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You are all too sweet. I guess I shoudl at least take the pics then I can decide how scary they look and if I want them all over the web!

Cheri - that's quite a popped out belly you have got! Of course mine looks like that when I'm not pg! LOL
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Originally Posted by doulanichole View Post
You are all too sweet. I guess I shoudl at least take the pics then I can decide how scary they look and if I want them all over the web!
Nichole - I love belly shots. And even if you dont feel comfortable posting them, take some just for yourself You'll love looking back at them. I regret not taking more when i was pregnant with my son.

That being said, i think everyone should post, dont be afraid to post because you carry some extra weight or you have stretchmarks or anything like that! I personally think every woman is beautiful and hope that you all feel comfortable to share your pics with us

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Doulanichole, LOL about the popped out belly! I know, I was thinking the same thing!

My family is scaring me all thinking I'm having twins. My Grandma (Mom's mom) had twins with her 4th pregnancy (this is my 4th) and at exactly my age too. Yikes!

But I'm not complaining about the shopping! I just got home from the mall. Actually with all the new babydoll style shirts that are out it's quite easy to find maternity tops even in the junior sections for great deals. I bought 3 juniors tops tonight at JC Pennys and some stretchy leggings and spent less than $50 total! So much shopping fun!

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Here I am at 7 weeks, the day I found out about this, my 3rd, pregnancy.

Here I am today, at 8 weeks 2 days, alongside my beautiful 3 year old boy.
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Wow, you guys all have the cutest bellies. I've always had a belly even when not pregnant so mine doesn't really look all that exciting to me, lol. It just feels like regular old weight gain.
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I took some belly pics of myself and I couldn't get the light right and was frustrated so I asked dh to take some for me (we're photographers). He actually did a good job. I even got him to get in some pics with me so we have a progression of him as well. It should be cool to see him gradually get further and further away from me because of my growing belly, lol.

Anyway, here is one of my belly pics, 5 weeks, 4 days:
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That is a beautiful image pinkorchid - you are lucky to have a photographer on hand!!!
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6 weeks:

lots of growth in the last few days. Ugh.
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Ok we FINALLY got around to taking some pics. Here I am at 7 wks...


I don't look too happy, but I have one of those mouths...if I'm not smiling, then I am frowning! That is my 19mos old DD. She wanted to be measured on her measuring chart.
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XP From Feb DDC

Week Five

Week Six

Week Seven

And currently, Week Eight

(I'm posting old pics for my personal reference)

My Lou Bear and I doing belly pics together
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5 weeks, 6 days (I'm guessing):
No Clothes

5 weeks, 2 days:
Excuse the bra

I can't believe the difference FOUR DAYS has made!! I keep checking for my fundus and I can't feel it yet, but it's gotta be getting close because things, they are a movin'!!
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Okay, here are mine after all my blabbing about what causes early showing in later pregnancies! Now you can see what I'm blessed with, and why my neighbor (who was a doula) asked if I was 20 weeks yet when I was 7 weeks. I am genetically predisposed to be VERY flexible and so I know my muscles are just giving it all up this time around (as evidenced by my ample stretch marks - my body EXPANDS!) This is my 4th pregnancy, third living child. Yes, it's gooshy and I fully realize I'm displaying my intestines for all to see - but, it's evidence of this precious baby and for that I'm proud to be round! Oh, and I was losing a few pounds in weeks 4-8 - I think I've stopped that now that the nausea is lessened.

4 weeks
5 weeks
6 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
9 weeks
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Kay so I'm 7 weeks now - and Kim looked over at me the other night and went "Oh my god you have a belly!"
I pouted...not happy to see a belly so early...but she is thrilled!
She thinks its cute and so I guess I can live with it

7 weeks 1 day

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It is cute!

I'm 10w1d and still not showing. What I do have is major bloating by the end of every day that makes me *look* like I'm showing, but it's not a baby pushing the belly out. Just retained water and gas, I guess.
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I'm so jealous of all the cute bellies. I probably won't be posting a pic for awhile. I tend not to show very early b/c my torso is so long. I thought for sure being my 4th I'd be all ready to throw a pic up there early. Mother Nature has other ideas. My babies like to hide.
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and for comparison:

6 weeks
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