling! Just so you don't feel alone, I felt quite sorry for myself and cried most of the weekend. I had to stay home yesterday because my eyes were so puffy. I needed it though. I haven't cried like that in many years and I needed to release lots of emotions. I do feel better today. I wish I was near you to give you a big hug. Things will get better.

Piglet - I've often had ewcm for 2-3 days so you may still have a chance.

It is two weeks since my m/c and I feel like I am O'ing. I'm not temping or anything but it's good to know things seem to be returning to normal. I'm going to start doing the treadmill again today and focus on getting healthy and maybe losing 10 pounds or so.

msgb and spider - thanks for the support following my sad post. I appreciated it so much. Regarding TTC, following my big cry, I feel like I really want to try for one more. It brought me some clarity. I will give it more time before I commit to trying though....we'll see.
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Anamom good birth vibes sent to you. Please get a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant to help you with breastfeeding. Sometimes babies need a little help learning and especially after a c-section. Best wishes Momma!!!
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Anamom, I don't know you but would HIGHLY recommend going to La Leche League meetings. Our group has 2 experienced twin moms who nursed exclusively. It CAN be done, but most people will tell you it can't.

nicksmom, maybe you could just not plan, and not not plan, iykwim.
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HI. I am 41 and ttc #2. My first was born in 12/05. I got my first ppaf about a year ago. I am still bfing especially at night. I was hoping my bfp would just happen but no such luck so I started charting and temping for about 3 months as well as opks. Those first two cycles were 35 d long. My range is 25-35 days. The opks and temps showed I o'd about day 23-24. This month I got cm on day 11, monday, and my opk was darker on day 14, Thursday. Unfortuneately, it was equal in color the day before, Wednesday, but I thought that meant it was negative so I waited until the next day to dtd. I did get a temp shift on that day,#14, as well, and I did not have much cm so, although I think its possible, I don't know how likely it is considering we dtd at 10 pm, cm was scant and my temp had shifted. Anyway I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading.
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May life take a sharp turn for the good~ it can happen so fast. But until then lots of hugs
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You gals are all so wonderful. I don't know what I'd do without you. I wish we could have an actual get together - like a stitch and bitch session. I think we'd all gain alot by that.

Nicksmom, I'm glad that you're feeling better. Yes a good cry is helpful; however, I feel like I need a week full of them to get it all out. I really think hormones are playing a big part in all of this. I'm usually fairly upbeat and positive. My head knows that this emotional stuff is excessive for what's happening in my life. Unfortunately, my emotions won't let go yet.
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Hi Ladies,

I have been MIA., I'm so sorry for it.

Congrats!! to all


Nicksmom: to you too.

to all who needs it.

You are all in my prayers nd thoughts.

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Hi Folaboye, it's good to see you!

Guess what? I think my hormones are normalizing - no crazy mood swings today, and no crying so far! Wow, it feels good to be my old self again.
Thanks to you all for bearing with me during all that psycho-depressing craziness! Pray that it never returns!
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unfortunately, the psycho craziness is just progesterone, whether it's natural or artificial, and the artificial hormone does lengthen the luteal phase and can help some of us hold on to babies we would otherwise miscarry. I'm comfortable with my own decision this time (10 weeks and couting; my heart tells me I'll have no problems at all and have a successful UC) but if you need it then you need it and it will be worth it in the long run.

I go through waves where I am completely satisfied without a relationship in my life and then I'm not. Right now I'm not, but I think it's mostly because of the pregnancy making me feel vulnerable, and my dd is very good at talking me through them. Hans is pretty worthless as far as taking any sort of responsibility for this family at all, but it sure is nice to hear his pretty lies sometimes so I guess we're right back to where we were before the original breakup, which sucks, but I guess you get what you settle for.

Folaboye, it's good to see you again.

Welcome, Matos. I had the same problem with OPKs and found that it just took a few cycles of practice to be able to read what was a positive for me. One cycle I picked up enough tests (I use the Dollar Tree kind) to do two or three a day, and that helped a lot.
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There may be hope after all...

I checked my CF yesterday morning and it was back to sticky/creamy. Same last night. I seem to be getting EWCM in bits and peices. Today I have been feeling crampy and....uh....well, sorry if this is TMI but....wetter. And I think I may have noticed my cervix has "risen" from where it was yesterday and before that. Soooooo...we're gonna give it another try tonight. I'm feeling hopeful!
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After I posted about having such low temps the next day it rose to 97.8 and it was 97.9 today. So maybe I O'ed and we would have DTD at the right time too. So :. I scared my DH tonight trying out baby names, but how do you not talk about what you are thinking about?

And good luck to you Piglet, hope this is the night.
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Good luck, Piglet and Joyluc!
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just popping my head in
I hope all went well with Anamom and the boys.
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Hello from Europe! Just popping my head in from Zurich. (The most expensive place I've ever been in my life...) Today is our 10th wedding anniversary so dh and I celebrated with dinner in the hotel restaurant with dd along. (Last year we were home and had a babysitter, but here we just all three ate together.)

I'm actually doing pretty well considering that I miscarried on the eve of our Europe trip, two+ weeks ago. I have EWCM for the first time in nine months and we DTD this morning for the first time since I got pregnant 9 weeks ago. OPKs are negative but I will try again tomorrow. I feel like a basket of eggs, as I often do before O -- swollen ovary-feeling on both sides; tender, achy feeling in my abdomen. It usually passes right after O, which is sometimes accompanied by sharp pains.

I'm actually feeling pretty optimistic. I had wondered if I could get pregnant again (after miscarrying at 14 weeks a year ago) and even though I miscarried at 7 weeks this year, it gives me hope that my body is still functioning normally and could get pregnant yet again. And on with the EWCM! And it is nice to be able to travel around Europe without being pregnant (I keep catching myself thinking, "this (train travel, lack of sleep, hotel room, intermittent access to food, uncertain food provenance, wine (!)) would be so much harder if I were still pregnant.")

Sorry MsGB that you've had such a rough time lately. I agree with Spider that it probably is the progesterone amplifying all the crappy stuff. It sounds like you're doing better now, though. I would love to have an in-person bitch session with anyone on this list -- any other midwesterners out there?

((((((((((Nick's mom))))))))))))

Anamom I can't wait to hear news of your birth!

For those of you using OPK's, I could never get a + until I used more sensitive OPK's. I got them from babywishes.org. They are extra wide and always give me + when the ordinary Internet cheapies only gave me slightly darker -- but not darker than control -- lines.

Welcome to the newbies!

OK. gotta get the kiddo (and me) to bed. Back home, and more regularly online, in a week.
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Hey Juneau glad you popped in. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. You have an amazing attitude. Have a safe fun trip. I am in the West so if you are ever out this way lmk I would love to have a gab session in real life.
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SO great to hear from you Juneau! Your vacation sounds wonderful. I would love to hear more about it when you get back.

Thanks for stopping by folaboye. Great to hear from you and thanks for the hugs. I'm feeling pretty good right now.

Thinking of you Anamom. I hope everything went smoothly for you. Look forward to an update.

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Feel kinda lame saying this since I started this thread but I'm gonna bid farewell to y'all. Despite my feelings of disappointment when DH and I couldn't "seal the deal"...we had another chance and *I* was the one who got cold feet. After much soul searching, I've decided that I'm really not sure I want another child. So we're going to stop TTC.

I wish you all much luck, and lots of baby dust!!!!!
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Piglet, even tho you've only been hanging with us for a short while, I'm going to miss you. Best wishes to you for a wonderful life filled with love, health, respect, kindness, and all good things that we all deserve. Of course, if you change your mind, you're always welcome here.

Juneau, enjoy your trip! It sounds like a great escape from "normal" life.

Anamom, we're all waiting to hear about your lovely new babes!

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